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  1. WLD_OTZ

    Air compressor

    So I guess the 2-stage 80-gallon would be out of the question
  2. Just say no to mind altering substances...
  3. I think I am going to wait for things to settle a bit, as we do have the new(er) coach to pay for. Have to be all debt free in 3 years.
  4. And? I has a fat tired bicycle at home, too!
  5. Thanks! Man, folks are very proud of their fat tire bikes, huh! After reading, I am thinking of seeing if I can get ahold of the Yamaha BW350. we'll just see what I can find, thank you! Edit: NM on the 350, not street legal
  6. I have never ridden one, so clueless. I really like the 450 conversion, but a little out of price range right now
  7. No worries about Landers, but it sez no scams, yet doesn't have paperwork! Price is better than normal, it looks like late 80's model. New is 4700. hmmm...
  8. Looking for small, street legal bike for putting around camp, with occasional trips on street. Be reasonable on price. no more that 17% over current MSRP for 32 yo project that 'ran when parked'..
  9. I need to step in line, too. need door widths and overall inside height, John 909-633-9143 Thanks!
  10. Well, see, now that one is white. If yours were white, it would be whole different ballgame. But the pewter metallic clearcoat ones just were not popular, and are hard to sell. I know, I know. I don't understand it any more than you do. They were really popular a few years ago when you bought yours, and they went for a premium.
  11. We have done very well with Auto Nation. My wife is selling them her 2018 Conv Beetle for 5K more than purchase price 2 years ago.

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