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  1. reminds me a little of when a man with his family drove over all those bikers I think in NY a few years back, they scared the crap out of him and he just mowed them over I wish I could see the OP in full screen just to take it all in--funny
  2. you should mention the CV size......934s would be a big plus for a guy doing a conversion
  3. love the lights! now I want to get two fire bowls to flank the jacuzzi instead of my palms that poke me every now and then
  4. great idea. my favorite buggy trailer started as a single axle boat trailer
  5. went to corona and pulled out two palms they didnt want. replaced holes with sod. took them home and planted one already. 16 year old palms. the last pic. far right double palm was the one i planted today. cost me $50 in sod and 3 hours and scored two 16 year old palms worth who knows maybe $500 each
  6. the plastic is a dark green. when ordered was requested to support e85. zero issues, cracks or failures in over 5 years. i recommend once a year replacement.
  7. i have the same setup for 90% of funcos. $55 for the pair. the post filter has two reusable -6 AN fittings. 10 micron. for the pre i use a simple plastic filter but it has 1/2" nipples and is 100 micron. i had 500 of them made i use them so much. i think its overkill for AN ends for the pre filter as there is zero pressure
  8. I sure hope its not 31,000lbs! but we all know what you wanted to say
  9. love the pic and history
  10. do you have brakes all four corners? are these front or rear brakes?
  11. if i see one of those before a dyno, i will change it out. ive seen too many of those be the reason they came to the dyno in the first place. they are bad news

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