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  1. now that's awesome!! I picked an 8 button one up at the Sandshow for a great deal but realized I have more than 8 things I want to control with it. 12 would be awesome.
  2. I have a feeling most sxs's found in the dunes abandoned are just insurance jobs and the owner does not want to make the payments anymore.
  3. its all magic and understanding over my head. I leave my tuning to //Airdam Clutches. There are other companies out there too, I just picked one I know has been in the dunes and knows the terrain and how the cvt reacts in it.
  4. not that I have noticed. I ran them at 15psi. Now I have a worn set of 35" tensors, I suspect to have a lot of roll with these big monsters.
  5. I liked them a lot, nice tall and skinny profile. I got almost 2000 miles out of them in the desert.
  6. located in Mesa AZ, I can bring to Glamis Vets weekend in the washes. All 4 hold air and are still soft rubber not dried out. Ran these on my sxs and have a little tread left. SOLD!!!!!!
  7. wow CA don't give a chit about the business who pay taxes and support the machine. Yikes!!
  8. damn, cant get any closer than that. Glad you got out safe.
  9. who in the frog snacks has an iPhone 5? All the cool kids have the 11 with 3 cameras.
  10. Lower BRP door inserts fit well and do the job of not letting dirt in. I like the look of TMW doors. At the end of the day its just a door that serves no purpose other than flying open when you forget to latch them. Save your money and buy a front end gusset kit, lower arm reinforcement and Whalen speed tune with Dynojet programmer. You will also need Eibach springs soon as the oem sag quickly.
  11. damn that guy knew a lot of shit!! He talked our ears off every year at the sandshow. RIP
  12. sub was only $67 on Amazon and wire harness $5.99. It only changed the bass to a little tighter sound, not much at ll. I doubt I would change it if I would have known how little difference there actually is.

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