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  1. Nice Ben, What a car!!! can I drive it? but I promise to only use high boost.
  2. hmmm then why does my sequential rand pinion need to be replace every two years? im at that hp level but the rebuilders say they cant believe it too. i must be doing something wrong
  3. watching "killing it crew" in the other thread doing wheelies! It actually got me pumped up and im still 3 months and one more hip surgery away!
  4. my last EPO race I ever did was ran at 650hp and car weighs 2200. at my skill level I could have used a little bit more power (but my boost controller wasn't working) in the dunes my 650 is all I need, then I also have another Funco for sale and it is 1800lbs and has about 400 hp. that is a sweet spot for that car. maybe 500 max.
  5. who said summer is dead on here, right now the top three threads are "Hot" !!!
  6. this thread went sideways fast. I thought it would take a few days. You guys are good!
  7. why are you reviving old threads? big__daddy? But now that you are here why not look at the second post in this thread..............Those who know, know
  8. your right!, sounds like with properly placed weight you can have less HP and better results. +1 for why not use a 911 motor over a V8
  9. can someone please revive my thread from long time ago, "what the big deal about a wheelie" or the john/rick argument from LEP betting me a $10k race, then quirt not showing up in AZ for the race cause he couldn't borrow someone's dragster...... those are classics.
  10. how could you get 5 identical Funcos with the same motors? I for one would not want to drive one with a v8 LOL. you could just have one Funco that each person gets to drive, but who's going to sacrifice their car? to a potential crash or roll over?

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