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  1. good find, im gonna add these to my 03 WW.
  2. these are comfy and have a good warranty. I had one with some loose threads after one year and they sent me a new one and I didn't have to return the old one. Sure they aint cheap but they are comfy. https://www.oztent.com/products/furniture-range/chairs
  3. I honestly don't think I have any regrets. I don't stress about life or what decisions I have made.
  4. depends if you are over 50 years old or not.
  5. sure is a lot of room in there, you plan on bringing back some of Mexicos finest products or just smuggling penis pills this time?
  6. what about drilling and tapping to install a grease zerk this way you don't have to remove axle nut. hmmmmm. I have new bearings to install this summer ill have to see if that's a possibility. Would be nice to easily add a couple pumps every once in a while.
  7. I have 4 33" (actually measure 31" on a 6" wide wheel) Yokohama superdigger 3's you can have. They hold air but are worn out. date code is 2015 I believe. Located in Mesa, AZ.
  8. working 12 hours OT today for "the man" at least its an interesting Biopharmaceutical plant whole piping upgrade design.
  9. perfect! ill stay in my sxs lane and you stay in your big boy sandrail lane, bro'. Im ok being a little ol golfcart owner.
  10. as I stated im replacing because I CAN not because I need to. You have to remember IF we kept the stock tire size and weight I would not be concerned. BUT I run a 66# per corner wheel/tire combo which stresses the car. The stock combo I believe is 46#ish.
  11. 90% of the time belt life if directly related to your right foot. If you drive like grandma on her way to buy 200#'s of Worthers from Costco, you wont have an issue. The other 10% is tire choice and keeping the clutch clean and operating correctly. Using air to blow the dust out of the clutches is a big thing most people do not do and is important to keep roller and sliders moving freely. Tires, that's always a debate to weight, stiffness and paddle count.
  12. correct, minimal grease in the sealed bearing when delivered. Some have gone thousands of miles with NO issues at all, I have not heard of many with bearing failure. I have 4800 miles on my x3 and plan on changing the $31 bearings this summer before dune season. just because I can and I will sleep better at night. we do as sxs owners tend to over think and over engineer our cars. I am one of those for sure, I would rather spend money now for beef parts rather than miss a ride.
  13. I have a couple companies coming by this week to give me a quote. I have it figured out to be $2600 if I do it myself. Will see how much more it will be to farm the back breaking work out.

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