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  1. Don't know the feeling but I'm interested in buying either one you get rid of lol.
  2. I'm in Yorba Linda. Right off the 91 or 57.
  3. Bought these from Matt and never used them! Got a kid on the way so wanted to throw them back up since they won't get used! I'll create a new post if needed. $100
  4. I'll take them if available. I'll be going to the show Sunday and can pick them up on the way.
  5. Yes. GMC looks much better.
  6. If Matt doesn't take it I'll take it.
  7. Subbed. In the same boat as you just in North OC. 20% down seems like a long shot. By the time I get it I will have wasted 50k in rent most likely.
  8. Any reason for choosing ford over GM?
  9. Never done it. But i read on duramaxforums a lot and lot off people have done it over there!
  10. Where did you see that prices at?
  11. Been window shopping a duramax. Drove one last week. Smooth ride and quiet. Felt like a prius was rolling up when they pulled it up. Memorial day sale the best day for truck sales?

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