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  1. I have 4 seats blue Asking 200 for all 4 factory doors: asking $200 Factory cage with roof: $200 Give me $500 for the whole package. Will be in so cal in 2 weeks.
  2. I have sat in most and the ones I liked was hunter safety , prp, simpson and the berts ones. My dealer has simpson so may go take a trip up there to see what they have for me.
  3. AWWW she will get over it. My favorite line is:" better to ask for forgiveness than permission," but I understands you! 🤐
  4. I need some big guy seats for the X3? Any suggestions? I have some aftermarket high side PRP seats in it now and it is a bitch to get in and out of. Need something fat guy friendly.😂
  5. Dbart this is all you buddy! you can make it happen..
  6. Thank I will look it up. I definitely needs to add a bigger tank to my Genesis. I want a 50 gallon to make it through a solid few days with 2 cars.
  7. just re wrap the hood or buy a new one big tyme! #dumbass 🤣
  8. Congrats!!!! I am curious to see how you like it vs the can am you own. You need to do a sxs photo of both of them.. oh can I drive it. I will see if I can break it like I do all your other cars, well except the last one.🤣🤣😎😎🤣🤣
  9. Just wanted to say I have met some good people from this site. Craig has been awesome and introduced me to a great web designer Gil. Thank you @Dirtywhiteboy for the hookup. Beers or lunch is one me next time. Cheers Take a look at Gil rangels' work on my website. He continues to build my site stronger and more versatile. http://californiaradomes.com/
  10. Thank you everyone for the feedback....
  11. I am going to go look at a coachmen tomorrow. Does anyone own one or have any info on these is they are good coaches? https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2004-Coachmen-CROSS-COUNTRY-354MBS-5009046779?fbclid=IwAR2A-_gVMJ0PkHBfZJbz3ooOeILxs59ElUzO-LMyRKCk8ZFc6HGUespIp-c
  12. @hondajimz you should of took @Ocotillo Boymoney! Time to build another one! Or you can buy another girlfriend. LOL
  13. HAHAHA... this is very tempting to play with.. GLWTS!
  14. This is a great thread. @hondajimz is my biggest instigator of sand rails for me. He does the "Tony call me there is a car for sale you need to buy". I started with breaking his sand cars to buying my king car which was a rocket ship, to my gen 3 funco, S&S Ls car , and BFD REVO and now I back to a sand flea. I love the short wheel base and small nimble driving but the power and ease ability of a ls car was awesome plus power wheelies the S&S car did was ear to ear smiles. One of my biggest issues was worrying when is it gonna break.. My goal or dream was @Air Boom Ron's G42 he had built or any funco that he has done or a Gen 5 or 6 Funco. But I have fell in love with the BFD SS car. I think in the next year or 2 I will be placing a order for a new Funco or BFD, hence is business is still booming and my kids can get over the loud exhaust noice.

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