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  1. WTF happened to Roczen in the Main last night ? ? ?
  2. sitting in my 5th floor office and I'd say pretty much all of the City of Hawthorne PD just drove by and turned east on to Imperial Hwy next to the 105 freeway. Carry on . . .
  3. Not just OHV places and a certain ethnicity:
  4. My niece just came home after graduating college a few weeks ago (full brag: She skipped high school and just received her Masters in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell at age 19). There was a clean new to her Jeep in the driveway as a graduation present and we had a mellow party for her with a family and a few friends over the weekend. She was pretty ambivalent about it all. I was over high school by the end of my sophomore year however I did go to a prom a year after I graduated high school with a girl who would later go on to win an Oscar. I dressed in an awesome thrift store suit from the 70s while she wore Chanel, but that is another story . . .
  5. Good looking crew. Congrats to yore brother dbart . . .
  6. Filthy Rich, the Jeffrey Epstein docuseries on Netflix comes out tomorrow. Gonna cause a bunch of problems for the British Royal Family . . .
  7. I love stuff you don't see any day and this definitely qualifies. This thing must rip . . .
  8. And Soup Plantation never had Malibu Chicken either. . .
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  10. South Bay


    Billie Beever is bummed, but then again, strip clubs aren't going ot be strip clubs anymore, so . . .
  11. South Bay

    #Stay Home

    Short version Ifin I recall correctly (shit it's only been 2 months but feels like a year ago), there was a shortage of them and people were buying up any that they could find to the point that the US Surgeon General told everyone to stop buying effing masks so medical people who needed them could have them. Also this: and then as things got worse we get the policy change a month later Became mandatory in LA County as of April 15 . . .
  12. Buncha old farts are racing on May 12: Travis Pastrana, Ryan Villopoto, Jake Weimer, Ryan Sipes, Mike Alessi, Damion Bradshaw, Jeff Stanton, Broc Glover, Ivan Tedesco, kevin Windham PPV link: https://www.fite.tv/watch/moto-fite-klub/2p75c/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=linktree&utm_campaign=moto+fite+klub

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