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  1. My Father in law works for a moving company and says they have never been so busy moving people out of California. Moving people in...not so much!
  2. I hear you! I'm leaving next Tuesday for Colorado then to Sturgis SD for the bike rally and it's killing me!! We'll be gone almost 3 weeks...the longest I've every left work and I can't wait!!
  3. Thank you again! It's very humbling and an honor!
  4. I don't dwell on regrets, but there are a few. I could say I regret getting married to my high school sweetheart at 20 and divorcing at 22, but then I would not have met my wife of 34 years and had 3 great kids and 2 grandsons that I love dearly. I could say I regret going into the family business and not following my own path, but then I might be where I am today...older...at peace and happy and thinking about retirement...yeah right!! LOL! The one thing I do regret is being too trusting with some people over the years. But event that has worked it's way out. I think life is full of regret...it's how you handle your decisions...good or bad...and make the best of what you have.
  5. Put June 13th on your calendar for next year. Some big changes coming!
  6. Went with New Age. Bought them directly from the company. I'm pretty happy with the fit and finish and I really liked the price...right at $2500.
  7. Today was the day! So happy to be able to help these folks! Look for bigger and better things for next year!!
  8. Here's one from our show last weekend! 427 stroker, twin turbo, 575 HP to the wheels... trike! Old guy built it in his garage and rides it all the time with his wife!
  9. Top-Line Industrial Supply's 7th Annual was last weekend and it was another success with 230 vehicles! Last year we donated $9100 and we were hoping to be able to break $10,000 this year for the Charity...Carol's Kitchen...our local food bank. Well...we did that and more! We are able to donate $13,260 to the charity and all that money goes to feed the hungry! Every $5 donated in 4 meals and we are pretty proud of that! If you want some info on the show just go over to our FB page. I'll post more later Here are some pictures from the show. These are the best of show winners.
  10. 10 months of planning and tomorrow is the day!! The weather is going to be beautiful! Free to the public! Live music by Harley and the Pirates, Major raffles including a $500 metal cutting saw for you DIY'rs , a 2017 Toyota Tundra, custom painted to given away July 4th and a Custom Harley Road King, with winner announced Sept 28th. Also food...including a BBQ put on the ladies of the Head Turners riding club with all the proceeds being donated. And cars, trucks, BIKES and even boats, atv's, SXS's, race vehicles, classics, imports, off road, rat vehicles and whatever we have room for...everyone is welcome! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Carol's Kitchen!! Thank you once again to all our sponsors!! If you can't be there listen to KMET 1490 Am at 12 noon to a special LIVE broadcast from the show by the Christopher Show!
  11. 10 commonly asked questions about the show this weekend: 1) Question: Can I have an EZ-up for shade? Answer: Yes...but please try to keep it tied down...this is "Blowmont" after all and we will not be held responsible for any damage done by a flying EZ-up! 2) Question: Can I arrive late? Answer: Yes, but to a point. The show starts at 9:30 am and our gates open at 6 am. If you want a good spot get there early. We will do our best to make sure everyone gets in. Due to limited space you may not get in if you are too late. 3) Question: Can I bring a cooler? Answer: Yes you can but we are a non alcohol event and if we see you drinking alcohol, you will be asked to put it away or please leave. 4) Question: Can I have a "For Sale" sign on my vehicle? Answer: Yes, we do not restrict anyone from selling their vehicle at the show, but please be tasteful about it. 5) Question: I have a club or a bunch of friends coming and we would like to park together. Can we do that? Answer: Yes. But we ask that everyone arrive together if possible. If that can't happen you may be asked to park aside until your group gets here and then we can park you all together. 6) Question: I have a display and I need more space. Can I do that? Answer: Yes. If you need more space we can accommodate that between the buildings but you need to let us know when you come in. 7) Question: I want to open both doors on my vehicle. Can I do that? Answer: Yes but not up front due to limited space. 8) Question: Can I leave early if I have to and can I get my money back? Answer: Yes you can leave early if you have to. I will be difficult in some cases and you need to let us know if that is the case. There will be no refunds...this is for charity. 9) Question: Why didn't I win a trophy? Answer: Judging is done by outside judges using a points system. We have no say on who wins and who does not. 10) Question: Where does my money go? Answer: All the proceeds from the show will be donated to Carol's Kitchen. Money comes from entries, sponsors, the raffles and donations. Top-Line Industrial Supply makes no money from the show. I hope that answers some of the questions some of you coming might have. If you have any other question please feel fee to call me at (951)-769-9665 M-F 7:30-4. We look forward to having everyone here and hope it will be an experience you will enjoy. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day!! See everyone on Saturday the 15th!!
  12. Here is a video from the show last year. We don't say "no" to anyone and all are welcome. Classics...off road...imports...all bikes...boats...SXS...quads...race vehicles...whatever! We have some amazing raffles this year! A $1000 metal cutting saw can be yours for $5 ticket. We also have several other charity's doing raffles. One is raffling off a 2017 Toyota Tundra for a $20 ticket and another is raffling of a $75,000 custom Harley Road King for a $50 ticket! Saturday the 15th! Come out and show your toy or just come and enjoy the show! 100% of the show proceeds go to Carol's Kitchen! Feeding hungry people for 20 years!! Car Show Video 2018.mp4
  13. The show is 4 weeks away and things are heating up! Here are the categories for all the trophies...check it out! All the trophies are custom made for our show and you won't find them anywhere else! Bring your vehicle and have a good time, listen to a live band, you could win something nice in the raffles...one of our sponsors is raffling off a $1000 steel cutting saw for a $5 ticket and we have another charity that is raffling off a 2017 Toyota Tundra with a custom paint job and custom interior for a $20 ticket! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Carol's Kitchen to help feed the hungry! Whatever you have we have a category for you...car...truck...or bike! Preregistration ends June 7th and the show is June 15th!
  14. So I made the decision to not restore the bike and just clean it up and get it running again. The first step was to give it it's first bath since 1977 and once I got it on the lift...to tell the truth it looks pretty good! The cables are frozen, the carb needs to be cleaned and it need tires but it has good compression. We also moved my wife's 72 240Z into the shop to get started on that. I have a Wilwood big brake kit for it...so disk brakes all the way around... and it needs a battery but we got it running again and it runs like a top!! I was hoping to have them both ready for our Charity Car and Bike show next month but I don't think they are going to make it. For sure...next year!

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