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  1. megadesertdiesel

    Flagstaff Camping

    while the cinders is a nice place to beat the AZ heat, there are more better places to ride directly across the highway from the cinders. Lockett Meadow is a great dirt road to a group of Aspen trees where some serious hiking trails start. That same road wraps all the way around Humphreys mountain and you will end up near snowbowl. Cross that highway and ride over to Parks AZ to the lava tubes and lunch near Campingworld. Other things to see just outside of the Cinders is the Wuputaki ruins, old Native ruins you can actually walk around and inside of. And the Grand Falls is a neat place to see, a waterfall taller than Niagra falls in AZ!!!
  2. megadesertdiesel

    Mogollon rim riding

    yes, on AZ forrest roads
  3. megadesertdiesel

    The shifting sands of Glamis.

    I absolutely agree!! seems like everyone needs their 15 minutes of fame, scabbing on and building janky sheet in the dunes.
  4. megadesertdiesel

    Need advice on SxS belt heat sensors

    soon to be released. They had them at the Sandshow last summer and are very close to releasing them. I have a pre production unit.
  5. megadesertdiesel

    Need advice on SxS belt heat sensors

    AIM CVT belt temp gauge for the win. Eff the other thieves(sorry personal issue I have with them). The AIM is very soon to be released and is light years above the other brand. The AIM has an easier to see screen and adjustable setting for backlight, high and alarm setpoints plus a lot more. Using a belt gauge is a nice thing to have but not necessary. Once you have one you will be able to see when your temps spike which will let you take it easy until they come down. After a couple of trips with the gauge you will learn and possibly not need to look at the gauge you will know when to chill a bit and not beat on the car. in all just knowing how hard you push the car and the result of hotter belt temps is worth the price. You will end up training yourself to drive differently.
  6. megadesertdiesel

    Arcadia screen door questions

    whoah the corners don't look like they line up at all from that angle. if its aluminum, weld the seams and if its plastic, glue it but realize that glue never holds for ever like a weld. Maybe play with a hot air welder from HF.
  7. megadesertdiesel

    2011 Ford Super Duty 6.7L MPG

    pssst , you are supposed to lie about your diesel fuel mileage. 90% of diesel owner lie for some reason.
  8. megadesertdiesel


    splain some more on this. I did this 4 years ago and it finally is dull and will need redone.
  9. megadesertdiesel

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

    give that tow truck driver a beer he deserved it. and the poor sandrail being ragdolled behind was impressive.
  10. megadesertdiesel


    bad design in my mind, look at the connection to muffler it must be smaller than 2" when the head pipe is 2.5". I made a few exhausts with 2.5" all the way out through a 2.5" magnaflow muffler and it gave it a little better tone with much needed heat removal from engine area.
  11. megadesertdiesel

    Fresh Water Fill up

    over there
  12. megadesertdiesel

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Halfway Installed a2 ton Daikin mini split for my garage. Going to be nice a cool this summer.
  13. megadesertdiesel


    Just take head pipe to muffler shop and have them cut the cat out and replace with straight pipe. I did this to 6 exhausts so far. No issues.
  14. megadesertdiesel

    Car audio, Do they make them like they used to?

    funny, I was just looking into a small system for my daughters car and noticed the pricing on new stuff is super cheap but was unsure of quality. She told me about her friends and they are using HifFonics and Skar components. I have no clue if its pure junk or decent for the money.
  15. megadesertdiesel

    Using what you got to bust a nut.........

    I love seeing MacGuyver-ing. great work!!

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