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  1. My friend passed this morning f@ckyoucancer
  2. Its first step toward the end. Next comes thought crime. This is why democracy has no place in america. Our schools are churning out armies of voting fascists. States and counties need to adopt electoral college sytems so urban scum cant ruin the whole state/county
  3. Agreed, pretty sure a couple of the other girls used to be doods
  4. Govt will get everybody in line. just like the dmv ss office Etc. get in line to make a reservation, 6 months in advance and 6am
  5. This dood was racing the weather last eve. Was just starting to sprinkle
  6. 095 4130 done well should be sufficient for severe yard sales .120 dom would make me comfortable, 1 3/4 .095 minimum dia better be a proper structural design.
  7. Us wheel repair on bradley by gillespie field https://www.uswheelrepairs.com/
  8. In my case....no i’ve been leaving notes every couple months on an old cadillac. No response. My wifes dream weekend car. Every time i was filling up my 97 f250 or almost every time i fill my current 2001 f350 people ask if i’d sell it and reminisce about the one they had, they dont really want it. Bumpy ride, no frills. They like the reliability and idea of it, but as a daily they would go nuts. If i had to drive my f350 daily i’d sell it and buy a 2019. when i was a kid, my dad had a 70s jag with a 350 conversion. It had peeling paint and headliner was comming down. He was far from a mechanical guy. He parked it and bought a fox body. After 5-6 years a telecom guy that was at our house asked about it. He told the dood he could have it. Guy came with a battery and trailer. Effer started right up and he drove it on the trailer.... you never know if you dont ask. 04 under chevys have a cult following the variable cam timing units like the 06 not so much
  9. Saw this guy on the freeway this morning. Must have been some special edition. Looks like period correct spare I bet this was a sweet ride in 1985
  10. Thank you! my boss got his 07 rubicon and had me truss the axles, they are nothing special! Use the extra savings for 60s and lockers
  11. All depends on motor trans combo. Manual runs way diff gearing than auto. Use a gear ratio calculator and compare https://www.differentials.com/technical-help-2/differential-gear-ratio-calculator/
  12. Im sure thats true. The teal pisser is the shitload of money i will have paid in and the whopping 800$ month if anything i will receive at 62. If given the chance to put away the same amount on my own with safe imvestments i’d retire like nancy pelosi. Unfortunately govt is TERRIBLE with our hard earned money. Left and right. Less of all of them
  13. Have you read these? They dont debunk anything, they just change the wording like rather than moved to general fund its really a “unified budget” typical govt bs. Im sure ca has a similar myth website wording their so called surplus of funds when they have billions in unpaid obligations. Kinda like not paying yore credit card and saying you have tons of money in the bank from saving what you should have paid. did a quick search, the VA has a similar myth page. I bet thats a fun legalize read too
  14. Dont be so hard on yourself. You may have saved her. Someone could have done this for my 26 year old niece still going to college at ucsb on mommy and daddys dime (tuition room and board) goin on year 8 and not a doctor or professional of any kind. Big time liberal, or trustafarian as i call her (ya white blonde girl with dreads that smokes too much weed, blesses socialism and curses capitalism as she lives off mommy and daddy)

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