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  1. I had mine detailed and waxed last week. It all come off and it looks great again. I did wash all the mud off when I get back after Thanksgiving but really didn't wash it. I think that's why it saved my paint.
  2. Started on a three wheeler, went to a two wheeler, then a four wheeler and then three sand rails. Back on a four wheeler with my son and having a blast. Wife is in a SxS. Been there and had them all. Someday I might go back to a sand rail, but for now I will be a flamer.
  3. Look at all the adds and commercial that the manufacturers put out. Its not all unicorns and rainbows. Its hardcore dunes, desert and rock crawling. Their the ones promoting what they should be used for. Obviously some of them can't hold up to the same abuse as they promote. If Chevy did a commercial of the ZR1 Corvette doing a bitchen burn out. You go buy one and did that same bitchen burn out and the rear end fell out. Wouldn't you be pissed? Or here is a better anolgy. You go buy a brand new dirt bike, take it home and put gusset on the front tripple clamps because they will break the first jump or whoops you hit. Is that okay?
  4. Its just crazy to me that someone would buy a product then immediately tear it down to make it stronger so it wont break. Could you imagine if you bought an automobile and you had to modify it just to make it reliable on the street. Its amazing what people except as normal. If you go to The King of the Hammers there will be Honda Talon Demos. Come give it a try and see if you like it. Talon X 4P standard Talon X 4P Fox Live Valve Talon R 2P Talon X 2P Will be available for demo rides.
  5. Tony is an ass.hole!
  6. Wash your mouth out with soap!!!
  7. I washed a small area on my truck last night and it was still stained from where the mud was. I than hand waxed the same spot. It looks as though it is gone after I waxed it. Still sucks because I'm going to have to pay someone to do a detail. I'm not doing a "Wax On.. Wax Off" all weekend on a full size dually.
  8. You got me scared now. I was up and down wash road the whole week of Thanksgiving and my truck was covered with mud. When I got home I went to pay as you spray car wash and got all the mud off. It still had a residue on it where the mud was sprayed off. I haven't really washed it because of all the rain and I don't really drive it much. I will see if its etched tonight and let you know.
  9. How about you just drive your shit and see how it feels.
  10. Most of that stuff will eat away at the aluminum rims.

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