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  1. Do you have a link to the website?
  2. Costco in Ontario sells prime packers at reasonable cost/lb. Chucks are good but with a prime brisket the burnt ends melt in your mouth.
  3. I carry one of these on my roof rack and it has been used many times in both the desert and glamis helping with breakdowns and tire changes. Was much lower cost when I purchased it at sand show. https://www.radflo.com/i-104-hydra-jac-lightweight-racing-jack.html
  4. I've used this for years. You can torque it up with a 3/8" or 1/2" Ratchet. I've also used to change out a broken hub. I keep it my CV kit. I didn't buy it here but this is it. https://www2.cip1.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=ACC-C10-7036
  5. What actually is happening when CV's click? I hand some brand new top of the line CV's installed by somewhere who builds cars using Mantek grease and they click like crazy. I added additional grease via the fittings and a needle point grease guns and no improvement. I've had the car for many years using GKN's with no issues servicing my myself.
  6. I have a WW FS30 trailer which has the batteries inside the front storage compartment under the bed. Currently there are 2 ea 12v and I want to go to 4ea 6V. What does everyone use for vented boxes for 6V batteries? I can't find boxes vented boxes that fit the 6V.
  7. I've been running E rated on two different FS30 trailers for years without issue. I replace them every three years and never had an issue. This is the last set I put on and they have a much higher speed rating than the previous sets. Pay attention to pressures and speed and you shouldn't have an issue. Mine is loaded with a 2500lb 4 seater. https://www.americastire.com/buy-tires/goodyear-endurance/p/32624
  8. I’m in riverside and heading to park Moabi outside of needles next weekend if that helps.
  9. Tried these and couldn't keep the inner boot from tearing. 12 years on boots is crazy. Mine only last 1-2 years max
  10. You're next inline if first person does not come through.
  11. Located in riverside and yes I will ship for cost of shipping

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