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  1. That would be awesome and an honor, Who can set this up^^^^^?
  2. Axle length is measured both ways, overall and clip to clip, you must confirm axle plunge is not determined at full compression and full droop s you mentioned. yes at full droop but as the arm swings up the min space between flanges occurs when axle is "close to horizontal". every car will be different too as the tranny height and torsion position and angle changes this. we remove the shock and move axle back and forth while lifting up the suspension. you will find the min amount of axle plunge at some point but it will not be a full compression! then with shock attached look at axle movement at full droop. if you had 1" of plunge at droop and only 1/4" at the near horizontal position, Then you could shorten the axle by 3/8" (3/4"/2 = 3/8") this would give you 5/8" of movement at full droop and the near horizontal positions. The longer splines on one side is used for mid board applications. in your case it doesn't matter. of course you would shorten the longer spline side generally you would see more marks of axles hitting at the wheel then the tranny just because gravity is in play. marks in the cup are not uncommon as the axle touches them all the time. the real issue would be excessive axle length at "near horizontal" position could put them in forced contact rather than incidental contact. you must consider how tight or loose your rear arms are too. we see cars all the time with excessive arm movement due to bad bushings or hiems and can affect your measurements. this is a per side deal, but axle most likely will not be the exact required length
  3. AC in the rental home is a little undersized so going to start with cleaning the fins first. the condenser of course is easy, if I tear into the evap ducting I want to be ready for an quick in and out.
  4. sat helped my daughter and son-in-law move into the back of our rental home. 40' fith wheel with four slides. hes a lineman apprentice and he now will work out of long beach. but didnt care for the area to park his trailer and live. sun. driving to state line to meet my other daughter from saint George. to deliver her new to her 2015 ninja 300, ABS, fuel injected and only 1400 miles on the xlock
  5. Thanks, this area is awesome, the fog comes rolling in over the hills from the ocean all the time. like a 5-20 minuet process in real time (im 10 miles the way) If you recall about 3 years ago, our city of Murrieta made national news with a crazy snow storm, it shut down 3 miles of I15 for a day, we received 8" of snow at our house, the snow was so heavy it was devastating to all the big oak trees, it broke an 18" diameter trunk at my house! some areas looked like a bomb went off there were so many huge fallen tree branches down. Power was down in our area for 3 days as they had no means to do repairs with snow on the ground. I will hunt down some of the pics, talk about liking photography--these pics were off the charts here a pic of the trees I loaded at a nursery, just delivered yesterday
  6. Sunbelt rentals LOL so the weekend counts as one day (8 hours) so I rented it for Friday and the weekend, 2 days/16 hours. with taxes, delivery both ways and rental it was going to be $1800ish as you know I really don't work on Sunday so I needed to use up my 16 hours by sat night. (Sunday would only be if the Ox was in the mire) . sunbelt calls me up on Friday and asks me when i'm going to be done. I'm like, you can pick it up Monday morning as planned. they said they really needed it and would like to know if I would be done sat night for a special Sunday morning pick up. If, so they would make it worth it. OK I said. Looks like they had a long term rental but needed it Sunday. I just got the discount and looks like $500 off Woot-Woot! guess it pays not to work on Sundays LOL
  7. well I need some dirt left so when I get my own excavator and can still do some hot laps! our plan is to make the pond a little bigger, ill bring the pond "to my house" in the third pic on the first post where the vinyl fence meets and chain link there is a huge 4feet diameter semi underground pipe that brings all rain water from all the hill sides through my property, it fills the pond naturally, then goes by the garden and out through my neighbors yard. once its to the shape I will put a liner in it. Been thinking of putting a real windmill in, I found one brand new with 8 foot blade, 29 foot tall. http://ironmanwindmill.com/ $6k, then I would need to drill a 100 foot 8" well. Last one I drilled, we hit water at 40 feet! its sole purpose would be is to keep the pond up. talking about being self reliant, even if the power grid goes down and I run out of diesel I could take a shower every afternoon when the wind pics up!
  8. My mini Yosemite, rocks and trees are Sexy! I have a prized Oak tree in the back yard, 5 feet in diameter, 7 main branches. guessing 300 years old and super green!
  9. Thank you! I have planted over 150 trees in the last year all 24" box but mostly 36" box trees, some 48" box tree. Pine, magnolia, chitalpa, Olive, shoe string acacia, pistache, golden rain, crape myrtle, African sumac, Pepper, Brazilian pepper, Melaleuca, Peach, Plum, Apricot, Almond, Australian willow, Purple plum (ornamental)&, Ornamental Plum (non fruit bearing), Camphor, liquid Amber. White Alder, Sycamor, avacodo (5 types) Orange trees (5 types), grapefruit, silk oak 36" box trees are $600-700 each, but having time I look for crazy deals. I paid between $150 and 300 for all 36" trees. my favorite two are the African Sumac at my entrance. They were 48" box trees typically $1000-1300 each. I paid $475! I have 25 more trees coming on a semi this Wednesday. with the mini x and the skid steer I can do two trees an hour with a helper! I buy 20 yards of planter mix at a time and mix it 50/50 with good native soil. this property is just miles away from the back side of camp Pendleton, 2100 feet high
  10. 5 acres, 330'X550' and a flag pole extension. in the one corner is my wife's garden, 64X64 feet, and within the garden is a 16x32 chicken coop, she wants the chickens to roam the garden eating bugs and crapping, then shell put them away. Right now we are borrowing the neighbors two goats for weed control. I'm fencing the whole thing, 10 feet high and then will have custom 2 mesh netting for the top for bird control. when my wife and I get old, we will be self sufficient, 60 panel solar, 2 wells, Chicken, fruit and vegetables, pond, My wife wants fish so ill need to dig the pond deeper. Im just not slaughtering live stock
  11. through the grass will be stamped concrete, not sure yet with texture or maybe some stone, suggestions welcomed a few more pics
  12. here is the basic concept/view. curved stairs will come down the hillside, terrace will be to the left, small stair case to the right going out to the garden. All big rocks are moved, I can do small 3-4k rocks with my mini. Will be leveling out the big flat rocks over the next few weeks.
  13. So As you know I have been looking for an excavator for a while, 20 Ton or so, for some small projects I have been thinking about. So I rented this one for 2 days I requested a Deere 200D but they only had this 225D "and" it had rubber tracks so it opened up some more ideas as the boulders I would have liked to move are too heavy to pick up or push, but I can pull them into position (up a slope). so look what I did.................. first I widened some areas that where too narrow (alternate drive way) and my turn around loop, Then I was dropping this 4 foot diameter tree stump from 15 feet high to take off some extra weigh as I need to dispose of it at some point I got some flat rocks down the street 200 feet away they are 1foot thick and about 10 feet in diameter. this is my instant floor, 2 large and two small ones and im going to piece them together and make a terrace down a small hill side in front of my house. Going to cut my grass out the front doors and make a stair
  14. the shifter that BONES has is a unit that i make, i bought that shifter company years ago. the unit is $1600 it comes with a new and improved "long" shifter assy (the first units were B&M) this unit comes with 3 $80 shifting cables, the shifter and the rear piece that mounts on the tranny
  15. Good reading, im in Cali So my 2013 LTZ has a GVWR of 10,000 it doesn't mention the CGWR of my truck on the sticker or the owners manual that I could find So if I tow a bumper pull under 10,000 im ok and if I tow 10,000-15k I need a non commercial class A? So If I was towing 11k (trailer and load) with only a class C and get pulled over, what is the ticket?
  16. I needed a 12 ply "F" rated tire for my 17,000# Case tractor. Called Pete's tire service and they had some good brand for $330 each, they also had a Gladiator in a 10ply for $220, Called the Case dealer and they only had 10 ply and said it would work, tire was also $219. 10 ply- No thanks, its a heavy tractor 4X4. I checked with simple tire and they had some F rated tires for $140 each, plus 5% off for memorial day and free shipping. Gladiator brand same as the 10ply the other guys were selling , I paid $135 for 12ply Happy!
  17. heard about a guy using a big dozer of some sort using a chain, when it snapped it was like a big spring and came back and hit the guy who was helping/driving in the head and died.
  18. woke up to take a peek outside and spotted a rainbow through the fog. sun coming through. the rainbow is to remind me of all the fallen troops that died for this country. God bless America
  19. I did. 5 last week. Reed, fuerte, sir prize ,haas. they all produce fruit at different times of the year

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