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  1. the canam frame is weak but can be beefed up with parts or welding on bracing. My 2017 X3 with 5000 hard dune miles failed on me at the shock tower while duning. If I had a shocktower brace I would guess it would last a lot longer. The X3 has a lot of frame weaknesses that can be overcome with bracing but some of the other manufacturers weaknesses are internal transmission and clutching which is a whole other lever for upgrading to make a bullet resistant sxs.
  2. no, they keep 4psi of brake pressure in system to help with the mushy pedal feel of the X3. Ill find out this weekend if it works or not.
  3. Built a welding machine cart to make room for a new Tig welder and cooler along with my mig and plasma cutter. Added some residual brake pressure valves to the Canam in hopes of having a better pedal feel. Loading toyhauler tomorrow for MLK trip thursday night.
  4. The DF. Evo harness are very comfortable and you can add a 5th point easily.
  5. Recently bought a roll up cover and like it a lot. I bought the Retrax plastic one with gloss finish. I bought it used off OfferUP for $300. Slides very smooth and does not need a rail screwed to your tailgate like the other brand. The bad part is the box that the cover rolls up into takes up valuable room for a secondary diesel tank, so i will have to make a custom tank around it and my sliding hitch.
  6. CMS garbage. Sold by Extreme tire. Those are drag only wheels, not dune wheels. They will all break like that if you are lucky. Most the time the center is left on the hub as the wheel and tire pass you.
  7. just sold an 06 with 160k miles for 22k, I miss that truck. My new 18 just isn't the same.
  8. The speeds the new turbo sxs are hitting you would be a fool to not wear one. Seatbelts stretch and tubing bends into you when you crash. I seen a couple sxs running around last weekend without helmets in the dunes. People just don't think at all. If your helmet is too heavy or uncomfortable, spend some time finding one that fits your head and needs. Common sense is not so common anymore I guess.
  9. I plan on having the whole thing coated when finished welding on it.
  10. so talking about powdercoat removal. How much heat is used? like a weed killer flame or cutting torch? I plan on replacing my frame on my Canam soon and when I get a new one I want to strip it so I can weld on gussets to prevent my current issue.
  11. 1/2 ton towabale with a 4 seater and a quad? good luck, hope to not see you in a ditch.
  12. Ran them on my T4 and loved them for beef, adjustability and price.
  13. if the Polaris fuel low light is anything like the canam you were not close to being empty. The can am low fuel light comes on when there is 3.5 gallons left out of 10.
  14. very bad idea to run smaller than stock. the X3 is completely different than the OG mav and is low already. You are asking for trouble trying to save a few bucks and use your old tires.

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