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  1. Time2Dune

    ATC 70

    Nice find, Its worth more than that in parts
  2. Just a question, who do you have for insurance?
  3. I had PTI plates on mine and got pulled over by the High Way patrol. I told the office I bought it that way but he didn't care, I got a fix it ticket, and I had to take my 5th wheel to the DMV to get it signed off ( what a pain in the ASS) now it has regular plates.
  4. Moab, on Hells Revenge. Can't wait to go back.
  5. Not mine, I was just the ballast.
  6. Looking for a used Polaris Outlaw 90, whos got one sitting around that they didnt use last season? Thanks
  7. My buddy has a 2008 F350 with the 6.4 diesel, It is getting Fuel in the oil and has no power. Only codes that it is throwing are a high oil pressure and 4X4 code. Anybody have a recommendation for a good diesel mechanic around the IE?
  8. I'm putting some new plastics on my R55 and would like to see how you guys have trimmed/ race cut your plastics. Thanks
  9. St Clair Insurance knows the sport, they will know what you are talking about when you say sand rail.

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