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  1. megadesertdiesel

    Falling Rock

    yikes!!! Mother Earth is always moving under us.
  2. what do you use and is the fan noisy? How about airflow noise inside helmet, do you have to crank up the coms to hear? a friend has the Rugged Mac unit and damn that fan is noisy. I was just talking to Parker Pumper about their new Xtreme Air and it seems like it might be quieter but I have no proof. Rugged, Parker Pumper, PCI, FAST, Dustymotorsports, ???? anything else to look at? http://www.parkerpumper.com/shop/xtreme-air-by-parker-pumper
  3. drill out rivits, drill holes a little larger and install Rivnuts(threaded inserts) then use 1/4" bolts to attach. I believe there are 25 in the rear section.
  4. Yup brp engineers are Kanadian tards. Wait till you have to remove the front suspension and see how the engineers really effed the end user with long M12 bolts from rear. Single shear arms, shocks all rely on long sleeves for support of one side while they are connect with 1/16” thick plate. Then you have the the oversized suspension bolt holes that are in the same 1/16” thick frame when a bolt come loose it wallowed out the frame quickly. Oh and guess what, brp does not use a jig to weld the car together. They use pop rivets on all the gusset plates to locate everything then weld it up. Lots of frame inconsistencies, hence the oversized bolt holes. Next up are all the dam clips and the 6mm torx bolts holding everything together. Takes hours to pull plastics just to cut the cage off and add an aftermarket cage. Then you add in poor customer service for KNOWN power steering, steering rack, sway-bar, swaybar links, wheel mud scraper issue they do not cover. brp has a long way to go to really be a well engineered product. This car is a throw away after 6000 miles in my opinion.
  5. megadesertdiesel

    Sand Car rollover at Olds

    The GD super sleuths have done it again, and answered a questions that was never asked with no more information than a picture.
  6. megadesertdiesel

    Sand Car rollover at Olds

    Uniball. Friggin autocorrect..
  7. megadesertdiesel

    Sand Car rollover at Olds

    It is Rhinonut, turned down hill, little wheelie to possible univalve failure. Stuck front end and rolled. They are shaken up but no injuries. Shit happens.
  8. megadesertdiesel


    not sure I agree with that statement. I hate the 4 letter word that starts with W, very hard to dune when the sand moves underneath you.
  9. megadesertdiesel

    Glamis permit

    yes, you will need two permits. The season permits are stickers that are stuck to outside of window and the rangers were making people stick them on the outside of windshield instead of propping them up on the inside . The weekly permits are rear view hangers and are date specific.
  10. megadesertdiesel

    Mega millions jackpot FRIDAY 10-19-18

    you know I'm innit
  11. megadesertdiesel

    Mega millions jackpot tues 10-16-18

    $868 million jackpot, wowzers!!!
  12. megadesertdiesel

    Mega millions jackpot tues 10-16-18

    Mega is in!!
  13. nice, home built is always worth it. How bright are the Cyclone lights? Brighter than a regular "rock light".
  14. megadesertdiesel

    HP Wars...Who's ready

    awfully early in the morning
  15. megadesertdiesel

    Duners Diner

    this is great news, I missed not riding down there last season.

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