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  1. The only colts i own are 1911, one is my race gun since i was a kid. It will be my kids one day i dont give an eff what beto says. My neighbor has a colt his grandfather carried in ww2 his father carried it in vietnam and he carried it in the usmc in north Africa. No amount of money can “buyback” these treasures
  2. Same story, different context https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/462199-colt-to-end-production-of-ar-15-rifles-for-personal-use
  3. Well, its a safe bet they arent doing it to keep there anti second amendment customers happy. Gotta be pressure from govt at some level, be it legal or threat to end contract. Conn would be a hard state to keep making guns fwiw, colt hasnt turned a profit in years
  4. Looks like he was towing in the fast lane
  5. I will have a complete set if i ever finish my axle swap. They are 95% tread and a 10% spare
  6. Call bobby at swift powdercoat in el cajon. He has one for sale +1 (619) 332-8611
  7. I sent my older sister (she is 15 years older than me) a sorry for your loss txt. So many memories as a little kid riding in her car (1982 accord hatchback) listening to the cars, oingo boingo, sting, eddie money, you name it. I love the 80s because of those memories. The songs had meaning, made sense, and were natural actual art. Not bunch of nonsense lyrics, and copycat electronica of todays music
  8. 75 was a good run for a rock and roll famer
  9. I use peppermint essential oil drips regularly and have motion activated lights mounted under the engine bay and under my motorhome (thanks @Legit Duner for the tip) i sprinkle some predator urine soaked pee nearby occasionally too and no issues in a very rural area
  10. Boobs never had a bigger fan than me, but even i had to look away. this chick was disgusting. She was probably only 30 but looked 50. Blue mini skirt and tube top. After she flashed my son, she started humping the gas station sign pole on the corner. The girl working inside says shes a regular problem. I am happy that the tweakers around my shop have been mia for a few weeks now. Must be doin time
  11. Ya, i was getting gas on the corner there one night (bradley/magnolia) and a tweaker hooker flashed her pancakes at my 4 year old son. I blame the close proximity to the recycling place there by competitive
  12. There was a cardboard city for a while all along magnolia there and under the vernon overpass, the cops cleaned it up a couple months ago but its comming back. If you look under the 67 there @ the storm drain by the soco, its an underground tweaker community now.
  13. thank you for forever good memories of phoebe cates
  14. Made an emergency trip to home depot el cajon yesterday, tweakers out in full force. Almost detoured to the bum camp under vernon and the one at target but had chit to do. Afterwards the kids and i stopped by smart and final off los coches and watched a zombie tweaker walk down the frozen food aisle mostly sliding down the freezers the length of the store, then pinballing off everything else as he was being thrown out.
  15. Shiek does what shiek wants. how was the bloomin onion?
  16. M1009 by the railroad museum. Always wanted one of these

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