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  1. megadesertdiesel

    WTB 32x10x15" desert tires for UTV

    I just bought a spare 32" ultracross tire from RM and it was only $140
  2. megadesertdiesel

    Need Recommendations on Beachfront Hotels

    tons of Air B&B on CA coast
  3. megadesertdiesel

    WTB 32x10x15" desert tires for UTV

    seen a set of 5 Tensors on Phx Cl yesterday for $700
  4. megadesertdiesel

    Last week of March 2015 Google Earth

    hell I cannot remember last month and trying to figure where I camped in 2015 is unpossible in my pea brain.
  5. megadesertdiesel

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    Thats having your cake and eating it too.
  6. megadesertdiesel

    Gas can on SxS floorboard?

    Also, there are more to the dunes than sandhighway stay away from head on collisions also. I would also toss the autozone can and buy a better one.
  7. megadesertdiesel

    Gas can on SxS floorboard?

    Round trip with a ride to the border and through bettercup nomproblem. i carry a 3 gallon rotopax on the passenger floor of my x3 for long long trips. No issues at all.
  8. megadesertdiesel

    WTB 33x10.50x15 tires

    So these tires measure a true 35” tall?
  9. megadesertdiesel

    It's Saturday 3/9/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Water Polo tournament at Saddleback College for my daughter.
  10. megadesertdiesel

    any paver hook ups in AZ?

    thanks guys, looks like everyone is $1600ish and $1800 at Pioneer.
  11. megadesertdiesel

    any paver hook ups in AZ?

    QDI? im in west Mesa, your side of town is basically Las Vegas to me.
  12. megadesertdiesel

    any paver hook ups in AZ?

    thanks, im a cheap bastard and like to punish myself installing them.
  13. megadesertdiesel

    any paver hook ups in AZ?

    I want to buy 5 pallets(600 sq ft) of tumbled pavers and install myself. Got a price from Pioneer for $1800 delivered. Anyone got a hook up?
  14. megadesertdiesel

    SxS driveability in summer months

    you can drive them in any weather. It all depends on how much YOU can tolerate. I'm a big bitch and when it gets over 90 I don't like to drive my sxs in the heat. With a helmet it gets very uncomfortable. A helmet pumper ran through a cooler and ice I would imagine that would be a little better but the swampass would still be there. I usually go up north during the summer if I want to ride or just wait for October to roll around and hibernate for the summer. sxs's have a lot of sensors and limit power and go into limp mode if they get close to overheating. in the end its all up to what you want to deal with
  15. megadesertdiesel

    Tonopah AZ OHV

    Hassayampa river at I10 used to be a big Banshee drag racing spot In the 90's. 7 mile wash was fun until the camp ground at Rio verde closed off part of it. Wickenburg Box Canyon is nothing like Florance Junction Box Canyon in the east valley. Much bigger out east. Ahh the good ol days of Christmas tree burns at Sycamore Creek and the Cops chasing everyone out. eff*, im old now!!!

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