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  1. Do you guys happen to have some pics of the parts and availability? I'll PM you aswell 🤘
  2. This sounds like my night~! I felt like I hade been in a prize fight the next day 😵. My adrenalin was running the whole time. Plus hooking up the winch cable 100 times up and down the dunes. I did have some help from some cool on lookers (most on rental quads or SXS), we sunk the truck a few times and they helped dig it out ect. I was SUPER surprised her Heavy Chevy was so under powered. My Expedition goes pretty well out there with 8ish +/- psi. She was aired down but just didnt have the power to get up the hill. Yes, I probably would have just slid a back up axle in just so it would roll rather than drag (if I had one), and I plan on having and extra in the trailer from now on. The other thing is I was alone that time and she was also... I really hate leaving my rail out there alone. In retrospec im sure it would have been fine, but I also didnt think it would take hours to get out. Sounds like it may be a less expensive fix for now. Just picking up the driver side and attempt to straghten every thing for back ups incase it ever breaks again. I really dont like the outer race and hub seal housing, it seems pretty cheap and I had to peen the housing to get the seal to stay. I will have to also order the outer section for both sides while im working on it if I keep it. Although, I like the Beef of those GearOne 33's 🧐 sounds like it's a good happy medium, I rarely hang it out but I would like the option to play with the twin turbo guys when my testosterone gets the better of me 😋. Wonder if those Kits are in stock? I didnt couldnt get the website to pull up a picture of the kit? It would be nice to see what it includes. Thanks all~! I really appreciate the help.
  3. Wow feels like forever since Ive posted.. Way before the Glamis site crash anyway. Reguardless glad to be back 🖖~! I need some advice on converting to 930 mid boards and if they are worth it with only 300-ish HP I have searched but not found much I wasnt sure if the entire site history is gone and we fully started over or if I suck at searching the threads so forgive me if theres a ton of other threads. I have a old (1996) long travel, Northstar powered, rail with a 2D. I am about 75% happy with what I have. The lacking 25% is mostly just because I have had some faint CV clicking on one side for quite some time. I have swapped to new 930's with fancy cages with race prepping. I have adjusted my limiting straps but still clicks. It's not the end of the world but Id like to fix it. Last trip I was mid side hill wanting to wheely around a big bowl but just before I was able to set up I broke a stub axle, unfortuantly I was mid hill and couldnt get stopped all that fast. A bit of carnage folllowed as I came to a stop and slid down the dune side ways, luckily it broke on the up hill side. Once I got it stopped and back around to the other side I saw it bent the caliper, caliper bracket, and rotor. I was lucky to have an Ex-Gril friend who was cool enought to spend 2 hours winching me up the bowl and towing my now 3 wheel, FAT A$$ back to the trailer. Ruff day to say the least, getting it on the trailer I had to pull a flinstones and roll it along on a wood round we hadent split yet. All total its looking like about 800 for the repairs, plus peripherals. I was going to fix it but thought... If I break it again then its also going to be another 800. I was thinking of going with another Tatum kit but its 2,700$ plus axles around 600$. I'm just wondering is a midboard worth the money. When I bought my rail, the Dyno was only 300HP, since I have made a few improvments but its still around that. Also, I'm not sure my trailing arms could be modified to accept the larger bore, so add that or minimum fabbing ontop of the total. Is a 3500 or 4k bill worth the Axtra CV angle plus if I break an axle simply towing back to camp rather than dragging it to the trailer. I've had it 9 seasons on the same axle and for the most part drive pretty chill. Only this last trip I was showing off a bit, really using my turning brakes. Also, do you think it is an old wifes tale, using the turning brakes will break axles with that much HP? I know it's hard on the trans and I get why but but that doesnt seem like its all that much HP. Its an only and (EMPI 16-2306 VW CONVERSION STUB AXLE FOR IRS BUG / GHIA TO 930 CV JOINT)
  4. So wierd starting from scratch here~! 

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