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  1. More excellence from a certain community. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=CKrMQ_1566563850
  2. My neighbors were gonna get divorced and his wife was sellin all his stuff. I asked how much for his 20’ flatbed. She said 800$ and even though i didnt need it, its all mine. They ended up not divorcing, so i probably saved their marriage too
  3. Vegan is a terrible life choice. Part of the reason hitler got hooked on drugs was the fact he was a vegan. His health was so poor his doctor had to make him vitamin slurries and drug coctails to balance him out. Read the book “blitzed, drugs in the third reich”. It sites much of his personal physicians journal hitler professed he could not bear the thought of an animal being butchered for food, yet look what he did to millions of people. Guess we should expect no less from socialist artists
  4. Like aoc says in one speech. She doesnt see any reason to own guns. Then in another she says the government is enslaving people and building concentration camps. Apparently she doesnt realize you must stand up for yourself because govt. certainly isnt gonna
  5. Fortunately where i live now, no bums, only a few local losers. I used to live near viejas casino in alpine. The house across the street was condemned by the county and a handful of tweakers lived in a motorhome in the yard. The effin tweaker beoch that lived there was always offering blowjobs for rides places, and one night just walked into my house in the summer at 2am trying to sell me a half gone loaf of bread. Needless to say tweakers is my stance
  6. It does look super clean. ‘62 caddy for momma first though. slowly wear owner down
  7. Ya, thats ronnies (the dull one) Its a 2000, the one in your pic is there all the time too, its a 6.0. I work at the lone shop past swift all the way against the freeway.
  8. I see that truck all the time at the shop next to mine (rds framing/bts trucking). Ronnie at rds has the matching 7.3l version of that truck. Im a ho for superduty’s, they always catch my eye
  9. No, do not use an alumn plug (never alumn on exhaust, especially primaries) in a steel bung on exhaust. On intake, fine. Steel on steel when high temps are involved. You can weld stainless and and steel together just fine. They warp and expand at different rates though, so chances of cracking are higher than steel on steel
  10. When you find out let me know, having the same problem with mossy vw
  11. Rewriting “herstory” welcome to the bold new world
  12. I’ll add an extra master link to my ride pack for your boy. Too bad father son cant battle it out in an epo. That would be something to watch
  13. San francisco can do what they do best and eat a dick. Pc bro not here
  14. I dont know if i can afford to not buy this! https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/cto/d/san-diego-amc-eagle-4x4-classic-clean/6945183104.html

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