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    Need Good Rhino Mechanic

    Weller Racing would be your best bet if you want a do all shop in house. They also rebuild Mendeola's That did my S4S last year & one full season no problems.

    Rail Roll @ Sand Drags 2-2-08

    i will agree with you there when i got to the car i kept walking around it looking for more damage ive seen a lot less cause a lot more damage so what went caused the roll It started swaping ends @ the woops on the end of the drags. I corrected twice but not the third time. I wanted to hit the gas harder but was approaching slowing out front. I would rather take my self out then risk injury to others.

    Rail Roll @ Sand Drags 2-2-08

    Yes I was I little out of it. I should have said I just rolled my Rhino last month six times & landed on my wheels I guess I'm getting good @ repairing them. Not rolling them. Thanks for the help It was grealy appreciated.

    Rail Roll @ Sand Drags 2-2-08

    A bit sore but glade I was wearing a helment & neck roll. Glad I was driving a well built foddril. It took a have pinned 4th gear 100+mph roll. Crazy but if I would havejust hit the power switch it would have drove off the strip with just a ent rear a-arm. Thanks for the guidance Wild Bill. See you at CORR this year if you decide to make it out.

    Rail Roll @ Sand Drags 2-2-08

    Hello fellow dunners, I was the one who rolled the yellow two seater @ the drags Saturday night. I'm lucky to be alive after that roll but I was woundering if anybody got any pictures or video of the roll. Thanks Bob.

    08 Rhino

    Your Buddy's motor had a recalled CP piston that broke, The Wellers did not find out about the recall untell after that one broke. The Weller's & Racers Edge build race motors much more reliable then a stock motor. Today's aftermarket parts are way better them Factor. P.S. Ryan you 686 runs GREAT but it don't have a chance in a drag race up against my 800.

    Questions About Pdm Clutch?

    Call Jason @ Weller Racing, He has them in stock. 480-507-4771. Plus he has set up plenty & can help with that. WELLERRACING.COM

    Rhino. What Mods? What Mph?

    O!!!! left out little stroker motor.

    Rhino. What Mods? What Mph?

    70MPH Hitting Rev limiter Trinty Sheeve Dyna Tech CDI 25" Bighorns +6" Long Travel

    Worc's Race In Havasu

    Nice Race Jeff, After my Rhino stalled @ the start I moved up to your rear bumper by the second lap. That track was sickly rough. I watched you finish the race looks like your car handles well & you can drive thw wheels off it. NICE JOB.

    Imperial Extreme Cross

    Great Driving Todd I seen some footage of the race. That's sucks to break. This would have helped. [attachmentid=143684]

    Gear One Rhino Centerboard Hubs

    They would build them but no one is breaking the front axel's.

    Gear One Rhino Centerboard Hubs

    Mesa, AZ. Thanks. The whole family @ Gear One is great & with the best cutomer servive. This set bolted up in one hour to the Rhino Mafia Long travel. Every fit like a glove the first time. It may be on the spendy side but when I travel from AZ to CALI to race & have one less thing to worry about braking it worth it. They will be comming out with a new steering box as well in the next month.

    Gear One Rhino Centerboard Hubs

    The centerhubs are billet aluminum. This set up weighs about four pounds more than stock. Most of that weight contributed to the larger axel's. The ability to hit the whoop sections at a higher rate of speed requires additional wheel travel. I'm not here to debate additional wheel travel is needed, I will just see you on the track.

    Gear One Rhino Centerboard Hubs

    Now with 26 degree angle. A 10" shock can now be mounted @ acheve 18" of wheel travel. I actully measured an easy 20" with out the shocks mounted. This set up will retail $3000.00+. They will also have there Gear one two piston brake set up for it in the next few weeks. [attachmentid=142726]

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