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  1. We have them on the shelf. PM me if we can help.
  2. Always forget I have this until I bump into it at the shop. $6000 for the complete kit.
  3. Yeah, the new stock dirt tires are included as well.
  4. No, sorry. I don't have time to use this car, and wouldn't have time to use that. Nice car though.
  5. 2019 Polaris Turbo S Velocity- 175 miles Cage WRX Super Shorty Cage, TIG Welded, Indy Red Cage WRX Roof, Satin Black Cognito Doors Cognito Tie Rod Kit Cognito Rear Sway Bar Links UTV Inc Suede 13" Steering Wheel UTV Inc Quick Release UTV Inc Billet Mirror PRP GT/S.E. Seats PRP 5.3 Belts L&W Fab 2" Lower Bases Superior Motosports Hood Latches DynoJet Powervision 3 Aftermarket Assasins L4 96-100 Octane Tune Aftermarket Assasins Blow Off Valve Aftermarket Assasins Clutch Kit/Helix ZRP Billet Clutch Cover S&B Air Filter Modern Race Products Slip-On Pipe Sandcraft Destroyer 32" 12 Talons, 32" Mohawks Raceline Ryno 15x7 Front, 15x10 Rear Beadlocks Polaris Center Brake Light Sandcraft Ultimate Spare Belt Bag GBoost World's Best Spare Belt Mobil 1 Synthectics Engine/Trans Valdo's Ceramic Coated Also available: Playcraft 77x12 Dual Axle Trailer- Ramp/Spare/Fuel Jug Rack/5 VP Gas Cans/Mac's Straps Legit turn-key setup, that is shop owner owned and maintained. Price is reasonable and firm, cash only, clean AZ titles in hand for both. If you can buy it cheaper, do it. If you can build it cheaper, do it. If you need to ask the wifey, get a loan, ask your Mom if you can keep it in her yard, etc etc, do that before you message me, running two 7 day-a-week businesses leaves me zero time for tire kickers. $30K or $32K with the trailer.
  6. 570s are notorious for taking out the big end rod bearing.
  7. 2015 Silverado 1500 2WD LT Crew Cab- 82K Miles Summit White Jet Black Interior All Star Package Full Power 8" Touch Screen Trailer Brake Controller Mazzulla Offroad Boxed 3.5" Spindles (Not Cheap Cast) Nitto Terra Grapper G2 295/70/17 Tires (Less Than 2K Miles) XD Grenade 820 17x9 Wheels Black Grille MagnaFlow Muffler Airaid MIT Intake Tube/Donaldson Filter Range Technology AFM Blocker Air Lift Air Bags Spray In Bedliner (Zero Dents/Dings) Mobil 1 Synthetics Mechanic owned and maintained, 100% highway miles (family lives in Tucson), no smoking, no pets, no kids, back seats have been folded up since day one, never been used as a work truck, nothing ever been in the bed. One owner, zero accidents, spotless CarFax, zero leaks, drips, drops, tears, rips, stains. Haven't had a single issue with this truck, and the only reason for selling is that I had a chance to buy the diesel I wanted, and I don't need two trucks. Still gets 18/19 MPG with the lift and tires/wheels. The Bad: Roof was wrapped and when the wrap was taken off, it took a couple small spots of the paint with it. Rock chip on the right rear door, about the size of a thumbnail. Was quoted $850 to fix it by one of the best auto body shops in the East Valley. A full $1000 has already been knocked off the price to cover this, I do not have time to take care of it. $42,725 sticker price. $23,000 firm. Zero rush to sell. Located in Gilbert, AZ. Transaction done at Desert Financial, prefer cash.
  8. Still never forget getting his text after we built the engine on his Raptor 700. Lol, dude was a trip.
  9. Needs a valvejob. Lash goes away when it's hot is why it won't start. The 04/05 intakes are butter soft.
  10. The Yamaha Ti valves on the '04-08 are good valves when you maintain the bike properly. I would buy one of those long before an R, especially if it was well kept. The R has a host of issues, and the YFZ is such an easy bike to make mid 50s with which is MORE than enough for a kid. '06-08 has a better head. The '07-08 has the "oil mod" stock which is an oil nozzle for the wrist pin lubrication, so those are the two years I would hone in on. '07-08 with a good pipe (DASA, Monster), a good intake (FCI), cam mod (retard the exhaust cam a tooth) and good jetting (45 pilot, plugged leak, 2 turns out, NDSR 4th clip, 180 main) will make 50 all day long, and once again, be more than enough for him.
  11. Since when is making 5 grand "buyers remorse?" 🤣🤣
  12. Stock radius rods are fixed, and its about 9/16-5/8" toed in on a stock car.
  13. Gliders don't work that well on 2 strokes. 450s are a different story and the paddles would range from 9-12, and there IS a point where there's too much paddle even with Gliders. 21x12x8 6 Extremes or 7 Haulers, pretty much the same tire. Don't forget about the gearing, second most common overlooked aspect of setup, just under over-paddling.
  14. Anyone headed from the Phoenix metro area to So Cal in the next day or two? Need to send a RZR transmission back to someone racing Pahrump next weekend. Thanks in advance for any help.

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