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    Already at an impasse on my New to me car

    Exactly ^^^^^^^
  2. Anyone need a stock Muffler ? Will trade for Beer

    New alignment plates I made

    I would think using 1/4" pl. with a 1" 110deg. bend on the base and 1/2" 90deg. bends on both vertical edges would really stiffen these plates up to where 3/16' would be fine on SxS's. These cost are for just setup & running a set of (4) and not a 4'x 8' sheet right ?

    Fix for 15'' Trailer tires

    Ahh cumon boy have you ever driven through Mo, Mt, Ok or TX on yore way to LA (lower Al) you'd get run over son doin 80

    How much is enough?

    Im surprised the rods are not already bent in the photo lol

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    Unfortunately I do not.

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    https://www.bdoutdoors.com/forums/threads/1978-skipjack-20-open-8500obo.710962/ Skippy's are great boats and they have become very popular for restoring and re-powering with a small diesel or a bracket with a wacker due to the high coat of a new boat. This Boat listed for $8500 is a great deal IMO and has some nice electronics included and I think boat this would be better than buying a older Boat with a 70-80's outboard. It does look like it could use some upholstery and some good detailing but the motor appears to be well taken care of.

    Bought a 2019 F250 Powerstroke

    It cost me $1000.00 and i go back n forth between Ca & Az with Az's fuel between 70 cents to sometimes a $1 less than CA the fuel savings have pretty much paid for the tank in 2yrs. Exactly plus your time wasted by stopping.

    Bought a 2019 F250 Powerstroke

    Nice I have a 2017 King Ranch or "KFR" as what I refer it as or "King Fng Ranch" and i love this truck as i too went from a Chevy to Ford. Your mileage will increase after you put close to 20k miles on it im getting about 17-18mpg hwy @about 77 on cruise and 13-14mpg towing @63mph in Ca then 12mpg in other states. I also swapped out my factory tank to a Titan 50gal and able to travel close to 800 miles before filling up. enjoy😀
  10. GROPER

    A new eagle

    Awesome !!
  11. GROPER

    Aluminum work

    The problem with wing lights is that most of the items stored (depending on the weight) in the wing will be banging against the back of the lights themselves unless you put a plate or box in front of them. Besides the roof light has better rear visibility in the dust, the reverse lights will do little that high up instead run (2) amber lights on a seperate switch for your dust lights/chase. If you really want reverse lights use (2) 2" round in the wing. The cars looking great and I'll bet be a blast to drive.
  12. GROPER

    Sandpsycho vs The BLM

    Daauummm..... They'll never know who you are with this one ^^^^^^also put a Bernie 2020 sticker on everything and they will leave you alone.
  13. . You will need a Slimline and a HD box, you can only have (1) Master Genie DVR with additional slave boxes on one account at one location, you can order additional HD boxes (not Genies) from directv and have them delivered to your parents home. If you want to watch other shows you can add another HD box(s) fed from your Sat., there are DVR's available where you can record shows but not a Directv DVR. You mentioned Motorhome if you have a Directv acct. you may add additional HD boxes added to that acct. if you have another residence Directv will call it a vacation home, however your box out of state will only pick up channels in your main accounts zip code. It depends on how far you live from registered main account, like another state Ok this might be hard to understand so here it goes: I have a home in CA and one in AZ with my main account in CA I can change the zip code in my box located in AZ to get Phoenix channels but it will also change the main boxes zip code in CA with that said I have my Dish pointed towards Ca picking up Sat. feeds from Ca and it works fine until you have a major storm which will scramble the channels in rare occasions if that ever happens you can quickly change your Sat feed from HD to Sd and still get most of the channels. In my home I have (8) TV's yes eight (there all over the place), I have a Directv Genie main DVR and (1) slave genie box, Amazon Fire tv & Apple Tv. The river home has (5) Tv's (1) Directv HD and Amazon Fire tv. Both homes are set up with a Matrix Switch where every device Stereo, Sat Boxes, Blu Ray, FireTv, Apple Tv, every tv goes through a Matrix via Cat6 with HDMI over Ethernet extenders and is controlled by a Universal Remote in each location. Sorry I know it sounds complicated but it really isn't It just takes time to set it all up. This system eliminated 6 genie boxes and most of the time there's only 1 or 2 tv's on at the same time so why pay for the extra boxes in each room or for every tv. So when your watching the superbowl, supercross or ? I'll have 5 tv's on and all be fed by (1) box and the kids might be somewhere else watch a movie on AmazonTv. Soon all tv's will be wireless as most are already and yes I have a killer WiFi system but that's another thread and no Im not a cable guy I just do these things in between changing my CV grease and drinking a lot of beer. 😀
  14. GROPER

    Sheet Metal fab shops where & who ?

    I could but then you'd be too close to the ceiling and it won't address the access/egress issue. Yorba Linda Yes, look at the side panels from the inside photos, at the bottom of the panel is the upper side tubing and the rest of the frame diving into each other. If I take the panels off you simply step into the seats from the outside. And yes I hear ya but no Funco for me. Also look at the rear seat headrest from the side pic you can't see out the side of the car unless your star gazing lol
  15. GROPER

    Sheet Metal fab shops where & who ?

    The chassis is a Mosebuilt then reworked and finished by another shop, I called John but he hasn't been much help. The side panels are too fng high and it makes it extremely difficult to get in and out, look at the rear seats headrest, the top of the panel is almost eye level. So I need to lower the side panels. Also I can't see out of the front of the car in the dunes the windshield frame and the windshield itself with the tint and blacked area where the rearview mirror mounts makes it worse. This is the first car out of five that has a windshield and I don't care for it so I'll be removing it as got sick driving my own car lol tho I've been under the weather im sure the lack of visibility contributed. I called Emil since he's the closest but he can't look at it for a few weeks so I be calling a few others.

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