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  1. By chance does any one have or know of a spare 8.80 X15 Extreme Apex front ribbed tire for sale
  2. The blue part is what bolts to the cam with an alignment pin, the middle plate is what bolts to the blue part and is adjustable, the cam gear is loose on the cam and now will bolt to the middle piece. so the cam gear and middle piece become one part and can rotate on the snout of the camshaft, and the cam and blue piece become one piece. 3 bolts attach the cam gear to the center piece from the back side
  3. My current prototype 3.2 liter Subaru motor is going on steroids, more porting, larger cams, custom valve springs and retainers--all done but to top it off this motor started as a 3.6 liter that I destroked, but it has 4 cam gears that are all variable. variable intake cam gears are useful in making more power and torque but variable exhaust cam gears are only for smog, so they are dormant/not connected. they have an internal locking pin that sets them at theoretical zero but after head milling, block milling etc, they ideally would need to be somewhere else than zero. (lock out pin engaged) I'm making some adjustable lower cam gears to both make the part adjustable and make it stronger (I once had a lower stock cam gear come apart as they were not designed for higher valve spring pressures and RPM that I was pushing them through). In the recent past I have filled them with epoxy and bolted them together so no movement was possible. here is a prototype of the two parts. the blue part was made on a 3D printer, the thin metal disc sandwiched between the gear and blue part will be made out of 3/4" thick aluminum. This has been fun but a lot more thinking went into this part then meets the eye. Adjustable to 8deg in both directions. because these are one-off pieces I wont have the typical deg marks etched/lasered in so I even have a built in zeroing hole. to do the initial cam chain installation and orientation
  4. I for one feel for her, I hit my head once in a while working on a car rack at 1mph let alone 10mph, and it hurts like crazy. I cant tell if she caught her neck or chin on the fork?
  5. wow, that arcing is crazy, just think if you were back east with the hurricane? nice size panel!!!
  6. that explains it, US driver and didn't understand the road markings??......................but come on man, on the outside of a turn!!!
  7. Hey John,

    I am trying to finish my season prep, and while I was doing so I pulled my plugs and found them looking like this. Any recommendations on what I should do?  That is 2 seasons on those plugs.  I did Replace them (with the same plug) but not sure if there is something going on or that is ok after 2 seasons.  





    Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 6.42.00 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 6.42.19 PM.png

    1. John@Outfront Mtrsprts

      John@Outfront Mtrsprts

      plugs should be replaced once a year. gap must not be bigger than .025"  it looks like you could be burning some oil.  pull off the air filter and wipe your finger in the turbo inlet. if you can see your finger swipe then you are getting in silt which can wipe out rings and pistons. if the inlet is perfectly clean double chevk the turbo shaft bearings for excessive play

    2. Fireman


      Ok I will look at that thanks John..

    3. Fireman


      Ok John I found a very thin layer of silt/dust in the turbo. I would like to move my air filter up to a better location and run a bigger filter.   I know you have done lots of intakes tubes in the past. What would it cost to have you make one, or do you sell the bends and piping and I can weld it up.  Buying the bends might be a better way to go as I have zero time to get my car down to you as Fire season is really kicking off.


      Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 2.39.28 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 2.39.47 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 2.40.02 PM.png

  8. no way on the lights. they are Led with 20 colors, themes etc. was red white snd blue until the 4th, now its summer colors. next is Halloween. we love them. lol
  9. things are flaring up a little more. there are only two ways to get to our entire area 10x15 miles of homes on 5 acre lots. the main way has been closed (Clinton Keith) the other way is through DeLuz. they are now not letting residence back up that way. so if you came down the hill to go to work, you can not go home! they said there is some danger of shifting the other way. towards the ocean. My wife is home and says all is well at our house so far. Pray for no wind
  10. Thank you all for thinking of us. Clinton Keith was shut down this morning. I normally leave at 4:15 am to have a 1:15 commute. at one point on my drive down the hill into town a CHP said it was closed and you have to go around through De Luz. issue is I had a mini X on a trailer with no brakes (its half built) and the only other way out of my area is down a super step hill, where the sign says "Exceeds 26% grade" for about a mile. I put it in first gear, flashers on and never went over 12MPH . I was concerned my trailer was going to push me over the side of the hill and I would be the cause of fire #2 in my area. all went well down the hill but it did take me 2:40 to get to work today As I was driving north on the 15 from Temecula I saw about 30 little fires on the hill, they said it was only 10% contained but it looked good to me. my wife is at home holding down the fort if some crazy wind thing decided to turn it another way
  11. right. ember floated over. i was proactive and got the fire right out. only lost one tree!!
  12. you know now if only i could figure out how to include my one oak tree in the fire it would save me $6000. watching the fire on the news and there are hundreds of oaks getting burned up right now🤔
  13. thanks, here's a pic from up a hill 1/4 mile from my house, right before sunset
  14. nice house. with their age that 2 story has got to be part of the equation. glwts

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