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  1. I have a hydraulic expander in el cajon if you need adapters, let me know
  2. Btw this is the state law, signed by newsom that allows/requires the power companies shut off power. Lets make sure the CA legislature is held equally in contempt https://www.cpuc.ca.gov/deenergization/ And whats even better is the ca cpuc is currently blocking access to view online section 451 that obliges this. Try for yourself. I smell a rat http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displayexpandedbranch.xhtml?tocCode=PUC&division=1.&title=&part=1.&chapter=3.&article=
  3. Haha good stuff, the ball valve is actually really common on fleet vehicles
  4. Clearing absolutely helps. But also the accelerated surrounding heat creates a pressure differential that sucks embers into attic vents. Attic fans are a great way to protect from fires
  5. Good on him. And Rockwood i worry most about the effin thieves that come out when they know phones and power is out and the cops are busy. lets not forget only a few fires are from powerlines. Most are from illegals or tweakers campfires or shitheads flicking cigarettes (like last years alpine fire that destroyed numerous homes in subdivisions with minimal vegetation. And of course catalytic converters or people parking their cars on brush and hot exhaust lighting it
  6. Right, and sdge and the county only started clearing trees in our area in the last month, i’ve been calling warning for a year. Thankfully they are replacing all the 60 year old poles and super clearing all the high power lines now. Pg&e needs to step up and do the same and our dipshit govt needs to let calfire and usfs manage the forests properly like they use to
  7. That fire brake does nothing for you in a santa ana, the embers blow for miles. Roof doesnt help either, its not the roof that lights. Typically one of those blown embers enters an attic vent through normal ventilation or say the first house on the street goes up, with the 20’ house to house spacing the thermal radiaton from the burning house heats the houses next to it so hot the materials in the interior thermally combust from the heat, and its like a domino line down the block, thats why you see whole subdivisions burn. Most people in forest fires die fleeing the fire, rather than in their homes (engines dont run so well in those temps). The best thing you can do is find a large open area like a parking lot and hope the smoke doesnt get you. my house was built in 78 and the home next to me in 1910 still here knock on wood. There are were not many homes that burned in the wooded areas during the cedar fires. Most were in subdivisions or hilly brushy areas on the very edge of the city, ie crest harbison canyon ramona dehesa alpine poway
  8. Its never been an issue until recently. But yes you are right lawyers and politicians ruin everything. But you should know pg&e has been buying politicians for years to help put more money in their pocket and less into the infrastructure they have a duty to maintain
  9. Ya all those idiots in lakeside and poway that didnt live in forests in 2003 should have known the risks when they moved into the city. If you recall the cedar fire burned all the way to mcas mirimar. Same with all those fools in crest and dehesa. I dont wanna even get into all the idiots in 4s ranch and malibu. steve you do realize if a fire starts to the north east of you say just behind the santee city buildings during a santa ana, your house and every other cookie cutter on your block will be toast. I choose to live out here because i cannot stand the idiocy that is city dwelling. Non stop traffic, crime, etc. i carry insurance in case of a fire. I’ve paid my dues if my house burns its not my fault the insurance company much like utilities is taking too much profit and not banking enough to cover their liabilities.
  10. I blame them, they havent done chit for years to maintain their equipment. They are the ones that lobbied govt to take excessive profit rather than maintain their chit. I blame them and govt. i called for months earlier this year to get a pine tree on county property trimmed out in-front of my house because the lines went through it. They and the county fought over who's responsibility it was. We never had this problem in the past because the forest service was allowed to remove undergrowth. The poles around here were 40-50-60 years old. Sdge is getting it done now, the shut off is actually state law signed by newsom and he is out there acting like he doesnt know that
  11. Just had a customer from valley in; he confirms 40-50mph winds
  12. Padres, best place to begin and end a hall of fame career
  13. We pay google to have our business show up with key word searches. likely the mufflers you found were based on paid key words. thats how google works
  14. Magnaflow must not be paying your search engine. You have to pay if you want your company to show up in searches.

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