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  1. Is there a part number for the kit from AirLift?
  2. That's what I was thinking before I cut a good one up.
  3. Anyone have a Neck or carrier from a 70 they don't need. Doing a project and don't want to cut up a good frame.. THanks
  4. Looking for a cam chain adjuster cover bolt. The one you remove to get to the adjuster..
  5. They were bad this weekend. We got pulled over 5 times from Tues to Sat. Twice for not having a license plate light. I think there is other things that they should have been worried about that. I thought one of them was going to shoot me for messing with my flag while he was writing my friend a ticket for forgetting to put his sticker on. All in all it was a great time. They just need to get their priorities straight!!
  6. I Drive a 2wd. Will I be able to get down wash road?
  7. where is the compound at from the washes?
  8. I haven't been to Glamis before. Only gone to the south dunes. Where is a good place to go. There will be a group of about 15 of us. Quads, dirt bikes and me with my ATC 250r. Mostly young guys. Where should I set up camp? They want to be close to the party. Will be pulling a 30' trailer in. I appreciate the help.
  9. I ride a 2001 Raptor 660. I have a few things done to it but nothing special just bold on mods for the most part. I will be down there sometime in March.
  10. Hi all. My name is Steven and I am getting ready to be moving to Yuma in the next month and I can't wait. I have rode little Sahara oklahoma but nothin compared to what I am seeing here! Is there any one who rides on a regular basis that is from Yuma that wouldn't mind me tagging along every once and a while.

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