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  1. You forgot your medication again, and it shows. Maybe you should get one of those little pill organizer things, keep it next to your skateboard and college loan application. Just so we know, do you prefer when the fiancé tries to come to US for a greencard, or when super liberal fiancé ladies try to move to Islamic counties?
  2. Who remembers when TLC meant 'The Learning Channel'? Now it is non-stop Sister Wives, 1,000 lb Sisters, My 600 lb life, 90 Day Fiancé. Where do they come up with this stuff, and how many of you see it out of the corner of your eye as you flee the room?
  3. Not like it at all. It was black, long and scary.
  4. WLD_OTZ


    Well, to answer the original question, we have found the coffee for us This is the chit. Cheaper than Bucky's by a long shot, and is not bitter(we make it strong), just a smooth creamy coffee. I prefer with a little half n half and some stevia. And I never changed my coffee habit when I went on BP meds.
  5. Yuh huh. He may get convicted to 'set an example', and to appease the folks who started the peaceful protest in the first place. But when something new pops up, this too will fade into the background.
  6. did anyone in the courtroom die? All good then!
  7. Notice how they protect their sign... I imagine it has been hit a time or two.
  8. That could be what the DA wants. a judge being prickly beats a straight loss hands down.
  9. Interesting. Bells palsy is from a virus that is in most of us, and usually triggered by stress.
  10. Is LOTD actually scaldmax? You guys sure do pick on him...
  11. 'The Compensator' It is what men like me who cannot afford such expenditures say to feel better about ourselves....
  12. Not with that sort of stinkin thinkin! Let's be part of the solution!

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