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  1. So LA County and CA State beaches are closed, which includes Malibu because inland idiots decide to go to the beach on a nice day when they should be staying at home social distancing. Dude had to cross a closed beach to get his SUP into the water. SUPer gets called out for the violation, ignores authorities for a half hour and yore okay with this? Same shit happened here last week and dude got a $1000 ticket. This idiot didn't learn . . .
  2. Local liquor store still has 12 packs of Lagunitas and Racer 5 IPAs. Also been digging deep into my Don Julio Reposado tequila and High West Rendezvouz Rye
  3. Opening day with no baseball. Took the day off as per usual (I’m “essential “ and still working in my office). Think I’ll get some Dodger Dogs, some peanuts and drink a few beers while watching Kershaw go 9 innings and hit a home run against the Giants in 2013 . . .
  4. Really nice score. Congrats . . .
  5. Once a State of Emergency is declared, certain elected officials are empowered to perform actions or impose policies that they would normally not be permitted to undertake . . .
  6. Here's the deal, Senators literally have to disclose this stuff. . Not just crooked but REALLY DUMB. Much more obvious is you call your friend, your son, your brother. They don’t disclose. But if I remember, didn't a member of the House go down for doing that? I wonder what Eric and Don Jr have been up to ? ?
  7. @Romans9 from probublica: I'm sure he's not the only one.
  8. Marshall Law? Who are you guys, Marco Rubio ? ? ?
  9. Yes! Let's inject another lethal pathogen into the world, just for shits and giggles . . .

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