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  1. 100% agree boost makes everything better. I went from a stock/tired LS1 to a MP112 LS1 and now swapping that out with a 2300 Maggie. Love boost. Makes duning/driving so much more fun!!!!!!
  2. Phoenix. But I don’t mind shipping the motor.
  3. Looking for someone to rebuild my motor. Looking for contacts. I don’t mind pulling the motor and shipping if I need to. Thanks!!!!!
  4. If you are talking to me, no, cause I would never tow set up like that. So those numbers didn’t matter to me.
  5. I can tell you from experience, very little weight is transferred to the front of the tow vehicle. I put my truck/trailer on a CAT scale. Empty truck, front of truck was 6180 lbs. Hooked up truck/trailer, front of truck was 6200 lbs.
  6. If you aren't going to use WD, make sure you hitch is rating for the tongue weight. There are 2 weight ratings on receivers, with WD and without it. Tongue weight on toy haulers is usually up there. My 2002 FS3000 Weekend Warrior had a tongue weight of 1600lbs with full water and 3 quads in the hauler.
  7. CBR0052B is what we got. 15"X8"X6" CBR sells bigger ones.
  8. CBR sells some good coolers with fans. Me and Punisher saw temp drops of 30F after installing them.
  9. Don't know if Weddle updated the other R&P's, but the 4.63 has the increased pinion depth. Should give more longevity.
  10. Sweet Parker!!!!! Lol. Yeah. We put some miles on our cars. Thanks for taking care of everything!!!! Great service!!!!
  11. Agreed it is easier going out of Cali. We have done 3 out of Cali and 7 out of East Coast. Will always prefer East Coast for cruises. Just us.
  12. 17psi in the rear. Sway bar. 138" wheel base. I can slide like I am on rails.
  13. We did a similar cruise through Carnival. Cabo was best stop, but with Carnival, was too short. So we are going back on an all Inclusive in September. LOL I prefer Caribbean cruises over this Mexico one. Much greener and nicer IMO.
  14. True, can't take away a college degree, but you won't get rich working for the man. Got my engineering degree years ago. Do pretty good, but all my buddies are killing it and they all work for themselves. If I had to do it all over again, I would figure out how to work for myself.
  15. Hey Parker, Do you sell just stars? Do your stars have the edges filed down? Like in the pix.

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