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  1. I was more than happy with the work Poundsand (Ed) did to my car and am looking forward to having him tune my RZR before next season. IMHO
  2. Lol!!! I was just thinking the same thing as I sit here watching it.
  3. If this is true, he should be charged with a felony if he failed to disclose to any partners he's had since he was diagnosed. I think it's California H&S 120291.
  4. +1 I had the same set up. Duned great in third.
  5. What replacement belts do you recommend for 2015 xp4 1000? Also where is a good place to order from?
  6. Exactly ! I don't know the specifics of why this crash occurred ! But a 39 year old good man, a father and husband and Freind of mine and of many others Died today in his SxS in a head on collision with a "sand car" . Of course the much heavier sand car won this collision as it ended up killing Eric Sweetland instantly from head and spinal injuries. Yes, full face helmet and 5 point straps, alcohol was not a factor as we know so far!? I know it wasn't for Eric!!! It's sad when anyone dies, but it hurts a little more when it's someone that is close to you! 2 hour prior, we were laughing together via phone conversation, because his feet and lips were swollen from some sort of allergic reaction! All you have now is the memories. Rip Eric! Very sorry to hear. Eric was a very cool guy. Prayers for his family.
  7. I have mine with state farm. I talked with my agent 2 weeks ago and she said statefarm in Az is still writing new policies.
  8. Twisted stitch no longer makes booster seats.
  9. Or Tri County Gear in pomona 909-623-3373 www.tricountygear.com this would be my first choice. I've had work done by them on a few occasions and wouldn't hesitate to go back.
  10. I just called my State Farm agent, and she claims that State Farm is still writing policies for dune buggies.
  11. I just called my State Farm agent, and she claims that State Farm is still writing policies for dune buggies.
  12. Any word on existing policies with state farm?
  13. After smoking 2 other locally built transmissions in my excursion, I finally had John woods build my last one. Wish I would have gone with him in the first place. Service is top notch and the trans has never felt better.
  14. No, they are their own company. They are located in Ontario, just south of the airport.

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