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  1. haha, look at his screen name, it took me a minuet too.
  2. your group should know that you have this service, mine do you must call them direct and not let the emt call for you (my understanding)
  3. Diesel for the Win, mine 2013 ltz D-max I love it 195k. now how about what you are towing...……..I love that package even better!
  4. 99% of my dynos are done in 3rd gear. the time during the pull is dependant on among other things the hp. if there is too much hp then i need to use 4th gear. but in forth gear the pulls are a little longer. i could no way do third gear with mine, as it has too much torque and blows the tires off. even if i could it would rap out too fast. dyno: so i get it into the desired gear (3rd or 4th) get the rpm down low like 2000. flip a switch that limits the dyno wheels to that rpm max. i floor it and let it stabilize , then flip another switch that lets it ramp out for generally about 5-10 sec
  5. thanks Andy, its been a labor of love. i still have a few more things to do. stay tuned. i can honestly say it has all come together.
  6. my friends wife was riding passenger in their Funco, he hit the bottom of a dune (transitioning up the hill) that was "tighter" than normal but not that bad and all of a sudden his wife was crying from pain, it simply happened, some backs are more fragile than others
  7. How could putting a spacer in a shock be any more harmful than when the shock tops out on its own. I agree with you IMHO this is how you should limit the axle angle (with spacers and not limiting straps) then you can put limiting straps on so your shocks don't top out so harshly. you see if you have binding of the CV and axles, then the right way is to correct the travel by internally limiting your shock (or install the shock mounts so binding cant occur) if you only use limit straps to correct the problem, then when they stretch or break then you are screwed. They also need to be monitored to see if they are working correctly. They should never be called "limiting straps" because people use them the wrong way. They should be called "shock savers" that being said, most of us with our driving styles and abuse factors don't even need them. one more thing. The heavier the car the more reason to have them. why? because the big cars use big springs so the topping out is more harsh...……..hmmm did I just make a good sales pitch for Subarus or what?
  8. the first video is a 4th gear pull bit you dont see how quickly the turbo spools and car squats. this video is going through 3rd and 4th gear on and off the gas 20191015_164958.mp4
  9. I agree, good info for the guys out there
  10. so guys for the last year and a half i have not ran a boost controller. strait spring 12.7psi at 600 engine hp. my motor is old but before i put my new one in i figured I'd upgrade my injectors and get my boost controller working. well here is what a 6cylinder subie sounds like at 17.4psi 804 engine hp at 7500rpm (535.9 on my dyno is stupid) by the way that would be more like 700 on other industry dynos, my car is 2200lbs 20191015_164906.mp4
  11. Or too short. I may have my expandable 930 axle jig yu could use to determine perfect axle length
  12. I just renewed my yearly membership, they up sold me, the normal family membership is like $69 I opted for the fly me home service for like $120 more (I think) if I was in a hospital more than 150 miles away from my normal hospital, when stable they would transport me there. if they cant fly me in the helicopter, or I was medically stable enough they could at their discretion could also pay for me to go on a commercial flight. A friend of mine was injured in the dunes (she broke her back) and needed to be flow out. her flight was $70k and even though she had Reach and reach picked her up they still tried to bill my friend directly. it is imperative that you call them directly or let the BLM know you have an Air-med policy. if you don't and the rangers call for a lift, its on a rotational basis so it could be anyone of several companies. and even if Reach happen to be called but not by you first......be prepared to pay bigtime
  13. are these double or single shear ……….?
  14. the first time I read this it was a little confusing, I was thinking you were talking of the routing of the hose and said what the heck are you talking about right or left side matters? after rereading it, it was clear but this fitting over the bellhousing needs to have foresight, a hole must be drilled and tapped before the tranny is put together. do you have an example of an install for the crowd? as I said before the hose should be a 3/8" not even 5/16, this helps with oil drain back as much as anything

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