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  1. Why there has not been a movie about adam brown is beyond my understanding. Holy crap this guy’s life story is incredible. I’ve read this book before (year or two ago). But i started reading it again today. What an absolutely incredible person. Read this book, and then feel like a complete puss for all the times you told yourself you couldnt do it or keep going
  2. I agree with stock cylinder. I ran a high compression 265cc for years and would stomp 330s in sanctioned races and at the hills.
  3. Whats pissing me off, living in the mtns east of san diego; all the people in the city are comming out here to “social distance”. I still dont understand why people wanna live like rats
  4. Actually heard of two people trying to fish that were told to go home or get arrested. 1 on a kayak by himself. 1 on his boat by himeself. 1 headed to coronado islands, other, kelp patties on point loma. Rules is rules i guess. Wether they make sense or not.
  5. Just finished this. Was a good read. Lots of cool stories. His other book (make your bed) is great and short too
  6. Yesterday (thurs) morning, boat was STILL there. Over the past weekend someone spray painted “TRUMP2020” down the side in big orange letters. This morning, boat was gone
  7. My dad served on that ship for a bit. I can assure everyone it is infanct a hospital ship
  8. Our school district has been sending homework and test home via email/txt daily.
  9. Really? I heard there was gonna be battle of the mariachis bands starting at midnight friday night going all weekend?
  10. I havent bought a gun or ammo since dec. im not scared. Im always ready for the worst. I always hope for the best. What will you do if something happens and 911 doesnt answer? We arm ourselves for the same reason we carry a spare tire, diversify our portfolios, and tell our family we love them...just in case something happens
  11. I believe people worry if it gets worse, people will begin stealing what they need from their neighbor. Its not unfounded. The breakdown of “society” always leads to violence. Hopefully this is an eye opener to people. This isnt even bad. Could you imagine what war on our continent, or a real catastrophe would be like? People panic over toilet paper. What happens when the water power goes out and rule of law fails. let me ask you as someone that doesnt own a gun. If the lights and water go out tomorrow, and people panic and turn on their neighbor. What are you going to do for you and your family? our most basic needs of survival are getting food water and self defense. The worse thing man ever did to themselves was the agricultural revolution.
  12. I just went to turners to get a new crow call since i cant find mine. I’ve seen all the cali gun memes, AND THEY ARE TRUE! there was a line and then a bunch of people waiting around. The line was to get a number to visit the gun counter. I asked if i needed a number to get a crow call, and the dood was surprised thats all i wanted, and said go ahead, make it fast. He said ALL the people buying guns are first time gun buyers. They had their max of 10 peeps inside buying guns, about 20 people outside waiting
  13. Really hard to dead rekon by satellite, but this is the petrified sand spot. https://www.google.com/maps/place/32.898170,+-115.742728/@32.8981255,-115.7427135,20z/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-us
  14. “Lakeside hotel” beautiful overlook all the way to salton sea/o-wells https://www.google.com/maps/place/32.966498,+-115.850176/@32.9664263,-115.8499614,17z/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-us

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