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  1. 2005 Fleetwood Triple axle Toy hauler, tons of room inside, 19' of cargo area, 17' to the first cabinet. Easily fits RZR's, Multiple Quads, 4 seat Long travel Rails, Jeep, etc.. Hard to find model with high weight capacity about 4.9K lbs. 120 Gal Fresh Tank, 55 gal grey, 40 gal black. Triple axle with tires replaced and barely used about two years ago (Carlisle HD Radials), including the spare. has TPMS sensors on them. Includes Scissor stabilizers on each corner. The awning is almost ready for replacement due to age, the batts are dual 6 volt GC 2's about a year old and hold a nice charge. Has electric tongue jack, single roof top A/C and a 4K Onan genny that starts right up and runs quiet. Comes with two Alum 7000lb ramps that I use for loading as to not stress the rear ramp door as I load a heavy 4 seat sand car or if I wanted to load the jeep. Lots of clearance for taller toys if needed. Has two tables and two fold down couches, that make into beds, as well as a rear drop down queen bed and a front sleeper with a queen bed and comfortable mattress. There is a stereo with inside and outside speakers that sound good. Also has a 22" tv, with built in DVD, though the max volume is low imo. Plenty or room for a larger TV if needed. Tons of cabinet storage inside and all lights have LED bulbs. It is pre wired for a race radio, and includes the antenna for it already mounted. Range and oven are virtually new, with minor use, the fridge is a standard RV size and works off of either AC or propane, and is cold. There are plenty of tie down rings, and a place to attach a portable winch for loading if needed. It tows nice and smooth, and includes the heavy duty hitch with ball, load levelers, and an anti sway bar. There is a 40 Gallon gas station which works, but is due a new gear, as it does stick sometimes when hot out. The model is a Fleetwood Mallard, ASV 310FS but essentially the same as a fleetwood Gearbox with a diff name. Everything works as it should. There is a front pass through storage compartment for tools and other necessities when camping. The roof vent cover and Fridge cap on the roof have been replaced recently, the roof could use a reseal, but is not in terrible shape, just weather worn. The inside of the cargo area has no wheel wells as the axles are flipped which makes loading much easier, and the back is dovetailed for easier loading/unloading as well. Some of the linoleum glue has come up due to age and heat near the side, but doesnt cause us any problems. Stove is a 3 burner, and has a microwave, shower, toilet, vanity sink, small closet for coats and some additional drawers as to be expected, and there is some Diamond plate trim inside and out as well. This unit is perfect for those just getting started or stepping up from a small camper or tents to a toy hauler, or even to use a a garage for the toys when not in use. The price is less than some others I have seen with much less and does everything it needs to to get out and go camping/duning, and has a ton of room for the toys. I am asking for $11,200 OBO, and selling as I bought a Voltage 5th wheel and not using this one any longer. I am in Buckeye AZ (west Phoenix area near the I10) and will not transport to cali or other areas to sell. Below are some pics. I appreciate you taking a look. Give me a call if interested. Jason 602-918-8378
  2. Gearhead

    My First Sandrail

    Sounds like you are getting close to removing all the Gremlins. Stay on it like you have and you will likely see several years of trouble free duning. You got a good deal on the car, even with these minor changes and associated costs you have done to make the car better, you are still ahead in my book.
  3. Gearhead

    What wheel ?

    Think I have to find someone to loan me their 10's with 14.50's on them to try out next trip. Just want to make sure of total width, and how the car performs with them vs the 12's I am running currently.
  4. Gearhead

    What wheel ?

    I have 12’s now with 14.50s, how much taller would they be on 10’s, and how much would gearing be affected? Reason i ask, is that i am 1” too wide to get car into the toy hauler with paddles on, hoping i could narrow it up a bit with 10’s.
  5. I just did this swap last month and ran it this weekend. No turbo. running a 2D and 14.50's. Works great, definitely more bottom end. Plenty of power on top still. Ran mostly in 3rd and can go through pretty much anything, but would use 2nd sometimes to stab the throttle when cutting hard on top of a bowl for the fun of it or just to shower to guys behind me.
  6. Gearhead

    JDM Acura 3.2a

    I picked up a JDM 3.5 a couple months ago and swapped my 3.2S heads and intake onto it and used the 3.5 riser. Easy swap, picked up more bottom end for sure and still great performance on top like the S. Had to change motor mount due to the 3.5 coming from an odyssey instead of pilot. Had to adjust two small things (connectors) on the harness on the 3.5, and reuse my water transfer assy as mine was already modified to block off unneeded ports and tapped for water temp. While it was apart, changed timing belt, water pump and pulleys as well. New head gaskets. Reused injectors and rail from 3.2S. Didnt need to remove them to do the swap. Did two oil changes using with sea foam added to get old stuff cleared out as much as possible. Cheap upgrade and works great. I paid $550 for the JDM.
  7. Gearhead

    Honda 3.5 stored 3 years

    I just got back into duning after a 5 year break. Gas had dried and turned into a mess when fuel was added and ran like crap, and plugged up everything. Deep Cleaned tank, and replaced everything and all is well. Things I noted to do when I did it last year. - I would pull the tank and clean it really good. all new lines and filters. - Lil mystery oil on each cyl as stated previously. - C/V and boot service. - Drain and refill coolant, I use water wetter, Rad Fluid and distilled water. - Drain and refill Trans - new air filter and outerwears - Add Sea Foam to new gas - Add sea foam to oil When you fire it, sometimes they take a bit to clear up if running crappy. As soon as you fire it, put it in 1st gear with car on blocks and spin the wheels for about 30 sec, it makes sure the oil gets moving around the case of the trans. Best to drive it around a lil if possible to get through all gears under load. Ive been told that letting a car sit and idle is not good for the trans.
  8. Gearhead

    Fuel Transport Jugs

    ATI Tank, which is the manufacturer of the tank I purchased holds the same DOT Special Permit, written almost verbatim. Issued in Sep 2015. https://www.phmsa.dot.gov/approvals-and-permits/hazmat/file-serve/offer/SP14227.pdf/offerserver/SP14227
  9. Gearhead

    Fuel Transport Jugs

    This thread reminded me of something I was planning to do. Just ordered a new transport jug for my truck. Kinda tired of effin with the Hauler tank, filler, etc. - 72 Gal Split tank. 36 Gal for the Diesel will be gravity transfer to the tank filler, and 36 Gal of Super on a pump for the Honda or whatever else is needing super. Don't think I will have any issues with EPA, HAZMAT, AZRS, CFR, ADOT, BLM, CBP, CVC and any other alphabet soup agencies or codes/statutes.
  10. Gearhead

    Need to replace my Funco Gen 4 throttle cable

    As my motor is currently out and getting some work done, I will be replacing the plastic line and cable. 11 years on it, it is likely due. Thanks for the heads-up about possible cutting into it.
  11. Gearhead

    Beadlock Wheel's Tubes Or No Tubes?

    I run beadlocks, no tubes, just Sta-Flo, works great, no overnight leaks. I've used the radiator fluid and alumiseal concoction in the past, it works good too. As my tires are newer, and hold air well, I will continue to run em this way, but if I ever started having problems, I suppose I would add the tubes.
  12. Gearhead

    Need to replace my Funco Gen 4 throttle cable

    When I ran my cable using brake tubing, it bound up. I switched over to plastic refrigerator water line and the cable never binds.
  13. Gearhead

    Sandrail Carnage Pics

    Here is mine from last year. Was in third gear pinned going up and into the back bowls of Osborne, and all of a sudden the left front tire was pancaked and at eye level. Doh! Dunes were pretty smooth going into it, the lower inner heim just let go. It was 12 years old, so I guess it did its job. We cheese grated the side of that dune big time. The first pic you see is after we pushed it back about 12 feet. The third is after removing a bunch of sand from the cockpit. Sand was about waist high in the front car when we stopped. Stopped pretty quick, but soft. No injuries except the car. Had tools and only a pull strap. A ratchet strap woulda been awesome. Anyhow. Removed what I needed to and muscled the strap in place enough to keep it together, and followed my buddy Mark outta the dunes, he pre ran each section to find the best path out, that was interesting, but not bad. I had the kids sailing on the side to keep from grating until we got out of the dunes and to sand highway (fun memories for them). We had to stop about every ten min to clean out the sand buildup around my legs, and drove on the angles side of sand highway to keep the car leaning to the right. I could have pinned the springs up to make it easier getting out, but we got her out nonetheless and went straight to see joe fab. Also if there is ever a next time I will have a spare heim with me and a ratchet strap, or if not, move the upper Heim to the lower and strap the upper arm. less stress on that one. Joe bent, pieced, and welded the shock back together, and replaced the heim, and we were back out duning a few hours later. and the rest of the weekend, no problems. Even got some video pulling into the shop. There is another one, but cannot get it to load. Replaced all heims on the car when we got home.

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