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  1. Hot head headers, i believe it was riverside area?
  2. We got a amazon firestick recently and have been exploring some tv shows we missed. I like man in the high castle, jack ryan, the pacific, chernobyl, my wife is obsessed with dexter. I will put this on my list.
  3. Not sure how she keeps it all from burying her car completely filled halfway up the windows except for drivers seat
  4. No instagram, no facebook, no myspace. This is the extent of my social media. It started because i started here before facebook and myspace. All my friends i went to the desert with were here (before that it was atving.com chatroom) For the most part they are all gone, most all have moved, quit when they got married/had kids. Etc. but new people on here became my glamis friends ( i have a seperate hardpack group that doesn't come on here). Now im the married with kids and dealing with a wife with conflicting schedule (works saturdays) dance soccer and baseball. We make only a few weekend trips a year and lots of day trips, all superstition/plaster city. But when i feel the kids are ready (more when im ready, see too much carnage in the sand). I barely remember the old board format. I notice the recent change of seperate classified etc. doesnt really phase me. but at least gd.com isnt collecting all my data and selling it to china
  5. Im watching this one, i have the same issue with my 04 itasca A back up lights camera and mirrors are absolutely worthless at night
  6. i had a yfz on craigslist, i swear i had to use the same line at least 4 times over the faast flexx bars
  7. ....i need a 250r rear caliper. I hear ya, kids quads are the only thing still sellin.
  8. That was alotta car for 2005. no doubt someone put an alumn body and paint on it and flipped it for big $$
  9. You’ll fit in just fine up here, a calfire BC just moved in down the road
  10. Home depot has some garage cabinet kits on sale https://www.homedepot.com/b/Featured-Products-Red-White-and-Blue-Savings-Storage/N-5yc1vZ2fkokti?browsestoreoption=2&Nao=24&Ns=None https://www.homedepot.com/p/DuraCabinet-Pro-Series-III-81-1-in-H-x-152-4-in-W-x-18-in-D-23-24-Gauge-Steel-Wood-Worktop-Cabinet-Set-in-Gray-10-Piece-DCP310PG/306673749

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