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  1. Sorry for your loss. Been there a few times and it's never easier. Time helps a little but the good memories will always be with you.
  2. If you have the Ride Command app on your phone or the one in the dash of the RZR you can find tons of rides/routes that have already been done with waypoints marked and whatnot. Pick the one that looks like it would work for you and hammer down! Lots of the waypoints have pics and comments with them that come in handy. We went from Superstition over to Blu Inn for breakfast and as mentioned above you can do Ocotillo Wells and Truck Haven from there. Lots to do in and around Superstition though so you may want to actually camp up at OW or TH for that trip.
  3. You're in DC and worried about an uncomfortable car! How about being in the hub of an uncomfortable country? Step over there to one of them big white buildings and fix this shit for us. I'm pretty sure that any of our wonderful GD.com members can do a much better job than what we're receiving from those in control.
  4. Had an Explorer and a Corolla in front of my side yard while I was waiting on parts. Ever couple of days I would find post it notes on each of them with broken spanglish and a number. Was out front one Saturday morning when ol boy stopped by. Barely could speak a word of English but had a fistful of hunerts. Wanted to give me $400 for the Ford and $600 for the Toyota. Said I'd give him the tires off of each one for that price. He asked what I expected to get for them, told him I wasn't going to waste either of our time Parts came in and in very short order sold the Explorer for $2200 and the Corolla for $3700. Don't know where these Mexicans get off thinking everyone is a cheap ass.
  5. Creepy Uncle Joe says we should RARELY hit women. Wrong. We should ALWAYS knock these bitches out.
  6. He should let Cheap Trick know he's available. He's prepared!
  7. Would be nice on the 91 during rush hour. Outta my way bitches...
  8. Thanks. Long drive for a toolbox. When's your next Glamis trip?
  9. Nah, pretty sure that I stated that I had taken a wire wheel and a drill and cleaned off the previous two attempts that the prior owner had attempted. Even scuffed up a large amount of the surrounding area for better adhesion of whatever I decide to throw at it. Surely I would also do that again if my attempt at a repair fails and I have to hand it off to someone else. I make every attempt to treat others as I wish to be treated.
  10. All of the plastic welding type options were covered in another thread so I didn't want to clutter it with my questions. My fresh tank is leaking badly and the crack is down low so filling up in Salton City on Friday morning with 100 gallons then mid day on Saturday in the dunes being down to 20 or so gallons REALLY sucks. Former owner had put some what looks like two part epoxy on it to no avail. I took the drill with a wire wheel and cleaned all of that off and roughed up a large area around it and then applied JB Weld water weld to it. Haven't filled it or used it since but I think with as hard/brittle as that sets up that it may not work because of the plastic tank flexing. I did use this same stuff on a much smaller leak on my old hauler with success. Crack was in an area that didn't move much. So my question is: eternabond is pretty flexible and is made to keep water out, so would it also not keep water in? And this stuff I see on TV called flex seal tape, has anyone tried it??? My tank has a big hole in the center, think donut, and the crack is in an inside corner, not an outside edge that would be easy to get to. Hence me thinking if the eternabond would work then this would be my preferred option. I live nowhere near the Inland Empire or any major city so taking to the places mentioned in the other thread is not an option.
  11. Damn good deal there, even with having to tinker with it. Almost want to pick this up for my granddaughter but she won't be 1 until next month. Should be sold by sundown.
  12. tj I'm not going to quote your whole post, but you stated that the primary clutch is the driven clutch. That's not correct sir, your primary clutch is your drive clutch, the one connected to the motor. Your secondary clutch is your driven clutch, connected to your transmission. Way good info you posted otherwise. If you give Todd at Hunterworks a call he can get you set up. Good ol boy from Mississippi so be prepared to have a conversation. He will give you his time for sure. He took my XP 900 from around 64mph max to around 76mph with some weights and springs. Other folks out there have similar info and equipment that will probably do the same, he's just the one that helped me the most when I was having issues.

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