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  1. wall mart, but I hate going there LOL I go in the automotive doors
  2. you know I call BS on most other dynos so much so that you could get a free partial dyno ($150 value) to find out. if its not within 10% of your stated RWHP. you owe me the $150 to find out. put up or shut up! PS that goes for any motor package. I think Full throttle guy did his car here if I remember correctly, maybe he could chime in, that was a few years back but no doubt had been to other dynos.
  3. Good questions, I will clear it up. Other dynos have been known to be "happy" and hands down my dyno is the most stingy there is in this State of Calif. I have dynoed a car on the same day that it showed 400 RWHP elsewhere and then on my dyno it just pushed barley over 300 on mine. Engine builders will never talk RWHP because they don't care about the drivetrain factors involved and at the end of the day no number from a chassis dyno high or low changes what the motor puts out. Now recently there was a thread that talked about the fake LS1 dyno numbers everybody spouts out with just adding a tune and an air filter. Its not that they gained anything, its because the dynos they use are happy. I even know that another motor builder had a dyno day. my customer took his car there and his numbers were off from mine by about 25% too. bottom line is if I took my car to the other guys dynos I would be more like 675 to the rear wheels! how does that sound from 3.2 liters? Now I know there is simple math but there are also simple compensation numbers that can be entered to make things grow (even if their dyno was just calibrated! I use no compensations for anything, every time On top of all that, if my motor makes my peak HP at a higher RPM than another motor that makes same peak HP numbers but at a lower RPM---my car will be faster. Why? because I can then gear my tranny down and then my lower gearing nets more rear wheel torque than the other guy has even though our engine torque numbers are the same! I have taken known stock motors on my dyno and done the math backwards and still feel my dyno is right, "all others" are happy. The biggest gripe I have is when I deal with other Subaru builders' HP numbers and costs of their motors. Suppose you are shopping for a motor. I sell a 330HP motor package for $10,000, the other shop sells the same hp package for $7000 who do you buy from? funny thing is my motor will kick the other guys butt. now suppose the other builder sells a 400hp motor for $10,000 vs my 330hp for$10k--whos motor do you buy? but yet my motor still runs better than the other guys and he had "more" hp? We sell real Subaru HP Besides it always hurts the other guys feeling more when you tell him how much HP I run. For those who want to know then, If there was an EPO I would beat all of them with only 430 RWHP by a lot (even if they have 1000 hp), please explain that math are you up for a ride in my car?
  4. i did a free standing that estimates were comingbin at $40k. 24x24 120mph. main beam are 6x16x20' long that cost $1000 each 2" tongue and groove. concrete tile. all wiring routed into top of roof. the footings were 5'x5' x 4' deep! post were .250 wall 5x5 steel. i did a lot myself and think i came in at $25k
  5. most manufactures have reliefs so you can but he showed me pics of his and he said with no axle installed he still couldn't get it out, so he had to split it. im not familiar with the gear one stuff so maybe an early model was like that
  6. attached to the house or free standing?
  7. those are funco specs but that rim will only fit a 930 cv joint arm. with 934 the calipers will hit. good price!
  8. i prefer the 5 straps to put together. little longer to assemble much faster on getting out. when the lap belts are sewn to the shoulder straps your arms are locked in there. you need to twist your should etc to get out. try it in a car upside down. 5 straps for me forever
  9. i have "Teamtech" i think is the brand. pull up to tighten, sternum strap, thin and comfortable. i would never run anything else. i believe they are used in jet fighters. ( im hoping my car lives up to their legacy) lol. i can take some pics on Monday when back at the shop
  10. they will need to be turned down. a better option (at least quicker) would be to switch the entire bearing/disc assemblies to the other side of the car. this puts the pressure on the opposite side of the flutes
  11. Congrats, now what are we going to talk about...………………………………………….
  12. why do I still have this car? well its because im having too much fun with it. no reason to sell. my son had a break with schooling last year so he came out four times to the dunes with me and its just easy to have him use it. we had a blast. He's now in school in Idaho. Cant go wrong with this car, great power, how good? I could be first place in any EPO with this thing! LOL
  13. Thanks for sharing, another wake up call to us old guys. Will pray for you. Thank God for your insurance! speedy and comfortable recovery. Are the pills for life or for a certain duration?
  14. This car is still available, TTT. I can bring it out to the dunes and we can do a test drive with cash in hand. Drink the koolaid………………………. I could be out there next weekend 10-25
  15. your group should know that you have this service, mine do you must call them direct and not let the emt call for you (my understanding)
  16. Diesel for the Win, mine 2013 ltz D-max I love it 195k. now how about what you are towing...……..I love that package even better!
  17. 99% of my dynos are done in 3rd gear. the time during the pull is dependant on among other things the hp. if there is too much hp then i need to use 4th gear. but in forth gear the pulls are a little longer. i could no way do third gear with mine, as it has too much torque and blows the tires off. even if i could it would rap out too fast. dyno: so i get it into the desired gear (3rd or 4th) get the rpm down low like 2000. flip a switch that limits the dyno wheels to that rpm max. i floor it and let it stabilize , then flip another switch that lets it ramp out for generally about 5-10 sec

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