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  1. So the whole CORVID-19, has mildly affected us. My kids are home full time, my wife is now, teacher, cleaning lady, chef, and nurse amongst her wife details😁 She is the one who is suffering... But the joys of being stay at home wife (HOMEMAKER) Wife cancelled fun trips, but she is changing her mind daily. May have to make run to "self-quarantine" in the desert. As for my business, We are open. "essential business " Being an Aircraft repair station that serves many government agencies, numerous Armed Forces, and airlines across the world. We are still getting calls, repairs, and feeling blessed and thankful. But our business wont feel this for another month or 2 and mainly from the commercial side. This will be similar to 9-11 economically unless this turned around quickly. My opinion is going to be different that others. All trade shows have been postponed or cancelled. I have cancelled business trips to customers till the order has been lifted. But would I be afraid to fly? No... I would get on a plane.. I go to the markets and supply stores to get shit. I use hand santizer and alcohol. Plus I am germ freak as well so I am always washing my hands and using sanitizer. I personally feel we have to live our lives, if we are going to get sick and die. We have no real control over it in the end. If you stay clean and healthy. You should be alright. Live your life because you only die once... God bless you all.
  2. So that is who bought that! GLWTS it is a bad asss car. all the right components
  3. @chappy did you sell this bad boy? I have a friend that in interested.
  4. It should but we will see. it is under 40'
  5. It's a 360 hp cummins with a Allison 3200 I believe. really nice power wise. I thought I would be struggling more over the tehachipi's, but just cruised up at 50-55.
  6. I am hauling my 2 SXS and I cant feel the trailer behind the moho. looks like the straps came loose. Any suggestions on straps and or Wireless Camera for inside of trailer?
  7. We pulled the trigger on a entegra accolade 37l. I compromised with the wife and I am happy that I did. Took it to dumont for president's and towed like nothing back there. Went over budget but hopefully worth it.
  8. Thanks Matt86m, this was sold same day I reposted and lowered the price. The Genesis is a good company and they warranty and take care of their customers.
  9. Hahaha. You are right I dont hold onto too my shit too long this one is a 5 year plan. Hoping to get lots of memories besides offroad In this baby plus the piece of mind. It has a huge slide and kitchen for the wife. Nice big bed for my ass and kids have their bunks beds and over cab. 360 hp 850tq freightliner drive train. Pretty happy with it so far. But the dumont trip for presidents will be the real test.cheers to you all.
  10. Trailer is already for sale. Just waiting for these guys to get their financing dialed.
  11. Yup pulled the trigger bought a new bad ass rig. We looked at all Super C's 250k and under. Wife and I loved the floor plan. Already towed my enclosed with sxs and was like nothing there. 100 gal fuel tank.has 128 gal fresh water now. 7 year bumper to bumper warranty. We looked at the big Berkshire dp and I did not care for the way it drove and it was "too fancy" for us and our uses.. most of the other do just didnt fit our wants..
  12. Bump TTT- Will get it cleaned out and washed this weekend. Need to move as I need the space as new rig is on its way! 58K is what I have it listed for and I will give a fire sale deal to any GD member... 408Five18Two1five 2

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