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  1. You cant go wrong with the the Glock 32 -Brian
  2. That is one crazy (_|_) boat...
  3. Shawn at Wicked & Chris at Eyeball both helped redesign the front bulkhead supports. -Brian
  4. He is correct... Kevin had to change it around a couple of times because of the BIG (_|_) front tires I wanted :-) But got everything worked out for me.. -Brian
  5. Those are not J arms. Those are a true "center pivot A-arm" Who is "they"?? I had the front arm's custom made and the rear arm's are from David @ DD -Brian
  6. i am trying to get a little more travel and i have heard the "A" arm set up has a better ride than what i have now. i have not yet tottaly decided on changing the front yet. im just throwing it out there as an option because i can't sell this car and i can't afford a new car right now. Have you been in both style of cars? what is the big difference in ride? Great point of discussion. Yes, I've ridden and drove both type of set ups and they both have their positives and negatives. The very long travel cars ie. anything over 22 inches in the front drives like a 1976 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. They are very smooth through the rough stuff but that monster amount of travel can work against you too. If the front of a off-road car has so much travel that the car never rides the terrain it is hard to run fast. Sure, if you are burning through whoops these cars are spectacular and absolutely amazing. On the other hand, a properly set up 18-22 inch travel car in the dunes will roll with the terrain and be very fast. All that loading and unloading of 27inches of travel is hard to process while driving. In other words, "soaking up everything" is not necessarily the best. So true...........
  7. What should the angle be on a 934 CV ? Right now I'm sitting at 21 with the wheels off the groud. Micro Stub - 300M Axles - Kartek 934 CV Thanks...
  8. Does that intake have a 78MM ? I couldn't find any specs saying what size it was. The adapter I have converts a 90MM EFI to 90MM carb. When I place the throttle body on the adapter there's no step. Pic's included..
  9. What do you guys think of the GM LS Performance Intake Manifold (#88958675) with the adapter and Fast 90MM ? 402 stroker with CNC 243
  10. I know of IntelliDash and Racepak.. Is there any others out there you guys know of ? Thanks in advanced...

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