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  1. aceisback

    Glamis postal Fresno area to Glamis

    My wife is headed back to Visalia this Friday (15th) and coming home on the 18th. If the box could somehow make it's way to Visalia from Fresno she would be able to get it back down this way.
  2. aceisback

    Somebody hook a Brutha up!

    Poule - who was the opening act for the SD show?
  3. aceisback

    Somebody hook a Brutha up!

    Any members here going to see KISS tomorrow night and have an extra pair of tickets available? Usually when two or three couples go to these things together one of them backs out for whatever reason and leaves the other guys to get rid of their tickets for them. If you or any one you know is in this predicament then hit me up. I have some comp time that I need to burn and after seeing some of the videos of this show I now kind of want to go. I've seen these guys a couple of dozen times, in all of the different line ups, but still wouldn't mind catching them this one last time for old times sake. If the price is right.lol Prefer hard tickets over those e-ticket things if possible. One of only four shows I can get my wife to go to, Alice Cooper, Elton John, and Rod Stewart being the others.
  4. aceisback

    Glamis postal Fresno area to Glamis

    Wish you would've posted sooner. I was in Visalia Friday morning and got back to 29 last night. Could've grabbed it for you. Last year I brought back a whole set of RZR sand tires and wheels for a member so I'm pretty flexible on what I can haul. And I don't require nor expect any compensation as I'm there anyway. We have a one month old grand daughter up there so our trips to Visalia will be frequent now. I know my wife will be going at least once a month. Glamis trips will be less frequent but I can meet you in the Coachella Valley on your way to G. Just throwing that out there for future reference...
  5. aceisback

    I cant believe the flood of sandrail sales!

    Everybody's gettin' that cash ready for the Honda Talon release.
  6. aceisback

    It's Saturday 1/19/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Last night went and saw Sammy Hagar and the Circle at the PGA West Desert Classic. Tonight is Bad Company. Taking my daughter then we're going to jet over to Fantasy Springs for the Temptations/Four Tops show. BadCo kicks off at 5 so plenty of time to get to Indio...
  7. aceisback

    Want the wall built?

    Watched it fine on my phone.
  8. Buck that Fitch. All I got, now back to business at my Gubment job!
  9. aceisback

    Chinese Lanterns

    Fast food is exempt. Only applies to full service restaurants.
  10. aceisback

    It's Saturday 1/12/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Break in the weather so I'm cramming several hours of yardwork in to a couple. 'Merica
  11. aceisback

    It's Saturday 1/12/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Had some yardwork planned but the rain has changed my mind. Coolio, Vanilla Ice, and Tone Loc tonight. Gotta remind myself that even with the 90's sucking so bad because of the shit show that Pearl Jam brought about that there was still some feel good music going on. Next weekend though is Sammy Hagar and Bad Company on two different nights. Might as well finish going deaf!
  12. aceisback

    Chinese Lanterns

    First time I saw them launched down at Glamis I was digging it. Then the next day out riding they were all over the dunes. Went on throughout the season. Then I went down for the clean up weekend and I policed from wash road over to the tracks from about 3 down to 20ish. Probably picked up a couple hundred of the damn things tangled in the bushes and fence. They might be biodegradable but it won't be during the next several generations. And I have seen lit ones land on haulers and in camp. Never saw the camp blow up though. My take is that they are nice to watch but if you send them up you should be required to have them attached to fishing line and a pole.
  13. aceisback

    Want the wall built?

    Make Shutdowns Great Again! President Trump has now topped both Osama and Clinton. And the trigglypuffs just don't get it.
  14. aceisback

    Anybody ever finish the whole gallon of bowel prep?

    Did the entire gallon and I'm a fairly good sized guy. To do it in the alloted time was the challenge though. They gave me the berry flavor to kind of kill the nastiness, they said. All I can say is it tasted berry berry much like accidentally licking a cats ass.
  15. aceisback

    Dem's first day

    So glad that I have a lot less days left than days I've spent. Not the future that I'd looked forward to. Would still like to be around for the purge though.

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