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  1. Just wrapped up my 40 year class reunion. Was good to see some old friends and touch bases. Life is cruising on by folks, don't procrastinate reaching out and saying hey to old acquaintances. Tomorrow may not arrive for some of us.
  2. I wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was a baller I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her... ...and then I would go pick her up in this! Super nice rig.
  3. You boys are taking it in the shorts! Abernathy's is the place to go. Heading back to Arkansas for my 40 year reunion next week. Gonna be hard to not go across the river and pick one of these up.
  4. Meh, lived here since '93, it ain't all that. Just funnin', it's all that and a bag of chips. You missed out on a LOT since the Marine Corps took over about 60% of Johnson Valley for training area a few years back. Head east a little from Joshua Tree and the Copper Mountain and Sunfair dry lake area has some really fun areas to explore, as well as Gold Park and Music Valley east of 29 Palms. Just west of JV across the 247 is Rattlesnake Canyon, Tip Top Mountain, and Cactus Flats. If you've got the time we've got the riding area.
  5. Is the Jeep an automatic? Few more details on it please. What is your package price?
  6. BLM land except for Pappy's. It's in Pioneer town. Used to be able to go there from Cactus Flats but there is a new Ranger up in the area and he really enforces the OHV on paved roadways issue.
  7. Not quite Big Bear but if you're near Cactus Flats then you must do Rattlesnake Canyon and TipTop Mountain. Views are astounding from up there and the canyon is amazing as well. Lots of exploring to be done in the area. Dinner at Pappy and Harriett's ain't too bad either if you don't mind commingling amoungst Bikers, Cowboys, Douchebag Hippsters, EuroTrash, and filthy Hippies. They feel the same way about us off-road types so it's kind of a peaceful coexistence with dirty looks passed back and forth.
  8. You need to watch you some W. Kamau Bell and then you will have a greater appreciation for President Trump. If their side really sees things the way this Bell fella does then America needs some cleansing. I very much appreciate the fact that The Donald is not a politician because both sides suck. He is conducting business as that is his expertise. Let the politicians play politics while he conducts business. Need some more Tea Party uprising.
  9. Makes me think different about some of the youth today. Maybe there is hope.
  10. Post them up, I'm shopping for a Class A or C in the right size. Can't hurt to generate a little interest. Folks like pics...
  11. Bad azz. Looks like Dale Earnhardt's Peter Max car. Pure awesomeness!
  12. President Trump for national champion. Or anybody but Duke!
  13. Well now you know where she got that flat face!

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