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  1. Servicing the CV's and pulled the hub covers and found this. How concerned should I be? Axle just a touch to long? Or is this normal?
  2. Shock Therapy did my XDS Turbo back in 2015 for $1800, revalve/crossover rings and all new springs. Still works awesome today.
  3. I am certain that it works with the B&W turnover gooseneck ball. As far as other turnover ball hitches, I'm not sure.
  4. B&W 5TH Wheel Hitch, Used only once. Excellent condition. The Cadillac of 5th Wheel Hitches. All parts are their and needs nothing to use. Model RVB3500, 20,000 lbs. Rated Hitch, 5000 lbs. Tongue Weight Rated, These hitches sale for over $900 new plus tax. $700.00 obo Call or text, 623-518-0232
  5. Holy Shit!! that is badass BBB, I can appreciate that level of dedication!
  6. Thanks Kazuaki, I agree with the concern of strength, and the tests they have on YouTube for the Andersen. Will that thing fold up on a panic stop with a loaded toy hauler, is one of my concerns. The hydraulic load test is straight down. I wonder about side loading that hitch, and fore and aft.
  7. Researching these 2 5th wheel hitches, and looking for what you all use and prefer. If it matters, this 5th wheel application is for Ram 2500 short bed. Thanks GD
  8. 2010 Stellar 23ft front bath toy hauler, Ultra light weight, GVWR 9,900. 13' 3" to the first cabinet, 16' 9" into the kitchen. Will hold 2 seat and 4 seat SxS's and medium size sand cars. Purchased in Oct. 2013 from Cactus Auto. Garage stored for 4 of the 5 years we've owned it. Professionally washed and waxed annually. New Tires - New Awning - New Steps - New Batteries - New Vent covers - New Rear Ramp Latch assy. - Generator just serviced Power tongue jack, weight dist. hitch, anti sway bar. 106 gallon fresh water, 50/50 grey/black tanks. (SOLD) Thanks GD.com
  9. Raiders


    This past Friday thru Tue. Was cool and quiet out there.
  10. Raiders

    New Genny

    Totally agree, more on par with an old Briggs and Stratton lawn mower. Seriously thinkin about getting one of the HF genny as well.
  11. Raiders

    New Genny

    So these are way more quiet than the Onan micro quiet 4000?
  12. Socal, I had started a very similar thread a year or so ago, and asked about the multi process machines. Sausage450 and a few other chimed in with the same answers about one welder doesn't do any process very well. So I took the advice and got the Miller 211. I can say now that I've had it for over a year, and it was the right choice, you will be happy you got the miller.
  13. Oldskool continued, Off road race team JD Brand from El Cajon Ca. These photos were taken at the Santee pits, I believe that's where the trolly and Costco kinda are now. Used to ride ATC 90's out there. Anyways, the orange F150 was my dads back then, he used to pick me up from elementary school in that. Cool memories for sure.
  14. Also, do you think he could have pulled off not rolling, if he did not veer to the left like he did?
  15. Don't know if anyone noticed, but the first video has that circle in the top left of the screen. Its a 360* video You can spin around the view through the whole video.
  16. High speed wreck after hitting a couple cows. Amazing just how well these truck hold together when crashing at these speeds. And they just walk away. If anyone has seen any outside, or aerial footage of this wreck, please share it here.
  17. Left SD today from some work training this past week, and saw this on the way home. Looked perfect from 30,000 ft.
  18. Makes ya want to go out and get some clapped out Farm Quad just for shits and giggles, and thrash the hell out if it.
  19. They do look like fun. 16K seems over priced by a lot. $9,999 seems more realistic, but the burning question is, will they catch fire.
  20. Totally agree RW. If you choose to use an old brittle or cracked fuel jug, or strap it down in a way that will wear through its material. Well I guess you get to pay the price of bad choices. I'm simply pointing out that if done correctly, you can carry gas in any SXS without fear of fire. I use Roto Pax, and vent them throughout the day on long trail rides. The real issue here is if your xp1000 burns, and there was a gas can in back, its automatically your fault, and actually may have not been.
  21. I don't think the 800 or 900 were so prone to self combustion like the xp1000. And carrying gas isn't the issue either. If your gas can does not leak it will not start a fire.

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