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  1. aceisback

    Warrior Lifestyles

    Any updates on this thread? Have a 2011 FS2500 Legend that I'm interested in. If no service or support is available though then I may move on.
  2. aceisback

    for sale, 26 ft Ragen toy hauler

    Year? Location? Hours on generator? Condition? Pics, pics, pics.
  3. aceisback

    WANTED: 6 cylinder Jeep with automatic

    Not quite that simple, but I don't want to hijack the thread. This jeep would be almost perfect though.
  4. aceisback

    WANTED: 6 cylinder Jeep with automatic

    No rock crawling for me, just lots of desert and mountain sightseeing and a vehicle to tow to some State and National Parks.
  5. aceisback

    CA taxing yore text messages

    Gotta pay for them obama phones somehow.
  6. aceisback

    WANTED: 6 cylinder Jeep with automatic

    "Friends" tell me a TJ is what I need. Couple Jeep guys sitting here with me trying to coach me on!lol
  7. aceisback

    WANTED: 6 cylinder Jeep with automatic

    Man how I wish this was silver. And not overpriced by a couple Grand. My wife has been telling me to sell the RZR and get one of these...
  8. It's not just Congress that won't get a check! I didn't volunteer to give up mine but it will disappear also. I get his point and agree with it for the most part, but I sincerely hope things get worked out. Not expecting good things though. Just have to add: Piglosi and Schumer are full blown fuktards.
  9. aceisback

    Arabian Fun with Guns

    There, fixed it for you.
  10. Nice, but how much is it???
  11. Ah, I knew they were playing tiddly winks but dayum!
  12. aceisback

    2008 Weekend Warrior FSC2800 for sale

    Tongue to bumper length please.
  13. aceisback

    Polaris RZR Gas Tank

    Did yesterday come and go with no resolution from FJK??? He is your buffer between the dealership and the manufacturer, and you and your dads dealings with the dealership. His outcomes on issues like this are the stuff legends are made of.
  14. aceisback

    Polaris RZR Gas Tank

    Your ONLY call needs to be to FJK.

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