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  1. I could make a bunch of speculations about this dude, and of him being out there for cinco de mayo, but its too easy...
  2. Scotty hooked it up wicked! How you been sir?
  3. Hey party people - been a long time since I've seen y'all.. Frankie hit me up for a favor and list his Rzr here (hope that's still allowed) It was a camp queen - went out 4 trips (2 SSSS and 2 RVIA Shows) I don't have the full build but know that it has the following: Extreme Long Travel kit (Front & Rear) Full Desertworks Cage, Doors, Roofrack w/LED Surround Lights, RockGaurds & Bumpers Trinity Racing Full Exhaust System PRP Seats BadAss™ Detachable Steering Wheel Kicker Sound System w/Sub ITP Wheels with Beadlocks on (never ran offroad) Dune GPC Paddles on Mitchel Beadlocks Proline Wrap Buggy Whip LED Comes with original manufacturer certificate of orgin, has never been registered. Thanks for your time and have great one
  4. Read a stat that stated during the regular season the Patriots ran man coverage over 62% of the snaps. During the Superbowl, they ran man less than 10% of the time which totally screwed with what Goff was expecting. Dunno if its true as I didnt watch em this season but when I read that it was one of them things that made me say Hmmmmm
  5. You want to know whats hurtful... stealing a man's perfectly made drink... laughing at him while you drive away in their rhino watching the beautiful drink fall by the way side... that sir is hurtful!!!
  6. Everyone else would get love sir... Just not Poule!
  7. You sir will get not one, not two, not three, not four, not five... but SIX.... SIX BUD LIGHT BEERS! And they will be warm.
  8. Buggy needed for Display for the RVIA Show from 10/4-10/14. Will be secured in the Eclipse Attitude display with Nick Camerena (Montclair Mngr). Buggy may be advertised for sale if you wish, or with sponsor information displayed to be passed out. Interested parties please call me directly at 626-677-0041. Thanks!
  9. Anyone have the link to the story about the dude whose wife is working late and he hides in the garage to catch em and when the headlights come on he notices his chain and sprocket?


  10. Check out The RV Pros in Jurupa Valley. 951-361-9001 email the owner Frank at frank.martinez@thervpros.com Tell him Carlos Mota referred you and you want a discount - dude is solid and will hook you up.
  11. So Sad... A Stars was one of the bro's that I had met back when we would camp in the Compound. He was always a cool mofo with me and I'm really bummed to hear of his passing. God Speed brother! Very sad to hear of your passing...
  12. My first thoughts were that he didnt want the trailer weighed and wanted to get it out of there...
  13. Carlos

    Last Day..

    Had to clean off the cobwebs and help senor farmer get back online... now I just need to get a better host for his signature images! LOL
  14. Carlos

    Last Day..

    Well.... did you finally figure out how to log back in and spend some quality time back on the boards or what puto?

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