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  1. Will do, thanks. Didn't see your pics when I first updated. Appreciate that too. One of the videos I watched actually mentioned leaving off the clamp. Makes sense, nothing else is under there to wear on the line, or at least it doesn't look like anyway. What would rub on the braided lines you pointed out? And the harness is the one for the glow plugs correct?
  2. I have 120 days per year with 30 on site allowed at a time. Just bought the hauler a couple of weeks ago so I'll just extend it. Would rather be there if I'm using my days. Was going to bring it down off of the mountain to get it ready for a beach trip. Maybe next weekend now.
  3. Good ol YouTube to the rescue. Googled 7.3L fuel leak and the fuel drain is the most common issue but the stainless steel fuel return line on the passenger side is also a frequent problem and much more fuel loss when it gets a hole worn in it by the intercooler clamp. Have the line on the way via Ebay from Henderson NV for $50. Nobody up here in the HiDesert has them but can order it for $66. I'll get it early next week from Henderson. Gonna be a bitch to replace as you have to remove a ton of shit to get to the two connections but just part of owning a 2001 7.3L with 277,000 miles on it. Wish I was more handicapable but with a little blood, sweat, and tears she'll be back up and running soon. I'll update when it's complete...
  4. Need to get up to Silent Valley like right now to move my trailer but I have diesel POURING out of something above the motor. I know its obviously not going to be a quick fix but if anybody has any experience with this problem I could use some insight please. Here's how it all went down: I have had a leak before and it is a very common problem since the ultra low sulphur diesel came into play. I keep an extra drain petcock on hand for the fuel/water seperator. Started smelling diesel and saw some dripping down the back of the motor. Replaced the petcock and new O-rings, cleaned up the valley and everything around the turbo and whatnot that had residue on it. Started the truck and fuel just started POURING out of something that looks like it's under the turbo. Definitely not the fuel filter drain. The valley filled up instantly and it looks to be under pressure as the fuel is foamy. Looks like it's gonna be expensive but if someone can give me an idea of what's going on I would sure appreciate it. I don't have use of one of my arms so I doubt it's something that I can do. I can do the fuel drain because I have done it before but it takes me an hour where it used to be a 15 minute job.
  5. ^^^^^ Only the diehard NASCAR fans on here will get it, but that there's funny. Miss ol Juan Pablo on the track too. He was always a good interview. And since folks are talking about ghosts on the other thread: who remembers the 2004 Sonoma race where Junior was unconscious in the Corvette engulfed in flames? Remember how he got out??? Some eerie goings on right there!
  6. Little Baby Jesus. Not familiar with him? He may have had something to do with warding off the evil hildabeast from taking Dale Jr from us. Or maybe not. Glad everyone involved though walked away unscathed.
  7. aceisback


    I'm one of those people that felt like way too many folks had stories of experiences for ghosts to not be real to some extent. And then I had my own experience at our cabin up on the Ozarks over a three night period a couple of years ago that cemented my opinion that "ghosts" do indeed exist. I didn't mention what I experienced the first two nights at all and then at breakfast on the third day when my wife told me that she heard and felt the same thing well I'm a firm believer. We both had similar experiences on the third night too so put me in the yes category. Same with life from other planets. Just too much evidence otherwise in my opinion. I certainly hope that some of them are smarter than us though.
  8. Some of these actresses will perish before filming begins. It's the Clinton way.
  9. Thank you thank you. Bought myself a quite a bit newer hauler than my old one from a forum member so the birthday is good. Just hoping to use it a lot more this season. GD.com rocks!
  10. Only way that could be done is to have the Navy Blue Angels having a dogfight with the Air Force Thunderbirds while the Army Golden Knights parachuted in to the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team doing their kick ass show! Well, and maybe some Navy SEALS and Marine Corps Recon popping up out if the sand like some fuggin Tremors worms!
  11. Been my only trip out the past two seasons. Looking to correct that malfunction this season. I will definitely be there for the ceremony.
  12. aceisback


    Note to self: don't have John help me with the rebuild.
  13. I'm guessing he sends the bill to Surf and Dune and he covers it because he's a baller!
  14. Yes sir, looks like a Sportsman that got hit by a freight train!

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