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  1. 2019 Polaris RZR Turbo S358 miles (4 1-Day Trips To Glamis)Cage WRX Super Shorty Cage, TIG Welded, Indy RedCage WRX Roof, Satin BlackCognito DoorsCognito Tie Rod KitCognito Rear Sway Bar LinksUTV Inc Suede 13" Steering WheelUTV Inc Quick ReleaseUTV Inc Billet MirrorPRP GT/S.E. SeatsPRP 5.3 BeltsL&W Fab 2" Lower BasesSuperior Motosports Hood LatchesDynoJet Powervision 3Aftermarket Assasins L4 96-100 Octane TuneAftermarket Assasins Blow Off ValveAftermarket Assasins Clutch Kit/HelixZRP Billet Clutch CoverS&B Air FilterModern Race Products Slip-On PipeSandcraft Destroyer 32" 12 Talons, 32" MohawksRaceline Ryno 15x7 Front, 15x10 Rear BeadlocksPolaris Center Brake LightSandcraft Ultimate Spare Belt BagOEM Polaris Spare BeltMobil 1 Synthectics Engine/TransValdo's Ceramic Coated/Maintained RZR- $28,000RZR With Destroyers/Racelines- $30,000NO TRADES. Sand tires not available separate.Legit turn-key setup, that is shop owner owned and maintained. Garage kept, never been in the dirt, dirt tires are new. Price is reasonable and firm, cash only, clean AZ title in hand. If you can buy it cheaper, do it. If you can build it cheaper, do it. I don't care who your buddies are or who you can get a deal from. If you need to ask the wifey, get a loan, ask your Mom if you can keep it in her yard, etc etc, do that before you message me, running two 7 day-a-week businesses leaves me zero time for tire kickers. No reason for selling would just rather have a street car again.
  2. As my sales guy Terry (who is also black and says this word every 4 words) says "it was a hard R, bro."
  3. Cool build. You'd get hazed on Facebooks for mentioning BDT or Carlos.
  4. In the RZR transmission world that I deal with daily, I believe that it makes the OEM Polaris gears more brittle, and I've seen them break teeth off after being done multiple times. That's not to say that they won't shear teeth off in stock form as well, because they will, but I haven't seen the cryogenic treating make any difference, and it's certainly not some end all. If you're looking for someone to do cryogenic treating, I would look into someone else other than Cryo Heat. Josh is a goon. Not only can he not come up with his own ideas, he likes to rip off other's work (including mine) and I've fixed more of his work than all other builders combined. Wrong high gears, wrong low gears, wrong input shafts, missing snap rings in vital spots, isotropic surface finishing that literally takes all the press fit out of the bearings/shafts, etc etc. Normally, I wouldn't come to light with something like that, but he certainly feels the need to blast others when they make a mistake, and makes videos doing so. He's a clown, no idea where he came from, but he should go back there.
  5. We have them on the shelf. PM me if we can help.
  6. Always forget I have this until I bump into it at the shop. $6000 for the complete kit.
  7. 570s are notorious for taking out the big end rod bearing.
  8. Still never forget getting his text after we built the engine on his Raptor 700. Lol, dude was a trip.
  9. Needs a valvejob. Lash goes away when it's hot is why it won't start. The 04/05 intakes are butter soft.
  10. The Yamaha Ti valves on the '04-08 are good valves when you maintain the bike properly. I would buy one of those long before an R, especially if it was well kept. The R has a host of issues, and the YFZ is such an easy bike to make mid 50s with which is MORE than enough for a kid. '06-08 has a better head. The '07-08 has the "oil mod" stock which is an oil nozzle for the wrist pin lubrication, so those are the two years I would hone in on. '07-08 with a good pipe (DASA, Monster), a good intake (FCI), cam mod (retard the exhaust cam a tooth) and good jetting (45 pilot, plugged leak, 2 turns out, NDSR 4th clip, 180 main) will make 50 all day long, and once again, be more than enough for him.
  11. Since when is making 5 grand "buyers remorse?" 🤣🤣
  12. Stock radius rods are fixed, and its about 9/16-5/8" toed in on a stock car.
  13. Gliders don't work that well on 2 strokes. 450s are a different story and the paddles would range from 9-12, and there IS a point where there's too much paddle even with Gliders. 21x12x8 6 Extremes or 7 Haulers, pretty much the same tire. Don't forget about the gearing, second most common overlooked aspect of setup, just under over-paddling.
  14. Anyone headed from the Phoenix metro area to So Cal in the next day or two? Need to send a RZR transmission back to someone racing Pahrump next weekend. Thanks in advance for any help.

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