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  1. Mine are getting bad. Heard it isn't cheap.
  2. I have a Fleetwood excursion. I would never go back to the gasser because they handle so much better and are so much quieter.
  3. I have a 39' with 4 slides and the 350 Cat. I get beat up hills by V-10's.
  4. I was told Can-Am does it for liability reasons from roll overs.
  5. No I’m haven’t I am not ready to buy yet but definitely considering it. I’m just wondering how well they honor the extended warranties
  6. Has anybody recently bought the max? Was quoted 33otd at Corona motorsports and they didn’t even have any in stock. Has anybody bought an extended warranty?
  7. I have 2012 with almost 90,000 miles now and the only issue I have had was an exhaust leak at the manifold at around 60,000 miles which was covered under the powertrain warranty. I changed it up last year and put a spindle kit on it with 35's to try to get rid of the urge for something new. All and all its been a good truck for me but I only get about 14MPG now tops. Best MPG I ever saw with this truck was going to Vegas when it was stock and would see close to 20MPG. I do not have the 8 speed trans though. Enjoy it I think you will like it.
  8. I messaged him weeks ago never got a response.
  9. I like the idea of it closer to the cross bar
  10. I thought about doing the same lol
  11. I have a 40 Cal and it has been a good gun. Nice and thin easy to conceal.

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