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  1. I’ve got a friend with a coil over zj on 35’s v8 thats is his prerunner for the hammers and his 30 has held up fine. Still on the stock axles and lunchbox
  2. Im not hearing very much compassion here. Obviously this was a crime of necessity and this poor individual is likely a victim of our system
  3. X2 on the 8.8. Its a better axle than a d44 costs way less, just needs a better carrier which will get replaced anyway when you do a locker. IRO has a good wj swap kit for them too. We had a wj and we LOVED that jeep. Should have never sold it. We have a cherokee xj now, but the wj was so comfortable. Awesome build and write up. I want to start doing more fun stuff like that!
  4. The only people more brainwashed than dodge owners are tundra owners. Biggest mistake i ever made was owning a tundra for 6 months based on the glowing reviews from tundra owners. What a pos having had dodge chevy and ford, i say chevy. They all the cool stuff and ride like a cloud
  5. I follow my ex g/f’s but i do it the old fashion way
  6. Mac, my 25000lbs motorhome has a 8.1l gas motor and i pull mt springs and crestwood 60mph no problem towing a flatbed trailer. Don't forget the added maint expense of diesels in fuel filters and 150$ oil changes remember pre 2004 when diesel was the cheaper alternative? Wow times change i like the idea of my old 2001 f350 when i need to tow and i daily drive a 2015 passat tsi, comfortable, fun, relatively quick and 30mpg average. Though i think my next car will be a charger rt
  7. Gas. If you go diesel get the best longest warranty you can, you never wanna see a repair bill on a modern diesel.
  8. There is a place in yuma, waylons water world/z fun factory has the most bad ass wall art and bathroom fixtures. All old repurposed tools motorcycle and vw parts found a pic of bathroom online but rest of the place is cool
  9. Omg my mom (78 years old) has that exact same organ
  10. I sold my 97 psd to a buddy that begged me for it. Even sold it stupid cheap (8k$ 150k miles). A week later he changed the filter and spilled fuel all over heads, then started it and fried the under valve cover harness and was mad at me (apparently im supposed to tell him there is a drain valve in the bowl I thought it was common knowledge ) . I fixed it anyway 50$ in parts, and 2 hrs. He drove it about a month and decided old bumpy trucks arent for him and he sold it within a few days for $13k
  11. They are getting to it. Gotta get all the spark arrestor and ca approved fuel transportation jug violations out of the way first
  12. The workers our school systems are producing earmuffs!
  13. Cause they cant use the pics from the family trip to disneyland

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