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  1. The flyers are in and they look great!! I would really like to see some GD folks there this year! http://top-lineindustrial.com/car-shows/?fbclid=IwAR0OnYdsyqAPF4NnrARx3HtFFpHhvxVwqigc4qGF9FNFqu-htsX5hS8V0Us#/
  2. Have to say, i spent a lot of my youth was spent pissed off. Especially after I got married the first time. That marriage ended when I was 22 and i met my wife now. She helped to change my attitude. When the kids came, my bad attitude came creeping back. I didn't make much money, I had a house and car i could not really afford and I spent a lot of time working away from home away from my family. Most of me being miserable was my own making. My wife and kids never knew who they were going to get when I came home. That was not fair to them at all! So one day I woke up and decided I was going to change my way of thinking. It is so much easier to be mad and miserable all the time then it is to be happy...so I had to work at it everyday! It didn't happen overnight, but in time things got so much better! I felt better about my job..and with that came more money. I felt better about my life in general and everything turned around! My kids are all happy now and doing great and I have 2 amazing grandsons! I have been able to do things now I only dreamed about in the last 20 years and live a life a lot of people envy! Nothing is perfect but I am happy with who and what i am now. Now I'm thinking about retirement and there is way more behind me then there is in front of me, but I am looking forward to the next chapter.
  3. Still available! Car has a 2D trans and the owner is open to a best offer!
  4. This is what the Dems have been aiming for since day one. They know they cant win the next election so they are just going to keep creating one scandal after another! What has this congress done in the last 3 years?? Nothing but going after Trump! What they want to to run on the fact that he has been impeached in the house and they are going to stay on that! The real fact is...there is not person on the Democratic side that can beat him and they know it! Certainly not the clowns they have running now!!
  5. bigsammy


    Me too! Thought it was good. Took me a while to figure it out.
  6. This one really hurt. I became a fan in the 70's with 2112! I've seen them multiple times including the last tour. RUSH will always be my all time favorite band and all I can say it "thank you" for the amazing music and lyrics. RIP and you will be missed. 😢
  7. It's that time of year again and we are gearing up for our next show June 13th! If you would like to help by sponsoring please let me know soon! We have 6000 flyers that will be distributed starting next month right up to the the week before the show. If you want to get you company logo on the flyer...get it touch with me. All the proceeds from the show will be donated to Carol's Kitchen. This is the local food bank the helps to feed the hungry in our area. Over the last 7 years we have donated over $30,000 because of the show! There are are also vendor spots available.
  8. I have a friend that has a 2 seat turbo Subaru car for sale and I'm trying to help him out. When he got it, it had sat for a few years and had very little time on it. Since he got it, he tuned it to run on 93 octane pump gas and it has 300 hp. He added PCI car to car radio, custom windshield and all new LED lights. It's only been in the sand twice in the last 2 years and just sits now because he has no time to use it...so it's time to let it go. The car comes with 2 sets of tires...paddles and off road and a ton of spare parts! He's asking $12,500 If you have any questions please call him at 714-814-4950...his name is Rich and the car is located in Orange County in Southern California. Thanks
  9. Bought a new one over the weekend. I paid a little more but I got what I wanted.
  10. I'm looking for a enclosed trailer for my rail. I have an Extreme Performance ECO II and it's 90" in the rear. I don't want to take the tires off to get it in the trailer. The budget is 10k and down if possible. Not trying to break the bank. On board water and fuel is a plus. Thanks for any input. Sam
  11. Saw it Sunday. My wife and I really liked it a lot. Carol Shelby was a guy i reality admired for creating some of the most iconic cars of all time. Including my favorite...the AC Cobra! They are all over this movie!! If your a gear head, go see this movie...you wont be disappointed!
  12. So this is what we are doing right at my garage now to get the motor home out. It's 15 X 60, so any coach I might buy down the road will fit. Also...we added 2 RV dumps with water and the front of the garage will all be concrete soon. As has been stated: Insulate the building if you can. Electric roll up doors. I'm 60 and I don't want to be hand rolling up doors all the time. I little pricey but i think worth it. Thicker concrete especially if your going to add a lift. I went 8 inches Go all LED lighting. I went to Amazon and they have some pretty good deals on lighting I added a mezzanine to store parts. I didn't want a bunch of stuff I'm not using all over the floor. Epoxy the floor. I went to https://www.epoxy-coat.com and got their do it yourself system and saved a bunch of money. With new concrete it's a lot easier since you don't have to so much prep. It keeps the dust down. Fill your cut joints on the floor with a a Sika-Flex joint filler so your not using so much epoxy. If your going to run air get a good compressor and get hose reels. That way your not having hoses all over the floor. But run air everywhere! At least a 50 amp plug at both sides of the building is a must. A industrial was sink is a good idea. Home Depot has them. I also put in a small tank less electric water heater in at the sink Put a hose bib somewhere inside the building. You'll be glad you did. Good luck and congratulations on the new garage!
  13. My building is 50 x 60 and I ran out of room real fast! If you have a lot of projects like I do, the motor home takes up way to much space. My solution...build another building next to the shop for the motor home! But this is what i did last year and I love it. I'm doing concrete in front of the building very soon and i added a rv dump to the bathroom...that I just installed...another thing I should have done the first time. The building has it's own septic system and not connected to the house. I'll post some pictures later on the new progress...

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