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  1. Any reason for choosing ford over GM?
  2. Never done it. But i read on duramaxforums a lot and lot off people have done it over there!
  3. Where did you see that prices at?
  4. Been window shopping a duramax. Drove one last week. Smooth ride and quiet. Felt like a prius was rolling up when they pulled it up. Memorial day sale the best day for truck sales?
  5. Vinsanity

    Sand jack

    If rhino doesn't take it I will!
  6. I have the small one but not the long one. Let me know if thats the one you need.
  7. I've called them multiple times without a response over the last few months...
  8. Check out my thread. Close to what you want. If you can paint the wall paper go for it. Mine wasn't able to so I put new wall paper up. For the bed, I had no luck finding any other solution so I moved on with the sofa bed in the back. I'll probably be into the interior for around $1,200 when its said and done. But I'm not redoing any window shades reupholstering any sofas.
  9. Soo I've been forgetting to update but there is so much going that I can't keep track. But we got the roof all buttoned up and ready to go from there. The inside got going and its been a fun challenge. Some wall paper came off easy and some didn't. We ended up buying a textured wall paper from Sherwin Williams that had a texture over it that was able to cover any bad spots on the walls. We than painted the wall paper a off white and also painted the ceiling. Painting the ceiling was probably the biggest improvement of them all. My wife wanted every window pulled off and painted black for the contrast so we did that as well. And I have to say that was the biggest pop of it all. We sprayed all the cabinets a white on top and the bottom cabinets a black color. All the hinges and handle were painted black. The last picture shows as of today. We put in a little backsplash that was a stick and peel. Painted a chalk board paint wall to write stuff on. All the new light fixtures came in today so those will be hung tomorrow and the flooring will be put down this weekend.

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