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  1. aceisback

    Mega Millions tues oct 23rd 1.6 billion$

    Never been much of a gambler so help me out here, if somebody buys one line for $2 and someone else buys five lines for $10 then player one gets $1M while player two gets $5M? Not good with math either but you get the idea of what I'm asking, I hope.
  2. aceisback

    Glamis Lefty's

    Well after being paralyzed 4 1/2 years ago and losing the use of my right arm I have slowly learned to use my left. Odd and awkward but I'm figuring it out.
  3. aceisback

    Scary Weird Car Image

    This brings the Katy Perry thread back into focus.
  4. aceisback

    Scary Weird Car Image

    Duct tape can be your friend.
  5. aceisback

    Need the Straight Scoop on Camp Razor

    How did this post not get any upvotes? He's on to something here. Glamis is pretty much what YOU make of it no matter what anyone else does. I've been when it was in the 30's, been when it was in the 110's. Been when there was a couple dozen folks, been when there was a couple hundred thousand. Some times are better than others but is there ever really a bad time at Glamis? Hell I had one trip where I drove four and a half hours, unloaded, rode for twenty minutes, blew up, drove four and a half hours home. That twenty minutes was extremely fun. Guess all I'm trying to say is Glamis is fun, if you make it so. Seek out what you enjoy, avoid what you don't.
  6. aceisback

    Holy Jehoshaphat!

    But, but, the "experts" said 30,000 by the end of the year. We still have a little time I guess. I'm from Missouri, Show Me! Actually I'm from Arkansas but it was just a 15 minute drive to the north east to be in the bootheel. Anyway, looking at the big R in the next two to three years so these big hits suck.
  7. aceisback

    Holy Jehoshaphat!

    Had an opportunity three years ago to get in for a minimum of $50K and was guaranteed investment plus a minimum of 8% back in 12 months. Was paying back student loans towards my wife's Masters at the time so it was a nogo. Is your wife's anything along those lines? Or is there a lower up front way to get in? PM some info if you would like, or toss it out there for everyone. There's enough love and weed in the world to go around!
  8. aceisback

    Holy Jehoshaphat!

    Doesn't make me feel better, but makes me feel bad for you. Or I guess really good for your future. If you lost that kind of money then you have a helluva nice retirement coming to you. I'm just a simple kind of guy and easy to please so I'll be okay with what I have coming. I just hate seeing a ton of money disappear in to thin air like it did for me today. I should clarify that my retirement "mirrors" the Dow. I don't actually own the stocks so I can't buy low/sell high. I just have to ride the waves.
  9. aceisback

    Holy Jehoshaphat!

    Anybody else take it in the shorts today??? The Dow kind of took a little dip, as did the other markets, but due to circumstances I am invested 100% in the Dow. Kinda glad I live in a single story home, making the plunge out of the window much less painful. I'm thinking not only do I need to start investing in the marihoochie, I need to start using it too! It's a long story and I know it's not the preferred way to do it but my investment has to be how it is for a while. Just wanted to vent to some caring souls. Or at least some like minded folks. I know caring souls are hard to find on here! 😉
  10. I don't see mention of the remote start. This used to come with a fob so that you could start it without stepping outside. Is that no longer the case?
  11. aceisback

    Dog doors?

    The sliding door option is very easy to install, and remove, but will decrease your sliding door opening by 15 or more inches. Something to consider if you are on the larger side. We always had sliding doors when we lived on base so the removable one was a blessing. Once we owned a house we had a built in dog door. Both have their advantages. Just make sure your dogs are badder ass than the asshat who tries to crawl through your dog door. And don't leave purses on the counter within an arm with a broom handles reach of the dog door!
  12. aceisback

    What're You Listening to Now?

    Old Skool Kid right here... https://youtu.be/c5QBPpvEQSM
  13. aceisback

    Do You Ever Regret Getting Into This Sport?

    Interesting trip back to the good ol days...
  14. aceisback

    Its national taco day

    Yeah but the ones that are high in calories sure do appreciate the a whole lot more.
  15. aceisback

    Its national taco day

    I prefer poundmetoo.

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