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  1. so you are saying the loan is only forgiven if the business fails? that doesn't make sense
  2. I had a GC come in yesterday and said he is not taking on any more work and is going to apply and shut down his business to collect. So is this only for businesses that are closed? here is the rub. The GC shuts down his business and gets a check to cover expenses, I work and don't get a check to cover my expenses....tell me something, why would I not shut my doors for 8 weeks and not work? and still pay my guys and pay rent..? I like option 2 what if you work during this time? I feel like the government is forcing me to accept the Bernie plan already. If everyone else is doing it then why wouldn't all businesses do it. even if you are essential why wouldn't a business owner not take advantage of what they are offering?
  3. where did the figure "17.8 billion" come from? perhaps you added a 1? world population is 7.8 billion ( but with sequestering looks like 3 billion) LOL
  4. it appears from my research that all LML 2011 to 2016 have the weak CP4 pump. it appears there are two options. cheapest is to replace with same CP4-4.2. an upgraded pump from Bosch or the other option is to do a CP3 conversion. seems this pump is a workhorse. and costs about $800 more. your input
  5. Hi Guys I have a 2013 LTZ silver Crewcab 6.5' bed 4X4 Z71. 209k miles. A friend or a friend has a 2016 Denali 4X4 Diesel with 170k miles Black ( im not a black truck guy) 1st Question, what is my truck worth out there? details, All stock, LTZ z71 never been in an accident, Silver. good paint, AT tires 70% left, zero oil leaks, Cast larger sump for engine, Cast deeper pan for tranny l lowered the rear of the truck 2" so it is level with the front. Dark grey leather, sunroof. not abused--just a sweetheart for limited repairs 2nd Question: Any issues you know of for the 2016 Denali (has 170k miles) ? its the last year of the same motor I have in my 2013 and only 40k less miles. or is there dramatic improvement in the 2017 year and newer truck, so much so that I wait and look for a deal on a silver 2017 truck or newer. depending on what my truck is worth I may have to kick in $10k for the upgrade. I like how much more quiet it is. but it does seem less peppy then my 2013
  6. I just edited my title to include algae issues. He ive driven my diesel truck for years but have never learned anything about algae issues. it sounds expensive. is it like covid-19 and it just keeps spreading or??? how do people prevent against it. how does it get started? moisture, improper tank, etc
  7. anyone have a line on a Diesel fuel storage tank, going to be for Red fuel for my tractors and back up Generator ground mount or on a pedestal. anyone?
  8. i went down to the city and still " no service" also siri is not available without service
  9. having Sunday lunch with 1/2 of my grandkids, next is our in house Sunday school class. we actually did a whole church service at home.
  10. adding more rocks to my front yard so i can have flat grass rather then it going down the hillside. the last pic im estimating that boulder at 10-12k pounds. we have family that drove down from Idaho and Utah to visit for a week cause they can do classes and work on-line
  11. no service where i live for i phones unless on wifi. need to drive 10 miles to city

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