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  1. I'm looking for a enclosed trailer for my rail. I have an Extreme Performance ECO II and it's 90" in the rear. I don't want to take the tires off to get it in the trailer. The budget is 10k and down if possible. Not trying to break the bank. On board water and fuel is a plus. Thanks for any input. Sam
  2. Saw it Sunday. My wife and I really liked it a lot. Carol Shelby was a guy i reality admired for creating some of the most iconic cars of all time. Including my favorite...the AC Cobra! They are all over this movie!! If your a gear head, go see this movie...you wont be disappointed!
  3. So this is what we are doing right at my garage now to get the motor home out. It's 15 X 60, so any coach I might buy down the road will fit. Also...we added 2 RV dumps with water and the front of the garage will all be concrete soon. As has been stated: Insulate the building if you can. Electric roll up doors. I'm 60 and I don't want to be hand rolling up doors all the time. I little pricey but i think worth it. Thicker concrete especially if your going to add a lift. I went 8 inches Go all LED lighting. I went to Amazon and they have some pretty good deals on lighting I added a mezzanine to store parts. I didn't want a bunch of stuff I'm not using all over the floor. Epoxy the floor. I went to https://www.epoxy-coat.com and got their do it yourself system and saved a bunch of money. With new concrete it's a lot easier since you don't have to so much prep. It keeps the dust down. Fill your cut joints on the floor with a a Sika-Flex joint filler so your not using so much epoxy. If your going to run air get a good compressor and get hose reels. That way your not having hoses all over the floor. But run air everywhere! At least a 50 amp plug at both sides of the building is a must. A industrial was sink is a good idea. Home Depot has them. I also put in a small tank less electric water heater in at the sink Put a hose bib somewhere inside the building. You'll be glad you did. Good luck and congratulations on the new garage!
  4. My building is 50 x 60 and I ran out of room real fast! If you have a lot of projects like I do, the motor home takes up way to much space. My solution...build another building next to the shop for the motor home! But this is what i did last year and I love it. I'm doing concrete in front of the building very soon and i added a rv dump to the bathroom...that I just installed...another thing I should have done the first time. The building has it's own septic system and not connected to the house. I'll post some pictures later on the new progress...
  5. I started like most...on dirt bike when i was a kid. Bought one of the first Odyssey's to come out in 1978...I think. Rode the wheels off that until 1984 a bought a Kawasaki Tecate 3 wheeler. Moved up to Quads when the kids got older and 06 bought a Polaris Ranger and duned the snot of that! My family started buying Extreme Performance cars but i waited a few years to get my dune driving skills a little better. I watched what they did with their cars...all Platinum's and high HP and the problems that went with that. I decided in 2008 to have Extreme build me one but not like the others. I wanted something lite, comfortable, good horse power and would stand out from the crowd...I am a bit of an attention ho!! That being said I decided an ECO2 with an LS2, no turbos and 550 HP was the ticket. I also went with S4 sequential trans for more trans that motor since that seemed to be most of the problems with the bigger more expensive cars. I could care less about the drags or wheelies I just wanted a car that would dune and start every time! I think I hit the nail on the head with this car! 11 years and the motor and trans have never been out of the car! I still love the paint job and i just can't imagine selling this car!!
  6. I know someone that's raffling off a custom Harley for a customer of his that passed away. The customer died of cancer before he ever got a chance to ride the bike. All the money goes to the family and build costs. The problem is he's not sure if they are going to meet his goal and they have been at it for a while. Tickets are $50 apiece...I bought 2 and I might buy 2 more. It was at my show last June and he sold a bunch of tickets there. I was talking to him this week and he says the bike is going to go at an event he's holding on the 28th no matter what! Good luck with whatever you decide.
  7. Being in a hurry is not worth your life! One bad decision changes everything!
  8. My mother in law was not supportive at all! In fact she went nuts!! He just wanted to see if there was anything he needed to know about..like health issues, things like that. She took it as he wanted a new family! She would not tell him anything so he went to her sister who set up the adoption in the first place, and she told him where to start. My mother in law was so furious with her sister for telling him something he needed to know...she stopped talking to her. Unfortunately...the sister passed away this year and now my mother in law is racked with guilt because she never patched things up with her. It was never a big deal to any of us, but it wrecked his relationship with is mom, all because she was being selfish and insecure. Sounds like you got the better life for sure. I know we love our little brother and he love us!
  9. So cool you found your family. My wife's youngest brother was adopted when he was a day old. My mother in law wanted another child and my father in law said ok...basically he would do anything to shut her up! His mother was a young girl from their church and she was happy to give him up. A while back he decided to try and find his bio family. He found his dad and a couple siblings but not his mom. He's 30 years younger than me and a good man with a great family. He says he's not really in touch with the bio family. In his words...he dodged a bullet and he has us!
  10. <----------She was 53 when this taken! She's going to be 56 next week! Just sayin...
  11. My mom and Dad have decided to sell the house in Vegas and move back to Southern California. My dad just turned 86 and my mom is 82 and they just can't handle the house anymore. It's up there but it's pretty amazing! I'm going to miss going to Vegas and having a room waiting for me. But having my parents 4 blocks away from me is well worth it. Take a look... http://www.lasvegashomesinsummerlin.com/listings/details/10710-rancho-destino-road-las-vegas-nv/2129771/7939239/?fbclid=IwAR1U5-R5J8CGyFYtccEg0016YwcsyAHKwp2i9rGsvMH96d8EUCUrhZi9Ha0
  12. bigsammy

    Ww Rebuild

    LOL! The guy that was building the BBQ flaked out so we came up with something of our own design. It actually worked really well.
  13. Here is the thread I did dbart. In hind sight I think I would have let it go and buy a motor home. But we only had it a short time and I was not going to let someone take it away from me! It was a long and painful journey, but in the end we had something WW never built and was one of a kind! The guy i sold it to uses it to haul his 2 race RZR's to the races and it's his base of operations. It really was pretty amazing when it was done!
  14. This is what my youngest daughter wrote on her FB page: "One of the worst feelings in the world is waking up from a nap at 16 and hearing that your parents were in an accident and no one knows if they're okay. These people tried to take my parents from me but thankfully took themselves instead. Dont be cheap or stupid, just uber or lyft. You could be the reason a little girl loses her parents." People are dying daily just from other being stupid or they just don't care!

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