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  1. Sorry man, that sucks. Bad. RIP Mr. Bartley . . .
  2. Just searched for "$58,400 california campaigns" on the old google and a bunch of stories came up stating that
  3. I actually dig that. Sort of modeled after the Ferrari "Bread Van" from the 60s . . .
  4. It's the legal limit for individuals to donate to political campaigns
  5. Methinks yore thinking of Gray Davis. FWIW, it is a bit odd that every year or so the price of gas spikes in CA when it seems all of the refineries are either down for "previously scheduled maintenance" or are in the middle of changing formulas between summer/winter blends . . .
  6. ^ ^ ^ that is a good looking truck . . .
  7. Washinton and the Dodgers had identical records from the end of May to the end of the regular season. Just sayin . . .
  8. I was at the bar screaming at Dave Roberts when he let Kersh start the 8th. Dude next to me high fived me when he gave up back to back bombs. Next year . . .
  9. Ride the bikes, swim in the ocean as much as possible, walk. Push ups and then stretch when I wake up. Cut my portions in half and dropped 60 lbs (6' 2" and weighed 240 lbs at the time) Have kept it off for 3 years . . .
  10. 2 years ago today. RIP . . .
  11. Not a good shape for skating . . .
  12. Nice to see them coming back. Cheese burritos still on the menu

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