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  1. yes they actually work pretty good plus they look cool....
  2. just got done this weekend putting big bobs rhino all back together after the final touches hope you guys like them [attachmen t=282608:1025081047.jpg]
  3. almost got bobs rhino done , built all the suspension , bumpers and cage , just got it powdercoated and going back together , heres a few pix will post the finished ones this weekend with the paddles w/beadlocks ,skid-plate , soft top and back seat then ready for holloween weekend [attachment =281903:1019081300.jpg]
  4. back working on my new race rhino and thought i would post a few pix , hope you like them .... [attachmen t=248610:php7gzLPCPM.jpg][a ttachment=248603:php3Ore9NPM_1_.jpg]
  5. how much do those spindles run ?
  6. i hope to race a few corr races when i can....
  7. awesome job looks really good , get some long travel and some seats and you will have an awesome ride , keep up the good work !
  8. ive always ran racecraft seats in my arctic cat and my rhino and they make the 2in. wider which is very comfortable
  9. [att achment=234193:phpJNl02FPM_2_.jpg]a couple more pix of progress , will be building the a-arms and starting the aluminum this weekend , hope you like them
  10. those springs should work good for a 2 seater , maybe try adding a little more valving ... good luck
  11. racecraft seats makes a seat 2in. wider that i put in all the rhinos and prowlers that i build
  12. [att achment=229759:phpNmjfltPM_1_.jpg]i sold the arctic cat and now im finally building a new rhino heres a few picts of my progress
  13. im interested in the two-bros. pm me with a price
  14. whats the turn-around time on a rhino race engine ?

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