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  1. Fab shop in AZ is at $110 an hour. Was $95 2 years ago.
  2. I'm sure some 2 axle trailers get it, but for sure worse on 3 axles.
  3. Got a buddy that will sell his once he has his S4D. LOL. But we know how that is going.
  4. Yes. People call it wall sag but it is actually the floor starting to bow up. There should be supports from side to side of the trailer. Also there should be supports from the frame to the wheel wells. On triple axle trailers, there is close to 6' with no support. Delamination normally happens from a water leak and the wood below the surface starts to rot. Happens alot on front caps and you can tell as it looks "bubbly".
  5. LOL. Totally agree there!!!!! Just going up Ogilby is enough to make any RV fall apart.
  6. Love my 06 Warrior. Original owner. Just starting to see some of the "wall sag". Taking it to a buddy to fix in a couple of weeks. He has done other trailers. Other than that, run the genny every month and just keep on using her!!!! Over 100k miles I have logged with this trailer. 3 trucks ago, but same Warrior. She looks much cleaner/better here. LOL
  7. Grey Area Off Road in Phoenix. 623-516-8115
  8. Just did all of my master cylinders on my hanging pedals. I went with Jamar. All that had to be done was drill new holes. Very easy.
  9. I don't think that is a Sandtrix. Dale didn't build cars without a B Pillar. Unless this was modified. Also didn't make single shear front arms.
  10. lincster


    We love Laughlin!!!!! Not the craziness of Vegas and I don't have to be 25 with 6 pack abs to fit in at the pool. We chill at the pool all day and then hit Losers Lounge inside the casino of the Aquarius. It is now closed due to COVID, but was a blast!!!!!
  11. With my stock oil pump on my LS1, I'm sure I hit over 300F on hard runs based on what I saw on my gauge before I added the cooler. When CBM tore my motor down, they said the bearings had for sure seen some serious heat. I run a Melling 10296 pump now, with a oil pan baffle kit/tray and a CBR oil cooler. I never see temps over 265 now and never below 35psi. Cold start I idle at about 50-55psi, with 20W50.
  12. Totally agree with this. After seeing what happened to my parents, decided years ago that I was going to live life like I want and enjoy. Trips, toys, dunes, vacation time etc. Doing it all now. Might be broke in retirement, but money does no good if you can't spend it.
  13. Charles at ProDyno in Chandler
  14. I won't run any stop leak. That stuff is designed to clog holes. What do you think it does in the small parts of the engine? When I had my engine rebuilt, I was amazed at the pix from the builder on some of the holes that were almost 100% clogged from that stuff. My 2 cents.

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