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  1. Somebody else had a dream, and it turned into a head wound. Be careful. But good luck finding the lost camera.
  2. Celebrating my youngest childs 30th birthday by whipping up a bunch of homemade pizzas, sipping on some Crown Royal Blenders Mash, watching the Vikings and the Ravens do some ass whooping, and telling some tall tales.
  3. RIP Neal. He had dealt with health issues for a few years so Rush as we knew it left the road. Geddy and Alex still wanted to tour. Maybe after some time for reflection those two will have a sit down with someone in the vein of Mike Portnoy and get back out on the road. Gil Moore would be my recommendation as he's a phenomenal drummer and a Canadian brother of theirs. They could do a co-headline tour of Triumph and Rush and just leave his kit in place. I love live shows and Rush was one of my faves.
  4. RIP Neal. Quite the accomplished drummer in his day. Something that McDonalds puts in their food has made it where teenaged girls on YouTube can drum like him nowadays. But they cannot touch his lyrical sorcery. He was a master with the words.
  5. Worked fine when I posted it. Probably the cyber attack that Iran warned us about. All of our Marine Corps computers are down here in the shop for the past two days too.
  6. Completed. Interesting question about the toll...
  7. I'm glad we learned all of that at your expense!lol Couple of pricey repairs there. And painful. So who repaired your wheel? Used to be a shop somewhere in the Coachella Valley that would fix them but I can't find them now. I may or may not have a trailer wheel that needs rerounded. You didn't give us this lesson soon enough or I would have learned differently.
  8. So whatever happened to the Alumaseal/antifreeze solution that everyone here professed to not so long ago? Had been "tried and true" for decades. Much easier to clean up than Slime.
  9. Whew! Scared there for a minute. Thought this was a thread about that Jeff guy coming out of retirement. Speaking of which, the Clash is on Feb 9th, the Duels on the 13th, and the 500 is Feb 16th. Let's go racin' boys...
  10. New year is upon us so all of our campfire permits have expired. Don't forget to go online to take your quiz and print out a couple copies of your permit so that you are in compliance. Happy New Year y'all. Campfire Permits here
  11. Happy New Year GD.com Gonna be made even happier come Election Day!
  12. Reminds me of Radiator Springs. Once I stood in line for three plus hours it seemed not so special anymore, at all.
  13. Considering the natural built in crazy factor of the common woman I can only imagine that his wife is a real doozy! They used to have the white hospital up on the hill for these types. They didn't live among us.

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