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  1. I got it squared awa with American Customs and Classics in Hollister. ACChollister on IG. They build bad ass rides.
  2. I got it handled by a shop in Hollister. Will be done by end of august! Super stoked to get this 409 low rod car done!
  3. I dont want to spend more than another 40k.. which is what another top shop had quoted me but cant get it in for 18 months...
  4. I have a 1961 impala that I need finishing, Does anyone have a shop they can recommend? I am in nor cal but will to take it to the right shop for the job to be done correctly.
  5. Thanks Lee for the deal. My girls will love it after a lil sprucing up.
  6. still available? any issues with it? pm me your number...
  7. Jason, Thanks for taking my call and look forward to seeing you maybe next weekend. I appreciate all of the help. Cheers.
  8. Thank you I appreciate the input. And yes I didn't read as I am one of those dumbasses trying to work 2 screens at a time. lol
  9. which pressure bleeder? I have CNC master and wildwood calipers on my BFD.
  10. Thanks for sharing I need to do this. I wanted to tie it into the original tank on my genesis. But I think it may be more work to do so.. I figure if I can get an extra 40 gallon would make it so I can fill up the sand toys with out no issues.
  11. The last 2 cars I bought were from out of state. 1 from Az and 1 from Washington. All I had to do is do a Vin verification at DMV and pay my fees and boom had me a new title and green sticker. Super easy as long as all of your PW is in order.
  12. That charcoal grey is nice. You have really made that king car even better. (that car was crazy fast and scared the hell out of me)
  13. http://www.incaplastics.com/page8.html I found this and may try this for a temporary fix if I cant find someone local so I can atleast make a trip for president with the family.
  14. That is what I am exactly looking into right now. Thanks everyone for your input.

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