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  1. hmmm interesting, couldn't imagine that. but the actual spindle was not chromed just the main body. regardless i won't be chroming the new one
  2. paid my buddy gas money and a pass to come from OC and he took his spindle off his car. been duning all day! up to 55gal of fuel burned in 28hours of being here! having lots of fun.
  3. hmm maybe my low CofG helped me not flip. so you endoed? did your spindle break or???
  4. yes but didnt see anything obvious, in fact i really didnt know to look. its amazing to think i had enough fatigue cycles to break this off. i will say its been fun in the meantime
  5. yes my first car was a gen 4 in 2006. who has a gen 5 number close to mine and knows their year
  6. mine is a #26 gen 5. im guessing this car is 2011-2013 range. when did the first gen 5 come out? you are thinking of my previous car. i bought that in 2006 and was the first time i did the EPO in a funco. had that car for like 5 years and sold it to steve burns. like you said...im just an old grandpa who drives on the weekends
  7. next upgrade in the works? on flat ground travelling about 40mph had my spindle break. king kong spindle. if you look closely at the break it has fatigue marks for a while from working back and forth in the plane you would expect. options are to replace with same every 5 years or upgrade now. Grant has only done a few 2" hollow spindles but think thats my next move. i have also wanted to upgrade my lower arm to use a 1" heim current car has upgraded upper outer 7/8" heims now but i have bent and sheard the lower 7/8 in the past.
  8. i like that one.rubber mats doubling as traction pads!
  9. first time in 2.5 years that my car has been down during any trip. metal fatigue is the likely culprit. i could just replace with like kind as and probably last another 5/10 years, or maybe upgrade to 2" units
  10. as you wish. king Kong spindle broke. i have another coming out in an hour. i might need a custom spindle in my future. happened on flat ground on my way back to camp from sunset. in true form of an air bagged funco with a few adjustments to my auto leveling system i loaded my tire and continued on 5 min later
  11. Bolanderflagpole.com is where i bought a nice cloth version for my home. was recommended by someone here on the board.
  12. i dont think either of us would pull away from each other. so it would need to be a timed race. my car has so many modification it would be fun to know how we would compare
  13. anyone have a spare left front gen 4-6 spindle? asking for a friend. haha. in glamis now

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