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  1. qmurder24

    Lets see those SCU's

    Thanks you Bones! Most of the lil bro chassis changes you mentioned happened as the car got newer the car pictured is probably a 04-05. I’m sure bypasses were an option around then tho. The 06-07 cars like my old black one were slightly different from the 07-08 cars like my current red car. The next change was 08-09 with the radius roof dash and aluminum updates. These cars were mostly custom built and all unique in some way. I personally like the look of 07-08 and newer chassis and the easiest way to tell is the boxed rear shock tower. These cars should have everything you mentioned as well as taller body sides and lower roof line and to me look better. I’m not sure what year he stopped building lil bros and I don’t know to much about the mid bro/big bro but I think the changes were similar. I also agree with Pennywise (Alex) I love my red car but the white car that Nic is selling above is rad and if It’s your budget I’d go take a look at it.
  2. qmurder24

    Lets see those SCU's

    Before and after ??
  3. qmurder24

    Lets see those SCU's

  4. qmurder24

    Lets see those SCU's

    Lil bro 3.5 turbo and fresh body update by Emil Miller
  5. I don't think so. If so it was done by original owner. Id like to coat the stator cover so it matches rest of the bike (not sure why it doesn't). I might have swapped with another bike years ago?
  6. Thank you! That's why I've kept it this long, reminiscing about the good ole days staring at it in the garage. I keep saying next trip I'll bring it....
  7. 1988 Honda Fourtrax 250r TRX250R selling my last Legendary two stroke Honda Trx250r ATV. I'm including all of the parts I've collected over the years from various 250r rebuilds and restorations. This was one of the cleanest and I planned to keep it forever but I need to make room in garage for other toys. purchased from original female owner in 1997 5 engine hours on stock spec rebuild in 2005 by ESR ESR exhaust system Sand tires unlimited rzrs and skate 1's on red label wheels Honda oem shop manual included Lot's of stock & spare parts included additional stock parts from other 250r builds included as well. SERIOUS CASH BUYERS ONLY, NO TRADES. Located in Northern Ca. Pink Slip in hand 3,500$ Call or text
  8. qmurder24

    I Couldn't Choose

    Any more updates??? Can't wait to hear your comparison
  9. qmurder24

    Power Steering Issue

    problem solved I sent the Howe pump and Char Lynn to Howe to be bench tested. 1. The pump had an internal issue that Howe replaced under warranty (main problem) 2. The plumbing requires -6 pump to char lynn, -8 char lynn to res, and -10 lines res to pump. Mine were all -6 except the res to pump which was correct at -10 3. The reservoir was a cheap plastic unit that creates a toilet bowl effect when the fluid runs through it creating air and slowing down the flow. So I replaced all the lines and fittings the reservoir and Howe replaced a small part in the pump and it works great. Major props to Howe they were extremely helpful and rushed my order so that I could make a trip. Thanks guys for all your help!
  10. qmurder24

    Power Steering Issue

    Thank you! I'm going that way now.
  11. qmurder24

    Power Steering Issue

    Thank you for all the help! I searched around on the issue and it looks like most people are having pump issue's. Especially with stock Honda pump. but The pump and pulley appear to be howe, and the pump looks new? but maybe a bad one? looks like I need to replace the lines, if I'm going that far I might as well remove the pump and char lynn and have them tested. I was hoping to solve the problem in the garage. I'm going to pull everything apart today and get it over to howe for testing Thanks again and i'll post my findings next
  12. qmurder24

    Power Steering Issue

    I bought a used car (07 SCU HONDA 3.5) and the power steering isn't working properly, I'd say 5% of what it should with car up in the air. It also turns a little easier to the right. I re plumbed the reservoir to pump (shorter line and gravity feed) it's an-10 fittings 5/8 line. I flushed all the old fluid and installed GM P.S fluid and I've been through the bleeding procedure several times. The fluid is clean and clear no foam or bubbles. I also compared to a friends car and it looks good except the lines running to and from the Char lynn and pump are 5/16 lines. Howe calls for an-6 and an-8. Could the improper plumbing do it or is it more likely that I have a bad pump or char lynn? can they be bench tested? is there anything I can look for before I remove them? cosmetically the pump looks new and the char lynn looks used. Thanks you in advance for any tips!!
  13. qmurder24

    Dasaracing Xp900 Pipes Sound Clip

    great question, I wonder if dasa is gonna offer the new quiet design cannisters for older systems on other model sxs like my Teryx? I'm running the quiet kit/spark arrestor and upgraded packing and it still gets loud after a while.
  14. qmurder24

    Dasaracing Xp900 Pipes Sound Clip

    what rwhp are you seeing on this xp?
  15. qmurder24

    Dexter Ex Flex Rubber Bushings Cracking?

    not good.... I just installed the same kit a few weeks ago. Have you contacted Dexter?

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