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  1. Oh man, that sucks. Hopefully it all gets worked out . . .
  2. My friend and riding buddy in G had both his kneecaps "displaced" in a diving board accident a few years back. 2 new knees, months recovering and years of rehab later, he can walk pretty well. His golf game is coming around. Sold all his bikes. Sometimes one has to remember we're not kids anymore. On topic: looking sweet dbart . . .
  3. South Bay


    I'll just leave this here until it's proven to be fake:
  4. Ifin I remember correctly, Prince played live (in the rain), maybe T Pet too ? ? Shakira: sold over 75 million records all over the world and one of the most powerful Latinas on the planet. GD.com: who is Shakira ? ? ? Lolz . . .
  5. Looking good sir. Summer will be here soon . . .
  6. News is saying pilot was IFR certified and an instructor. But flying at 160 knots in dense fog ? ? ? RIP . . .
  7. how dare you use yore in its proper context . . .
  8. Different topic, but SxS have ruined (most) trail riding for me. There are only a few (semi secret ) spots left where one can ride without their infestation . . .
  9. People still ride 4 wheel couches? ?
  10. Still skinny. 2 weeks ago I wore a vintage leather Jacket to a show (full brag: Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires at the Walt Disney Concert Hall) that I've owned since 1995 . . .
  11. One of my fave Tiny Desk Concerts:

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