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  1. glamiskid395

    Identify this car?🤔

    Definitely a fun car to drive. Need to rebuild all the brake masters because turning brakes only work if I have slight pressure on the foot brake.
  2. glamiskid395

    Identify this car?🤔

    I've never heard of amplified so I did some looking. From what I was able to pull up on Google, the front arms pivots are different, amplified uses bushings at the rear pivot versus a heim.. Hears an interior shot
  3. glamiskid395

    Identify this car?🤔

    John Moseley said it's not his chassis. I have noticed that the front arms are similar to some older SU cars.
  4. glamiskid395

    Identify this car?🤔

    Hello all, haven't been on here in years, once I started racing desert, Glamis got left behind. I slowed down on racing last year and got back to Glamis. I bought this car a few months ago, did some race prepping on it and have taken it out twice now. It's been a blast to drive, has an ecotec and 2d mendeola. The paddles are a bit much for the ecotec but planning to solve that with a turbo ecotec over summer. The guy I bought the car from said he bought the chassis from the sandshow in 2001 or 2002? And then had another shop finish it for him. Is anyone able to tell who built the chassis? Thanks all, Mike
  5. glamiskid395

    07 Trx450r Stator

    ok thanks. he'll have to cough up the money to get good lights
  6. glamiskid395

    07 Trx450r Stator

    yes, he'd like to keep the stock lights but also put two more on the handle bars.
  7. glamiskid395

    07 Trx450r Stator

    my papa has a 07 450 kickstart, and wants to get some cheap halogen lights to add on for this coming weekend, but wants to kno if the stock stator has enough power to pull, say two 25w lights. or maybe 55w H3's thanks again mike
  8. glamiskid395

    Best Hids?

    wheeliebar- my dad said for me to wait til next season to buy them, since this season is almost over, 1 or 2 more trips. and we are trying to finish a restore job on a 1964 pontiac bonneville. i have a feeling, when i order a kit for my quad, i will get one for my truck. thanks! mike
  9. glamiskid395

    Honda 400ex Help

    i had a bad rattle sound this last trip, and then i came to a stop and it just died. it would not start. finally got it back to camp, and took the left case cover off and the stator just fell out. the bolts came out and were rubbing on the flywheel causing the rattle, and eventually cut some wires so it wouldnt fire. i would try taking the side case off, and check it out. before taking it to some shop that will tell you a bunch of BS -mike
  10. glamiskid395

    Best Hids?

    thanks, thats a little much $$$ for me.
  11. glamiskid395

    Best Hids?

    I'm lookking to get hids to put on my 400ex. I know there's a guy on this forum that sells them, what is his website to buy them from?
  12. glamiskid395

    Mohawk Front Tire Question

    i like knobbies my sister has the itp fronts and rears, and i cant stand those, they yank alot, and i cant powerslide with them. plus when racing up the hill, i can beat her, and she has a pipe, and the 450 i ride is bone stock. (btw her name on here is glamisfoxgurl182)
  13. glamiskid395

    Sandrail Flipped Down Olds This Last Weekend

    i was tryin to say the car was bad im sayin the suspension was not designed good. why would the shocks be mounted that way? (i still think that ALOT of these $$$$ sand rail are not designed good, most of them dont use the right kind of welding wire with the tubing they use, and they copy eachother with suspension, so if one is bad that means theres about 5 other companys that are just as bad.) IMHO not tryin to start a flame war here
  14. glamiskid395

    Sandrail Flipped Down Olds This Last Weekend

    you say its designed good...but look at the rear shocks the top of the rear is inward and the top of the front is outward the bot. of the rear is outward and the top of the front is inward is that good design? seems to me that the shocks should be parralell with eachother..? also there were 2 cracks in the welds, that i could see. the LR beadlock/rim was unrecoverable, the wing was toast, the driver had a cut up knee, the passenger had a cut on his head (from what i heard from him)

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