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  1. sausage450r

    RV repair shops in San Diego

    I’ve worked next to them for 20 years. They have such a clientel base they can charge anything they want. Especially since they do body/paint insurance claims
  2. sausage450r

    RV repair shops in San Diego

    Ricks rv is very good, but generally booked for about 2 months, rv and trailer supply on broadway in e cajon is doing service now and they have great prices on parts. Ny brother in law had webbs rv in lakeside align his toyhauler, fix a leaky tank, and replace an awning and was very happy with their service
  3. Kids want a motorcycle. 2nd owner, bought from my sister whos kids rode it 3 times. My kids have put approx 30hrs on it. New seat cover and rear tires. Front tires are original and a little weathered but tons of tread. All stock. Runs great. I have had it for 4 years. My sister bought it new. Current reg and pink in my name. Would like a ktm 50 junior or equivalent or crf/xr/ttr 50 in trade +\- cash if necessary
  4. sausage450r

    Shout out to Sausage450r - Why I love this place

    Just paying it forward. Been helped many times by board members. Most recently chingon619 was a huge help and resource for me. He helped me with some tahoes and suburbans we were looking at. Wish he had something on his lot because, the effin douche bag car dealers i was working with played so many games i said eff it. We’re gonna drive the excursion another 150k miles
  5. sausage450r

    It's Saturday 2/16/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Supertition is my #1 go to ride area. There is eveything there. Mudhills, washes, dune, open desert, lake beds, you name it. The area is rich with milititary and space history. The old communications towers for the gemini space missions are still there. There are active bombing ranges there and this time of year you get a free blue angels show every weekend. There is legal shooting per blm rules. There is also an organized shooting range/club there as well. You are welcome to camp with us one weekend if you like.
  6. sausage450r

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    Sunny and snowing today at my dentist office.
  7. sausage450r

    Green new deal

    I cannot imagine why on earth someone would go so far to fake up something that they, most likely truly believe, is so pervasive. It it were so pervasive, you would think real trouble would be easy to find
  8. sausage450r

    "That sumbitch ain't been born."

    Alot can be learned from reading about thomas jefferson, the author of the declaration. A man who carried a gun everywhere he went. You can say he is responsible for our REPUBLIC. Alexander hamilton the head of the treasury in 1800 and agruably leader of the federalist party; tried to block jeffersons election in 1800. He even encouraged a swing candidate (aaron burr) which worked in that jefferson and burr tied (beating jj adams). To try to sway the election more he expanded the juduciary to try to block jeffersons appointment because jeffersons believed america should be a republic. Hamilton and the federalists wanted a democratic monarchy in the form of a lifetime appointment of congress and president. George washington and john adams did nothing to stop this. And adams embraced it while washington was on the fence. Jefferson prevailed in assuring expansion of the west with the lousiana purchase and the commissioning of the lewis and clark expedition. I’d suggest everyone should read “thomas jefferson, the art of power” by jon meacham. Its a great read and the parts after the revolutionary war (his first election through final days corresponence with john j adams) are especially telling, you find in his own words the fight of today is exactly the same as then (partisan media, resistance groups that cared only about resisting above all else)
  9. sausage450r

    Birthday cake

    Awesome mac. Love the heavy whipping cream navy special frosting
  10. sausage450r

    Green new deal

    More lefty silliness https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2019/02/18/jussie-smollett-case-investigation-alleged-attack-brothers-released/
  11. sausage450r

    Rock hounds

    Thanks for the tips everyone. I know there is a science to this as well (like you find gold around iron and brackish quarts). but i know nothing of geology. Was hoping maybe there was a book that could explain where to best find something based on surrounding geology.
  12. sausage450r

    Rock hounds

    Any rock hounds on here? My kids are obsessed with rocks. They want to find some gems and such but i have no idea where to begin looking. Anyone have books they can suggest?
  13. sausage450r

    It's Saturday 2/16/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Horseback riding with my youngest. Kids are still outside playing in the slush. Been snowing on/off all day just wont stick
  14. sausage450r

    It's Saturday 2/16/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Be sure to stop by the county park and throw a snowball at bansh88.

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