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  1. "IF" you end up separating the Tires from the Wheels I would take the (6) wheels. Thanks Bill
  2. What is the rear door opening and height dimensions ? What is the total overall length as the Tongue appears to a bit shorter than other MFG's ? Also what Mill did the CDX plywood flooring come from ? 🙄 Thanks Bill
  3. Go buy whatever Gas PU you'd like for commuting and RENT a Diesel PU twice a year...............next 😏
  4. Extra Butter Please 🙄
  5. Since there are mfg's producing both 6v & 12v AGM Solar Batteries. So if you were going to replace your (4) Flooded 6v Batteries with AGM Batteries, would you use (4) 6v 224ah AGM's or (4) 12v 110ah AGM's. Thanks
  6. Hey OP, There should be a 3 ring binder somewhere in that Coach with all the parts listed that were installed during the assembly along with a 8-1/2" x 11" sticker generated by the MFG. in the rear closet that would provide you with enough information regarding weights, engine & trans.
  7. Trailer Tires & Aluminum Wheels Tires are just a few yrs old:Hercules ST 205/75R15 Load Range "D" with very LOW Low milesWheels:15"x 8' with 5 lug 4-1/2" pattern and 3-3/4" Backspacing 1950# load Cap.$75ea. or $225 for all and NO I WON"T SEPERATE THE TIRES FROM THE WHEELS Pick-up only !!! Located in Yorba Linda PM only thanks Bill
  8. Another thing to ad, all these LI salesmen are spouting zero maintenance 🙄 really ? I check the water in my LA Batteries every other trip that takes about 5min with maybe 5 more min to add water and wipe down the tops then spraying the connections with the corrosion stuff. For 10k it would take over 20yrs to spend that on Lead Acid replacement Batteries about every 4yrs. There would have to be a huge cost reduction on LI's for me to change over from LA's to LI's.
  9. As I am not a full timer and camp about 30 days a year, but if I were I still don't see the payback on the initial cost of LI Batteries unless you are completely off the grid. I soon will install about 400w of solar panels to keep the flooded batteries charged throughout the day. Have you or anyone else checked out the "peel "N" stick" solar panels ? Im thinking of going that route to eliminate drilling any holes in my roof.
  10. HOW MUCH $$$$$$$ Are those Batteries 1K ea. ?
  11. I do a ton of four wheeling and the crap i've seen at the beginning of trailheads where the pavement ends is beyond aggravating to say the least. Agreed and to ad that easy access to remote areas will bring in the POS A-HOLES that dump whatever they can haul, it's just a fact.
  12. So what's the problem here 😀
  13. WoW I don't shop at Walmart that often and this is the first I've heard of this crap, good for you by just walking past the line what's the point if everything in your cart is all bagged up, which brings me to something happening at Home Depot. Yesterday around lunch time I made a run to HD and to my surprise there was one checkstand open in the lumber area that had a line all the rest were the self checkouts where now you have to scan all your own items with there scanning gun. There's always been an attendant spotting you and I made a comment telling the lady attendant that I'll be charging HD for my time scanning and bagging my items as that's what you do over in the regular checkstand right ? and you receive an hourly wage right ? She didn't like my comment 😲 Oh and yes there was a line there as well due to most people don't have a clue what to do when they approach the self checkout section so now you have to wait for those individuals to be trained lol 😡

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