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  1. The show is 4 weeks away and things are heating up! Here are the categories for all the trophies...check it out! All the trophies are custom made for our show and you won't find them anywhere else! Bring your vehicle and have a good time, listen to a live band, you could win something nice in the raffles...one of our sponsors is raffling off a $1000 steel cutting saw for a $5 ticket and we have another charity that is raffling off a 2017 Toyota Tundra with a custom paint job and custom interior for a $20 ticket! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Carol's Kitchen to help feed the hungry! Whatever you have we have a category for you...car...truck...or bike! Preregistration ends June 7th and the show is June 15th!
  2. bigsammy

    Blast from the past...at least for me!

    So I made the decision to not restore the bike and just clean it up and get it running again. The first step was to give it it's first bath since 1977 and once I got it on the lift...to tell the truth it looks pretty good! The cables are frozen, the carb needs to be cleaned and it need tires but it has good compression. We also moved my wife's 72 240Z into the shop to get started on that. I have a Wilwood big brake kit for it...so disk brakes all the way around... and it needs a battery but we got it running again and it runs like a top!! I was hoping to have them both ready for our Charity Car and Bike show next month but I don't think they are going to make it. For sure...next year!
  3. bigsammy

    Blast from the past...at least for me!

    You know I go home from work and go into the garage and look at the same way I did when I was 10 years old...it's the same feeling!
  4. bigsammy

    Blast from the past...at least for me!

    I'm thinking more and more to go in this direction.
  5. bigsammy

    Blast from the past...at least for me!

    The really cool thing is that it is 100% all there! Just the way i parked it in 1977! Needs new tires and tubes, but the tank has no corrosion and there very little rust and even the paint is in pretty good shape.
  6. bigsammy

    Blast from the past...at least for me!

    When I graduated in 77 I started to going to collage. I drove my car so the bike was sidelined. It ended up in my Mom and Dads basement for a number of years. Then life...marriage ...kids come along and you lose track of things. I know when my parents moved out of their house and my little brother moved in the bike got moved to a storage container on the property...it was there for 25 years. I always wanted it back but never had the room. I heard about 10 years ago that the container had gotten broke into and a bunch of stuff was stolen...including the bike...so I never pursued it. Last week I was talking to my brother and he said one of the other bikes had been stolen but not mine! So I wanted it back and he said come get it!
  7. Every once in a while something cool happens. This is my first bike...a 1970 Yamaha 125 Enduro that my Dad bought me when I was 11. It is one of the biggest parts of my history. This bike started the love of motorcycles for me that still is strong to this day! When he came home with it, I slept in the garage with it for 3 days and I could not touch the ground! I got my permit at fifteen and a half and rode it to school every day until I got a car! i got into so much trouble on this thing! One day when I was still in high school and friend of mine and I hopped on this thing and rode to the local Circle K during a break to buy a couple of Cokes. When we got back he dared me to ride my bike through the halls at school...during school...and I said...OK! Needless to say i got busted and sent home...but I did it and doing wheelies too! 🤣 It has 3600 original miles and i put every one of them on it! It's been in storage and has not seen the light of day for almost 40 years and last night it came home! The last time it was registered was 1977...when I graduated high school! To be honest...I thought it was lost a long time ago! Looking at it brings back every good memory I had on it and i could not be happier! Having my fist bike parked next to my latest bike is a pretty big thrill!! Not sure what I plan on doing yet...restore it...or not restore it...not sure. I just love it's back in my hands where it will be loved again!!
  8. bigsammy

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    My wife lost a lot of weight and with it went her boobs. She felt good about the lost weight but hated the way she looked. I didn't care...she looked hot to me heavy or thin. I finally told her to get them done...not for me but for her. She looked for a long time to find the right doctor...which she found in Newport Beach. She ended getting the "mommy makeover"...boob job and tummy tuck at the same time. $16,000 later she looks amazing and happy...which makes me happy!! I would say do the research and talk to former patients to any doctor you are even thinking about using. <-----That's her in my avatar...she was 53 when that was taken...she's going to be 56 soon and still looks amazing!!
  9. So it's that time again and we are off and running! With the season coming to a close, you could bring your toy to the show and help out a great cause while you at it! Since we started the show 7 years ago we have donated all the proceeds to Carol's Kitchen. Every $5 is 4 meals. They work solely on private donations and take no money from the government. That means they can feed anyone they want to! We have 28 categories and give away 40 custom made trophies including: Best Off Road and Best Race Vehicle...I'm sure we have a category for you! We also have 7 bike categories including something new this year, a Woman Owned category, since women are the fastest growing segment in the motorcycle world now days! We welcome everything and everyone...all vehicles are welcome! It's a great day and lots of fun. We have live music, some amazing raffles and great food and it's all to help those folks that might not have as good as the rest of us! I hope to see a big turn out this year...we are trying to break the $10,000 mark! Thanks to all Sam
  10. bigsammy

    The Dirt

    I thought it was OK....Not great but OK. I didn't hate it. It pretty much shows the way it was for those guys back in the 80's. I do have to say...it must have been great to be a rock star in those days!! I do have one question...how are these guys still alive??? Heard a interview with Nikki Six a few day ago and he said he made the mistake of watching it with his 18 year old daughter. He said now he has some explaining to do!!
  11. bigsammy

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    So the shop is pretty much done. I'm still moving stuff from the small garage into the new shop. We got the lift installed and started doing a few things such as oil change on my wife's bike and my son's 4runner. Working in my own ...shop with a lift...with my son...is something we have talked about doing since he was a little boy...he's 31 now! Bought a really nice leather couch from a friend over the weekend and it took everything I had to get anything done after we sat in it...LOL! Sorry for the mess but it is still a work in progress.
  12. bigsammy

    Too many deaths close to me...

    In the last few months we have lost 5 people in our lives. My best friend died in Kentucky right after Thanksgiving. I had spoke to her on the Monday after Thanksgiving and after she hung up with me she tripped over a box in the hallway and broke her ankle. They took her to hospital to set it so they had to put her under. She had a heart attack and passed. We were friends for 40 years! She had twin grandsons she never had the chance to meet and only 55 years old! She was family to me. Yesterday...flying back home from my friends funeral I get a call from my son to say he found another friend who we considered family dead in her apartment. He lives above her and they had not seen her for a few days and they went to check on her. It looks like another heart attack. She worked for my dad and then for us and started in 1981. She was one of the main reasons I am the man I am today! She showed me how run a job and how to get things done and do things the right way. Her birthday is the day before mine in Feb...her's is the 19th and mine is the 20th...she turned 63 and I turned 60! I sat with her on her birthday and we had a nice conversation about getting old. She was family to me too! She was a huge part of my life and I'm having a hard time believing I'm going to go through the rest of my life without them. My wife lost her Grandfather and Aunt in in December and her Mom in January. That would be 5 in just a few months and all I can say is ...just make stop!! I think now as I am getting older I have to believe we are not here just to work and die. Tomorrow is not promised and everything can change in the blink of an eye!
  13. bigsammy

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    These from Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B8FPKPM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&amp;psc=1
  14. bigsammy

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Your welcome. I've been planning this for at least the last 20 years. The area under the mezzanine is where I'm going to be working bikes. I found those lights at Home Depot for $99 each and they are 18000 lumens each. Pretty bright...but that's what I wanted...no shadows. I'm sure i forgot something. But for now I'm pretty happy with the way it's coming out.

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