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  1. Fistfull

    Misc buggy parts $150 takes it all SOLD

    my car is 40.25", how wide is the wing?
  2. Fistfull

    Misc buggy parts $150 takes it all SOLD

    can you throw that tape measure across the wing and see how wide it is?
  3. Fistfull

    10” springs 2.5”x250 lbs

    interested ship tp 85233? Rick
  4. Fistfull

    Beam & Wheels

  5. Located in az but going to glamis next weekend.
  6. Fistfull

    Beam & Wheels

  7. Fistfull

    Beam & Wheels

    Bumpty bump
  8. Fistfull

    Beam & Wheels

    6" over beam with SACO rack, don't know the particulars on the arms (I was getting 12.5 inches travel with 10" shocks) king n link spindles. In good working order (it's upgrade season, going a arms)- $ 600.00 King and link spindle mount wheels with 6.70 implements. - $ 150.00 Come and get them, located Gilbert Az. Rick @ 4807890366
  9. Fistfull

    Douglas wheels and bfg all terrains

    If you still have them and Kevin doesn't get them from you, hit me at 4807890366, text is fine. In Gilbert. Rick.
  10. Fistfull

    SOLD Set of 33x15 sand blaster & 8.5x15 razors

    Location? $ for just the fronts?
  11. Fistfull

    15 x 7 Brand New Beadlocks 2 -5/8 Backsapce $400

    Thank you. Now all I need are tires, hubs and spindles
  12. Fistfull

    15 x 7 Brand New Beadlocks 2 -5/8 Backsapce $400

    Dibs, they are mine
  13. Fistfull

    IRS pivot jigs

    Just curious, using those jigs, what will the camber be at ride height with 3x3 arms. Again just curious, I didn't spend the $ on jigs, figured they weren't worth the money for my one time use. I adjusted the inner pivots so that my camber was zero at my chosen ride height, then went to town with the welder.
  14. Fistfull

    Apex 8.80 x 15 front tires

    So much for etiquette.
  15. Fistfull

    Apex 8.80 x 15 front tires

    PHX? If so I want them.

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