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  1. https://dieseltruckproducts.com/collections/chevy-gmc-duramax-diesel-lml-11-16 I was thinking the first two items (tuner and the 1/2 pipe)
  2. right?! here are some mockups of the intercooler, billet fuel rails etc
  3. sorry, option 1 is not a full exhaust pipe from motor to back of truck, it appears it only takes out he DPF and the cat (that's option one, I called it a 1/2 pipe by length), then they have what appears to be a 4 and a 5" system all the way back
  4. I prefer quiet and no smell, it appears there are 3 options for the DPF delete. 1 is a simple 1/2 pipe, option 2 is a 4" pipe and option 3 is a 5"pipe. do you still gain power by using option 1? do you have the typical diesel smell in doing any option? how much is the MGP improved? Do you leave the DEFtank? I would always leave the EGR system if its working as I feel its a plus and robs no real power I just did the EGR Bypass/diverter valve on my buddies 2015 LML it calls for the cab removal. I did it without but man was that a pain in the back side! Thanks for all the tech help!
  5. It is a custom creation and calling card for a Plumbing company here is So Cal. Its missing the water tank. We sold him a non turbo 200hp motor and he is wanting to upgrade to turbo now. It will be in some race at the Fontana raceway, carrying some pros around the race track. The toilet lid is electrically operated. when it comes back for a dyno it will be the first car I dynoed while on the toilet! Full stereo system too! body work is all steel, incredible work
  6. is this an AC Delco part or dealer item only? thanks for all the words of wisdom!
  7. Smog is generally covered from 50k to 100k I have 203k. called my local dealer and its not covered unless you know something I don't.
  8. GM had a recall on this part early on and mine was covered at 60k for no charge. It's lasted 4 years and another 140,000 miles and its bad again. it appears you just replace the whole tank, sensor etc. dealer quoted $950 parts and labor as a retail customer. 2013 4X4 Duramax. was looking at what options you guys have done, delete, upgrade etc. in calif and have smog. how does the delete work with getting smogged
  9. cant imagine how the car could be upside down and her being able to breathe. THAT is a miracle with a positive ending! angels had to be involved
  10. pulled sides off today. was important to back fill outside the box first. then slide each side out so the dirt inside the box doesnt crack off destroying the roots. the tractor was holding up the last side while i was back filling all other sides. then i kept it in place with tiedowns to my truck. then backfilled the last side. tree is about 25-30 feet tall.
  11. i wouldn't waste money on either one of those until you do the plug regapping first.
  12. right plug but I would use a ZFR "6" plug but yours will work. gap is not even close. put it down to .025"
  13. what is the sparkplug type and gap?
  14. I pick the Dunes, be there Wed night for an early morning run on Thursday the 30th! this is always the best weekend to go to the dunes!

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