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  1. slight miscalculation. Geez
  2. Link to payout calculator https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/business/coronavirus-stimulus-check-calculator/?tid=lk_interstitial_manual_8&itid=lk_interstitial_manual_8
  3. WTF, There are dunes other than Glamis? I call B.S.
  4. I heard from two different people, one from LA area and one from Vegas area that there are shit tons of Rvs on the roads. Add me to that list im leaving in an hour.
  5. no Glamis is closed, washed out due to rain
  6. Duners Diner is now closed for the season. this sucks!!
  7. yes, but you will only be allowed one square of TP per deuce.
  8. A buddy of mine uses the Anderson hitch and seems to like it. He did have problems with the ball in the top rocking around and making noise. They sent him a larger ball but is was too big and we had to modify the hitch and freeze the ball to get it in. I doubt he will ever get that ball out if needed. He also said the frame twists a little and scratches the bed. When I got a new truck I decided to go with a slider hitch instead of the gooseneck adapter I was running with turnover ball in my old truck. Now I have this huge heavy hitch in my truck with a useless bed, with the GN adapter I used in my old truck all I had to do was flip over the ball and I had a clear bed. I never seen any ill effects of my frame flexing on my WW while running the GN adapter. I think if I had to do it again I would use the gooseneck ball and goosebox like above.
  9. sun joe Is an amazon sold brand. I have a weedeater by same name and its definitely cheap
  10. No gas small engines in my garage, tired of futzing with stubborn carbs and non retracting pull cords. I have an old Home Depot wall mounted electric pressure washer, pretty neat it has a shelf that the mounts to wall and pressure washer sits on that up out of the way when not in use. Its not 3500psi but 1700 does the job just fine for me.
  11. CMS lightweight wheels are drag race straight line ONLY. I have seen multiple CMS wheels with broken center hubs. Junk for strength.
  12. light you say? Look into Packard Performance wheels, super lightweight non beadlock. I personally slide my car around too much to not have beadlocks.

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