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  1. Since i refuse to leave california, and housing costs are out of control, (we owe very little on our house) my wife would like to add onto our house vs. moving. I just did my septic earlier this year and was told its a large 1500/gal tank w/200ft of leach. My idea is turn my existing garage into living (living room) space, and build a whole new garage 2-3 car, extend off our existing garage and turn the upstairs into a new master and the old master another bedroom. We are currently 1600sqft. This is the garage/deck that i would like to build off and push out I want to build out (connected 2 levels) to where the cars are currently parked and have the garage doors face me. This is the substructure of that deck above the garage am i looking at a 200k job? 100k job? Or just not worth it? Any contractors interested in quoting or anyone know a good one? located in pine valley, ca
  2. Right after my earlier post, i walked into lowes in santee. I was waiting in line at customer service with a dozen other people and the lady behind me was reading out loud a sign on the refridgerator full of sodas and water bottles stating the state of ca says water bottles give you cancer. I jokingly turned around and said, “thats why everyone is leaving ca, everything gives you cancer here”. Without a pause all dozen of us waiting and a few employees started talking like here, taxes, illegals, druggies, all in agreement our state is insane. This is great, people of all ages are getting it. This cannot go on forever.
  3. Same here, my wife wants to leave so bad, her friend moved to tn and says its great (wonder how she feels now in summer). Why should i leave for sister kissin country with giant bugs, make the assholes leave
  4. If you want pontoon deck with boat speed, look at hurricane deck boats https://www.hurricaneboats.com/fundeck
  5. Any way i can get better/detail photos to my phone? Particularly a better idea of size. When is the last time it ran? Does it need anything?
  6. If omar goes back to somalia and says the things she does she would be beheaded. But merica is terrible and she wants to change it
  7. Good for you, why didnt they use the legal process to come here? How hard was it to gain legal status? The earlier mentioned guy from south africa said it took many years, but he lived here the whole time legally on a work visa. I wish there was an easy answer to this situation. The only one i can see that is feasible and “fair” would be; put the border patrol back on the border. Seal up the border. Grant a path to citizenship for minors of illegals (stipulations of no criminal activity). And guard that border after. It will never happen though. I feel for you and your family. I really do. But i have to use my head and not my heart in these matters.
  8. What do you mean what has it come to? We’ve tried to uphold our laws since the beginning (AS DOES EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH). The biggest problem i see is if you love living here so much call yourself an american not mexican. Im an irish immigrant descendant i dont refer to myself as irish. Its kind of like any other law. Break it, pay the consequences. If i quit paying taxes, eventually uncle sam is gonna come get me and my kids are gonna cry. BUT ITS MY FAULT. Why did your parents leave mexico? I would love to hear their story, your story, what attempts you have made at citizenship, i went camping with a dood from south africa last week that is a legal immigrant, he did it the right way. He said it took time, he’s not from a powerful or rich family he did it. This topic came up and he said he is not african, not african american, he is american, illegals frustrate him and cut right past him. My biggest question is; mexico is such a beautiful place, why dont mexicans fight to fix their effed up govt. then they could happily live in mexico and call themselves proud mexicans
  9. I think they are all just good catholic school girls. You think girls running around in short plaid skirts and stockings would make it easy to figure out which priests are only interested in little boys. I went to a catholic high school and Holy crap! Those girls sure made it tough on a freshman

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