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  1. Yeeeppp... ive got an LBZ dually idont really need either, sold my toyhauler and its overkill for my boat.
  2. Are you looking for  a cc duramax dually?

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    2. daritekine


      Haha ....yup it is.....?

    3. HDGasser


      Dammit... sorry man, nevermind!  I'm still not 100% I'm ready to let mine go yet. I love it just no real need for a dually anymore. I bought it brand new in 06 and it only has 88k mi on it

    4. daritekine


      No worries, the 06 and 07s are the ones to get,I'm the same way, babied  it to this day...good luck in finding your truck....

  3. I definetly couldn't live without a truck, just don't need this much truck. Something of a newer 14-16 1500 or maybe even a srw duramax in the mid 30k range is what im lookin for in a trade.
  4. See... that's exactly what i didn't wanna hear lol. Kinda scared I'll end up regreting it myself. Love this truck, just dont need a dually anymore.
  5. Didnt you just sell a truck damn near identical to mine recently???
  6. "Make me move" like they do on Zillow.
  7. The first picture is with 285's the one hooked to the boat is with the new Toyo 265's. Yeah it has 2" spacers I think?

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