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  1. Understand why we collapsed the economy and changed our way of life over a virus that primarily affects the elderly and those with compromised pulmonary systems.
  2. Must be another of those "those who know know" type of things!
  3. Sounds like covid drama. Fill us clueless types in. Nothing better to pass the time with.
  4. Took mine back yesterday. Hassle free, walk in with them, they verify them, they hand you a gift card for equal value.
  5. Got sent home during the plague due to high risk underlying health concerns. Had so much time on my hands that I over did it a little bit and ended up in the emergency room diagnosed with sciatica. Long story short, with lots of pain meds and muscle relaxers I discovered this fella. Lots of mello tripping type music. Enjoy. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TwDOa-lvizM
  6. Yes and no. If the info can be used to eradicate islam then by all means. If it's because the government is trying to frame or entrap a law abiding American citizen then hell no. But that is more to do with the government than Apple.
  7. Damn! Smokin deal right there. Not the KO2's that I've been wanting to put on the Jeep but for that price I think I could get over it. Driving through 29 Palms any time soon?
  8. aceisback


    No word in the English language is as over used and meaningless as the word racist. Period. Heroes are the kids who stormed Normandy Beach June 6th 1944, not the ones who stormed Hunington Beach two weeks ago during the lockdown. Heroes are the ones who ensured that we are not speaking German.
  9. That's the mark of the HildaBeast, she's extra damn evil, makes the regular old Satan seem tame by comparison.
  10. I always try to go above and beyond. Don't have it in me to just do the bare minimum to get by, and then be able to sleep at night. This would irk the shit out of me.
  11. What's he doing in Searcy? Gotta be Harding University or WalMart distribution center. Lots of awesome hunting and fishing in that area, and the White River is just amazing.
  12. Kat did you see it real fast like machine gun tracer fire, or just a steady stream over 20 or 30 minutes? My viewing lasted a long time. Some of the online videos show them real close together, rapid fire like. Edit: just read that the bunched together views were from the first few days. As they get higher in orbit the further apart they get and slower the move, so appear for much longer. Orbit the earth every 90 minutes.
  13. Yep, that was it. Apparently 60 satellites in a row, 373 miles above earth. Ones I saw were moving much slower than some of the videos but looked exactly like them otherwise. Supposed to be 372 of them already orbiting with a goal of 12,000! Everybody will be seeing them it looks like. I have SkyMap, I might try the Sky View Lite. Thanks for the suggestion.

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