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  1. I'm not sure why you never see this (at least I haven't). Kill two birds with one stone. lol I've had a few projects start and finish while this one sat in the corner being neglected. I finally told myself it was time to get this one done I guess. Now that this one is done I can focus my time back to the trophy truck I've been building for the last couple years. Hopefully that one wont take as long as this though. This is very accurate.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01G382DX4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I use this stuff. Just stick it to the inside of the panel.
  3. Thanks guys! Thanks! you're right, a lot has changed. I was still planning on selling it but after looking at how depressing the hayabusa market is right now, I think I'm better off just hanging on to it right now and having some fun with it for awhile.... I still made it within that 15k budget! Even with the new coil overs that I'm going to buy for it, it should still be under 15k.
  4. Well, 9 years later and its finally in the sand 🙏. I figured I give a little update on this car if any one was wondering what happened to it. Lol I finally got around to finishing it and took it out for the first time last weekend. It worked flawlessly besides some issues with the shocks. Definitely a blast to drive though. Now it's time for a shock upgrade and a few finishing touches (lights, possibly some sort of wing, and other little things).
  5. We ran king 4 tube air bypasses on our koh car. I think they are a great option if you have room for only one shock and aren't at race speeds for long durations. The down sides to them are that they will fade faster then coil-over/ bypass combo, they like to unload a little bit more than coil-over/ bypass combo so you may need to add a sway bar with them and the ride height will also change depending on the temp of the shock. We ran them on a 4k lbs car with 40"tires so I think on a light sand rail they would do pretty well.
  6. A spacer is not necessarily needed for tapered bearings but a spacer will definitely make it stronger. Look at all the 2.5 and 3.25 hubs, they all come with spacers for that reason.
  7. Yes, I sold it in 2010 to a guy in Colorado. He raced it in a local series out there for a couple years. He ended up changing a few things, switched to coilovers, different fuel cell, midboard rear hubs and probably a few other things to make it a little more race friendly. I know he bought a class 10 to race, not sure if he sold this car or kept it, I would like to know where its at now though. As for other builds, I started a hayabusa rail right after I sold this car. Its about 80% finished and has been for the last 3 years, slowly getting some motivation to finish it. Currently im building a trophy truck/6100, been thinking about starting a build thread on it.
  8. 10 micron after the pump and you can run a bigger micron filter before the pump. I use a aeromotive 10 micron after the pump and nothing before, if I start having pump issues ill put one before the pump.
  9. My wifes subi is 10.8-11 at 20lbs on crappy 91 octane but it is all relative to other factors. my tuner would of liked the afr's around 11.4 but couldn't get the afr's, boost or the timing where he usually likes it because of the crappy fuel in my area. should of went e85...
  10. reading through your posts i was going to say your diff is moving but i guess that video made it pretty easy to tell. on mine i coupled the diff housing to the trans housing so ther would be no movement between the two. it was bolted to the 5 bolts on the pinion support to the bolts on the tail housing of the trans. we have different trannys but it would work the same.
  11. i sent pm's to both of you. you guys didnt get them?
  12. I wish i could! im sure that would light a fire under my ass... I think just looking around on the forum for a couple days checking out everyones rides is giving me some motivation. i even went out in the garage and stared at the car for awhile looking at what i need to do! so i dont know, we will see what happens. ill try to spend more time on the forum to get motivated.
  13. yea your probably right but everyone i always would go to the sand with stopped going so it kinda makes it hard to go. plus my wife really wants to buy a boat so i dont know if i can keep both. so i dont know, i really want to finish it but when i try to work on it when i have no motivation i just get no where...
  14. i dont think im going to part it out. i would rather finish it rather then to part out. i hate trying to part things out especially living in northern california because almost everything will need to be shipped to socal.

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