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  1. https://twitter.com/BeholdIsrael/status/1244615098456584194?s=20 How to I get rid of the highlight ?
  2. Yes they are and leave in the morning or expect a ticket 😡
  3. Exactly believe me if given a chance I'll share my positive views without getting all ghetto on them unlike the majority of the left when engaging in just any conversation either political or otherwise. I can quickly use a current event or recent past that is related to their poor political choices along with the usual blank faces when the have experienced the voice of reason. 😁
  4. Daauuummm page 99-101 $600 a week for 4mo's on top of unemployment benefits and a UE extension 39 weeks .
  5. Let's assume that most of the people receiving the "Bailout Money" on top of their weekly unemployment checks just received a raise increase of a 150% and therefore will spend their free money prudently on things like ya know SxS payments for the next 39 weeks anyway LOL
  6. I agree water & power falls into "life and safety" as I would guess that several small shops or businesses throughout LA county will have people living upstairs or somewhere on the property. If an individual relies on power for a simple CPAP machine or? also with the water turned off that is used by means of cooking and a personal hygiene, flushing toilets it go bad real quick. I think the POS Garcetti is blowing smoke up the citizens of LA's Asses. This ^^^^^ were you sitting at my dinner table last night or what LOL you typed almost word for word of what I said to my wife & kids about my wife's extended family. They were ObamaNutSwingers and now Comrade Bernie sack washers all total POS's, if I see them twice a year it's way too many times in a lifetime. 🤬
  7. I have a friend that says this about every other word and I interrupt and reply "It Isn't" it drives me crazy 😵 While in a conversation while "yore" speaking the other person is "yeah yeah yeah" wtf is their problem ? Our family favorite is "Chatta" or "STFU"
  8. What mfg are they ?
  9. I've had open front end cars with tubing only in the 90's and full bodied windshield cars in the 2000's. I recently went back to a 2 seater open front end car and will now never go back to a full bodied car ever never ever never. I really missed the wind and sand in my face from being on a bike in the dunes to an open car also with age I started getting claustrophobic and car sick with a windshield, lack of visibility when looking up and seeing the window frame instead of the bowl in front of me. 😮 Everyone will have different experiences and preferences age does factor in to things IMO.
  10. GROPER


    Hasn't NASCAR been racing without spectators in the stands for the past few years ? 😆 I am bummed about F1 though 😭
  11. It looked like it took more than 29min to put water on it according to the time shown on the video, of coarse I can't find the video on FB anymore, why is that ? The pusher parked next to the burning coach suffered pretty good heat damage, i'm surprised it didn't go up in flames. Found it, it could have been longer you really don't know how long it was going before the guy started recording 😡
  12. hey Chris does this mean your stepping up to a Mosebuil/Kalicustoms Twin Turboed LS3 416ci monster ? 😁
  13. Umm no but I'll take some. Here ya go, No nick's, cuts, cracks, patches or plugs and will sell them with the 15 x 12 w/3-1/2" BS Bogart wheels as I'm going with a 15 x 10 wheel.
  14. I forgot to ad the Xtreme Tire 14.50 X 15" Competitor Cut Eliminator, Flat or Round ?

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