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    Chinese Lanterns

    Im sure that was a real UFO 🙄

    dakar race

    I've watched this race every year as far back as I can remember and I do not remember ever hearing about a "Speed Limit Restriction" ever it's a "RACE" right !! It's strange that RGR has had these strange issues present & passed with DAKAR where no one else does. Too add I really don't care for the NBC Sports coverage, there seems to be way too much of flashbacks/rehash/recap or whatever you want to call it, I just want to see more racing dammit. 😎
  3. The local Wrightwood area trails are more like Forestry/BLM trails that are generally wide enough for anything with the exception of some off shoot trails that can be tight so your rail could be used on some BLM trails. What you will run into locally is getting around with a OHV it's difficult because of not being st legal and just about all US Forestry & National Park trails require a st legal vehicle. The SxS trails are pretty narrow and in most cases especially tight with my 72"w LT RZR, I'm always putting a wheel up on the side of something. My JK is 95" and have wheeled in about 9 different states but we spend more time in Az & MOAB Ut, with MOAB being my favorite place where both SxS & Jeeps are a blast.

    2x 35x12.5 17 Front Buffs and/or 17" Wheels

    I'll take the (2) 17 x 6.5 Wheels
  5. Interesting dash configuration you have here, that gear position display is HUGE. I'll assume that the AEM is mounted off to the side due to its height if mounted in front of the steering wheel. I would have to add some sort of large pod on top of what I have to fit a AEM or put it off to my left humm 🤔
  6. I've been thinking about updating my dash and eliminate all the analog gauges and it will require sheet metal work as well. What are people using ? I have MEFI as far as an ECU and noticed a cable interface, is that all you need to get up and running ? Or just replace all my analog gauges and call it a day 🙃 Thanks in advance
  7. I need to shim a 1-3/4" tube clamp to fit on a 1-1/2" cage. I have googled tubing shims with no luck other than a roll of very thin shim stock. Anyway to do this without cutting off the 1-3/4" clamps and then welding back on 1-1/2" clamps ? Or cut some 1-1/2" tubing in half and weld it to the 1-3/4" Clamp halves. Thanks

    Switch Pro

    I bought a SwitchPro pod at the OffRoadExpo for $500.00 including tax and a mounting bracket for a JK. I didn't see the pod you mentioned only switches & switch plates ?

    2014 Polaris Razor XP1000 2 seater

    What Matt still can't turn on a PC ?
  10. GROPER

    buying new truck out of state

    I have a (2) neighbors one in Ca. and another in Az that have Coach's that are registered in Montana and one day I asked about the Mt. Tags. One answered that he owned property in MT. that cost him $30k, his Ca. Luxury tax was more than $30k a yr. also the MT. property is his primary residence. The other neighbour has a LLC in Mt. I would bet that going after people would cost the state(s) in some cases more than it's worth. I have also met several people in a handful of campgrounds that also did the South Dakota reg. and said it was easy to do with zero issues with their home states.
  11. GROPER

    buying new truck out of state

    The real answer is still YES jkr951 you provided information related to SMOG equipment only that goes back to the 70's & 80's when most vehicles were manufactured for 49 states excluding CA which had add devices for vehicles only sold in Ca.
  12. GROPER

    buying new truck out of state

    I bought a 2016 MOHO in Texas did all the paperwork online without speaking to a sole. Flew to Dallas and was picked up and driven to the RV dealer, signed some doc's spent the night in my RV woke up then drove to LHC Az. with a MSO arrived at MVD registered it and saved over $40k ? Bought a 2017 F-250 from a Ford dealer in OC, they did a dealer trade with a dealer in AZ and delivered it to me in OC then drove to LHC and you know the rest It's really easy to do don't let those dealer jerkoffs tell you otherwise.
  13. Jeep Wrangler (JK) 4dr. Poison Spyder Brawler Rockers in Black Powder Coat (Black) These are in great shape with NO Major scratches or damage as they were only on my JK for a short time. I have the fasteners for the slider to the body panel you will need the nut serts. These cost just over a $1000.00 new. $650.00 located in Yorba Linda pick up only !!! 714-709-1900 Thanks Bill
  14. 12.50 x 17

    are they stu tires, in front

    do you have a price

    thank you

    1. GROPER


      Sorry this is posted in the WTB as Im looking for 12.50 x 17's

  15. 12.50 x 17 Razors on 17 x 6.5 Douglas Wheels with Billet centers Thanks

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