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  1. Damn, no electric chair for that foolio, straight to the gallows I say.
  2. aceisback

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Can't copy and paste, but ISIS claims retribution and punishment. Of course CNN and MSNBC won't mention a word of it. Truth will come out, if you dig for it.
  3. aceisback

    whats your favorite expression?

    Damn, she's fine than frog hair split four ways and combed straight back. You're so effed up you could break a ball bearing.
  4. aceisback

    Using what you got to bust a nut.........

    Good Lord you've got big nuts!
  5. Post them up, I'm shopping for a Class A or C in the right size. Can't hurt to generate a little interest. Folks like pics...
  6. aceisback

    Foods you never thought you would love

    So what is this with the Ketchup on meatloaf deal? Some kind of California thing or what? Meatloaf traditionally has a thick brown gravy on it, and the mashed potatoes that go with it. Ketchup would be way too sweet and cover up the taste of the onions and green peppers that are chopped up in the meatloaf. I'll stick with the gravy as there are fewer and fewer things I eat ketchup on or with anymore as I get older. My wife is bothered by the fact that I enjoy a little bit of tarter sauce with my fried catfish, albeit it is very little. Being the true Southern Belle that she is she believes the only thing that belongs on fried catfish is teeth.
  7. aceisback

    Foods you never thought you would love

    Grilled liver and onions. Hated as a kid, like it now. Asparagus, now I marinade and season it, toss it on the grill and it's fantastic. As I grew older I've found out that all vegetables are better on the grill. Found a recipe for Brussels sprouts that include a lot of garlic and onions and caramelizing all of it that will make you back hand your grandma! Still can't do oysters no way no how.
  8. aceisback

    Glamis Off-Weekend Pics

    Very nice shots.
  9. aceisback

    So what am I doing wrong?

    Oh so true!
  10. aceisback

    red licorice and axle rotation explained

    Bad azz. Looks like Dale Earnhardt's Peter Max car. Pure awesomeness!
  11. aceisback

    Affordable Quality Tools

    I was just wonderin how bigaboy you have to be to crank a 5inch socket on a 1 1/2inch drive wrench??? That's some big ol tools right there. Romans you seem like the kinda fella who would know a little bit about corn huskers lotion. "This ain’t no junk ass Oreillys chicken shit set." That there's funny I don't care who you are.
  12. aceisback

    Can Am Outlander Max

    I'm doing my best to help him out. Hopefully I can make it mine before the weekend is over.
  13. aceisback

    Going under the knife.

    I'll have to agree about the pain, have broken three ribs at once, fractured a hip, and all sorts of other painful injuries but nothing had me in the fetal position in my living room floor like passing an 11mm gallstone. After studying up on the removal surgery I decided against it as I'm free, White, and 21 and not changing my diet for anyone. Or worrying about unexpectedly soiling my britches. When I went in for open heart surgery I remember 10 and 9 well, 8 vaguely, then waking up in recovery. That mask don't play! Get well soon Roman's, and just remember from now on when you're plowing through a big ol batch of fried catfish to have your Depends on...
  14. aceisback

    Can Am Outlander Max

    I sent a text to your number also to reply to. I'm going with these damn solar flares keeping the phones from communicating. On a side note I posted our Honda Recon 250 this morning at 10. Loaded it into the new owners truck at 4 this afternoon. Probably should've asked a little more for it but I need room for an Outlander. Maybe the phone issue will sort out tomorrow.
  15. aceisback

    Can Am Outlander Max

    Lol, sounds like she was the neighborhood ho! Hopefully y'all didn't put her away wet too. I know Bombardier/Can Am's are very capable machines and can take some abuse. Some folks don't like how heavy they are but I think that's what helps them be so durable. We PM'd and I was supposed to get some pics via text but I haven't heard anything as of late. If you can remind him that he offered I would appreciate it. May be getting cold feet and not really wanting to part with it. That just happened to me with a guy at work that was going to sell me his motorhome and his wife backed out of the deal. Wondering where it's located also.

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