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  1. I did 74 miles on a tank. left for Duner's from the canal and made it back with a lil duning but the flashing light was screaming at me. and yes I was on it!
  2. Getting closer Jefe! Just an more expensive set up than I was originally thinking. Don't want to be under powered or under towing cap.
  3. I know I bring these topics up . But when I have to stop at a hotel to sleep for the night is over rated. So here is what I am looking at Renegade Valencia: https://www.sporttruckrv.com/default.asp?page=xNewInventoryDetail&id=5419608 or a Winnebago Forza or something similar https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2014-Winnebago-FORZA-38R-5005192762 I was gonna go cheap and buy a 50K unit but said screw it, I want the family to be comfortable. Let know your thoughts. The renegade has bigger tanks like toyhauler and is a actual truck. I like the idea of the engine in front in case it plows into something instead of just glass. Yes, I can just keep my TH andthat may happen but wanted to see what others had to say. Cheers.
  4. Pismo days are numbered. Sad sad day.
  5. You make the deal I may be able to bring it down, as I have to pick up my new trailer at universal.
  6. This year will be my first year of going.
  7. So we went riding last weekend in the sierras. I had my kids wear the half helmets with headsets. Who makes youth helmets with cut out for comms, or makes the whole set up. Full face is what my kids want. Want to be cool like mom and dad. They tried the xs that Rugged sells and it is too big. Anyone have some they want to sell?
  8. I have 4 seats blue Asking 200 for all 4 factory doors: asking $200 Factory cage with roof: $200 Give me $500 for the whole package. Will be in so cal in 2 weeks.
  9. I have sat in most and the ones I liked was hunter safety , prp, simpson and the berts ones. My dealer has simpson so may go take a trip up there to see what they have for me.
  10. AWWW she will get over it. My favorite line is:" better to ask for forgiveness than permission," but I understands you! 🤐
  11. I need some big guy seats for the X3? Any suggestions? I have some aftermarket high side PRP seats in it now and it is a bitch to get in and out of. Need something fat guy friendly.😂
  12. Dbart this is all you buddy! you can make it happen..
  13. Thank I will look it up. I definitely needs to add a bigger tank to my Genesis. I want a 50 gallon to make it through a solid few days with 2 cars.

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