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  1. sausage450r

    What Are You Reading These Days?

    So sick of san diego radio, same songs over and over, and idiot dj’s. so i got a portable cd player and get books at the library. Or buy cheap books on ebay. my local librarian gets a couple new audiobooks in a week for me. I prefer biography's or historical type stuff. Stuff on human psyche. My local barnes and noble has alot of great books on local history.
  2. sausage450r

    JT Racing founder John Gregory plane crash

    Not to mention 150/180hp in that altitude/country makes for easy mistakes
  3. sausage450r

    What Are You Reading These Days?

    I just listened to slaughter house 5 as a audiobook. This book has been recommended to me by numerous people, and has high acclaim from reviewers. I thought it sucked. Very disappointed in this book (it probably didn’t help that it was voiced by james franco). The content and story was mediocre at best Search begins for the next one
  4. sausage450r

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    Maybe next he can call for investigation of imcreasing crime rates, or increasing housing cost. All leads to shithead democrat policies
  5. sausage450r

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    Regulation, regulation, regulation, tax, speculation. Anything else i can investigate for ya guvna?
  6. sausage450r

    Green new deal

    I was thinking the same thing recently. I read it long ago, and just listened to it on disk at work last week. The whole time i was thinking, “holy shit, its like im listening the idiot parents at my kids soccer games talk about social justice” there is only two ways to motivate people to work. With repayment monetarily or at the point of a gun. Socialism ALWAYS leads to tyrrany
  7. sausage450r

    Jeep Pics

    If i had a jeep like that........... it would probably sit in the driveway every weekend, and i’d still have an excuse everytime @Rockwood txt me
  8. sausage450r

    Jeep Pics

    Definately a jeep of dreams
  9. sausage450r

    Green new deal

    AOC needs to ask herself, “who is john galt?”
  10. sausage450r

    Towing to Glamis from Prescott Valley or Payson AZ

    I may end up your neighbor. Looking payson, prescott valley and chino valley. Im not sure the illness of ca has not already metastasized in az though
  11. sausage450r

    6 year old, bmx bike info

    Mom has been talking about that for months now. I will have to look into their schedule
  12. sausage450r

    6 year old, bmx bike info

    He has been all about bikes the past month. He’s starting to jump, wheelie, bunny hop, and likes to lock up the rear brakes and slide. The pride he takes in it is obvious. He asked for a bow for his birthday so he can shoot with me, but i didnt feel he was ready, and the bike became an obvious choice. He rode it yesterday even after dark. My kids have ridden and continue to ride that quad every day since i brought it home. Its been upgraded to fire alarm batteries and has chromolly tie rods/ends now. Another year and it will be gifted to another kid
  13. sausage450r

    Towing with Gas powered truck

    I have a diesel truck, but my 35’ motorhome has an 8.1l gas motor, its amazing how well it goes up the hill pulling a trailer. If I ever part ways with my 7.3l i will not get another diesel.
  14. sausage450r

    6 year old, bmx bike info

    I think im gonna do this with my daughter. She is pretty jealous of brothers new bike. Probably get a frame and powdercoat it, some 20” wheels
  15. sausage450r

    6 year old, bmx bike info

    Thanks for the input. He’s stoked on his new 18” haro

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