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  1. Cannot find T.P anywhere. This is CRAZY!!
  2. I am in Norco.. Just realized last night I don't have the side utensil rack and cant find the little antenna for the wifi. They may be at my river place and I will check this weekend.
  3. They do work great. Smoker a 12lb turkey on it on thanksgiving. Can do 3 racks of ribs on a rib rack as well
  4. Green mountain Davy Crockett pellet smoker. Great camping smoker but need something bigger. Only used a handful of times. 12volt or 120v. $200.00
  5. Yes it does seem low. I have it stored at the River and haven't had the time to get out there to mess with it yet. For the riding we do out there it has been ok, but I would like the extra clearance for sure.
  6. Following this. I just bought a Max a couple months ago but I have not set ride height or anything yet. Was considering upgrading springs first and doing it all at once.
  7. One of my families favorite things I smoke!
  8. So as Jeff said we did decide on the Can-Am. I was leaning towards the RZR but my wife and kids really liked the comfort of the can-am. The top of line one was out of our budget so we settled on the new model that came out this year that is still 72" wide but has the 172HP engine vs. the new 195HP and stripped of some other stuff as well. I wasn't in love with the colors but I think once we do a cage and doors it will help. We picked it up Friday night and drove out to our place in Ehrenberg sat am to spend the day. I must say after not owning a SxS since my Rhino I was blown away with suspension and power. So far we happy and feel we made the right decision for our family based on comfort. Thanks again for all info you all provided!
  9. This is concerning and something I should take into consideration. I stopped by another dealer on way home yesterday and sat in everything again. This time I noticed the lack of leg room in the Honda. I am starting to think either the RZR or Can-am but the more I hear about he can-am weakness maybe I should think about the RZR.
  10. I will have to check that next time. Thanks
  11. The msrp of stripped down Maverick X3 max rs turbo R is 25,199. The MSRP of the Honda with live shocks is 23999. Also considering the rzr 4 turbo S velocity at 24699.

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