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  1. Havent seen any of if, but reading a washington post review, i see what you mean. Its monday morning quarterbacking the most consequential and fluid events in american history. No man is perfect and it is true washington was imperfect. But his decisions were EXACTLY what gave us our country today. As to military acumen. It is true that up to 1776 washington was indecisive. He convened a military council which shot down any action plans so the first few years of the war were spent running and rightly so. The continental army was severely outnumbered, not paid, they had hunting rifles (no bayonets), and shot and powder was few and far between. The majority of our heavy guns were seized from the british fort Ticonderoga. Washington had no formal military training, he was a land surveyor and militia man. What training he got was from serving along side british regulars in the french and indian war (a war that taught the colonials that the british needed their protection rather than that the british were there for their protection. The start of what became the revolutionary war was not intended as a means of splitting from britain, but punitive action in response to british taxes for foreign wars on the colonials, and parliament refused to let the colony be represented in parliament. The colonials believed king george was their leader but parliament had subverted his rule. To their shock king george sided with parliament and declared that the colonists were not equal to brits but subservient. And the declaration of independence was born. washington was incredible at keeping an unpaid military together, and master at evasion and surprise. When general lee head of his war council was captured while looking for prostitutes, washington finally stepped up to the plate, and took charge, and from then sealed his fate as a great war leader. As far as slaves go and fortune yes he inherited slaves and mt vernon from his brother, but washington was a hard worker and more than doubled his holdings, and married a rich widow, and gained even more. He freed his slaves in his will, though he could not free the slaves he inherited from his wife due to inheritance laws, they must pass to her kin. from the declaration until the civil war it was a fight to keep the union together and slavery was the biggest issue. As seen with lincoln, the end to slavery was almost the end of our country. I could go on and on, i love history and cant get enough
  2. Daughters started dance class later monster jam. Brodozer put on a good show. my 2 year old is such a redneck, she loved it
  3. Apparently Bloomberg is next https://nypost.com/2020/02/15/bloomberg-reportedly-considering-hillary-clinton-as-his-running-mate/
  4. https://www.ruffstuffspecialties.com/catalog/
  5. Tune wake up some power in your truck? Mine shifts great with no tune
  6. Were you towing a trailer westbound on the 8 by viejas this week? Lots more getty up with the ford tune? I was running a php hydra for a month or so, but my truck shifted effin hard with the tune so i we t back to stock, and ya with 37’s its no rocketship on stock setting
  7. Gonna repaint the whole thing? If so use a rust neutralizer treatment after removal, if no, and wanna save the paint, maybe try a pinstripe removal wheel.
  8. Keep an eye on dezertrangers.com classifieds. Benders/dies come up often
  9. Wow, he’s not pretentious nice license plate omglol
  10. Sage advice from fullthrottleguy replace the torsion. Fix it right once or throw welds at it the rest of your life. Every weld and gusset you throw at it makes the right fix more work and take much longer its not that big a deal
  11. Plain and simple; the supreme court needs to rule once and for all the basis of the 2nd ammendment and the current infringements. They cannot hide from it forever. Im a history buff and have read front to back jefferson, franklin, etc. there is no doubt in my mind they completely intended a fully armed and engaged populous
  12. Nice catch, thank god we are a republic and not a true democracy. True democracy is nothing more than majority rule, thereby creating a monarchy of the majority. The problem is; downtown san diego has nothing in common with east county, if we were a simple democracy, the group of 7 million tyrants in the city would rule over us country peasants. Our govt was very carefully and considerately planned. The founders did not want to trade a king in england for 10,000 kings in their back yard.
  13. Its not the transplants. Its your kids. And the fact your like minded folks feel comfortable in your free state. The people that show up to vote are motivated against you. Get your freedom lovers in gear before they feel “whats the point”. I know so many pro 2a and such californians that never vote (and often the first to complain). All talk, no action
  14. Disarmed by Guns laws today, forced to vote by men with guns tomorrow https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-02-05/california-lawmaker-proposes-mandatory-voting%3f_amp=true you shouldnt be surprised. You see it happening in california, its only a matter of time. At least you guys get a warning (seeing what happens in ca) now lets see if you can stop it
  15. Sx party last night, cleaning day today, house, driveway, garage. Did a little silver soldering, reattach broken eagle on wind-vane for my inlaws. All copper construction. Rockwoods xj thread got me motivated to work on mine this weekend. Gotta get the new axles under it. Rain delay. 1/4” thick diff cover, 1/2” flange. All welded up gonna surface monday morning
  16. People wanna eat their cake today and yours tomorrow. thanks for sharing
  17. Shot a round of archery in alpine this morning, i shot terrible! headed to sell girl scout cookies at smart and final at 2 in lakeside/el cajon (camino canada)

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