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  1. Three from KISS' least known album The Elder. And they change the order of the buttons to trip you up. Still, I've probably seen KISS live twice as many times as I've seen episodes of Star Trek, l like Lost in Space better. Guess 12 correct ain't too bad.
  2. He forgot about eating the babies! Used to love listening to him as he kept it real. He would he crucified by todays Press. Actually got to see him live in person. Went to a private Christian college and we had these annual fund raising dinners. Paul Harvey my freshman year, Art Linkletter my sophomore year. Different times back then for sure. I kinda miss them.
  3. Soylent Green New Deal Some of you elder types will get it.
  4. How do you do this with a straight face??? Either one of them? Both batshit crazy in my book. Gotta open the state hospitals back up, the village has failed at raising the chilluns...
  5. Should work out well for the people of Arkansas being that 90% of all Bauxite ever mined in America came from there. And still supposed to be the remaining largest deposit in the United States.
  6. They've already lost their heads, now they should keep their hands to theirselves.
  7. Curious as to what you guys have, dos and donts, what you'd do differently, what you'd recommend after having done it. I have a 12 X 24 Doughboy above ground pool that I try to use daily or at least several times a week for physical therapy. We don't have city gas or propane available but have plenty of solar and plenty of space in the panel box. Gonna have to be electric. We have a 12 mil solar cover on the pool but with the days getting shorter and the temps plunging it's already almost too cold to use. So what electric heaters have you used in conjunction with the cover to make your pool usable year round?
  8. Looks like some fun trips. I'm going to have to look into that app. Might be something else that I need and didn't know it!
  9. A Redneck, I mean ingenuitive fella, that used to live across the street from me put some old DS650 shocks on all four corners of his golf cart and got a quite comfortable ride out of it. He used to mob that thing around the desert up here and I noticed that he spent a lot less time welding on the frame after he put the DS shocks on.
  10. Nope. Bahamas is closed. Watch some news! Place looks like Nagasaki. Wintering in Glamis sounds like a plan though.
  11. WeberQ 2000 is very hard to beat. Also has a griddle insert available.
  12. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/23/movies/sid-haig-dead-captain-spaulding.html
  13. Little pig little pig let me in...

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