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  1. 1995 seaswirl spyder 22012,500 OBOLow hours on 7.4l 454 motor. Fresh professional detail.*New tower with speakers 4 8" speakers.*New 4 5" speakers in the boat with 1 10" sub (2 amps).*3 new marine deep cycle batteries.Plenty of room for 8 people with room for two big coolers behind captian's chairs.Plenty of storage under seats and inside engine compartment.Two props (wake and speed)Boat will do 50-65 mph depending on prop, weight, conditions.Transom lights.Tower lights.*New trailer tires w/ spare.*New starter50 gallon fuel tankThe boat runs great, has been extremely reliable, fast and fun.There's a few blemishes here and there.The boat is very roomy. She's a wide body which is rare. Lots of room inside this boat without feeling cramped or crawling over bags and coolers.She's light, 2500 lbs dry.50 gallon fuel tankWakeboarding, tubing wake surfing are all no problem behind her. She can put out a big wake!NEVER BEEN IN SALT WATER! She's only been used in the colorado river (yuma) and San Vicente Reservoir (Lakeside)Fresh registration as of July 2018 and permanent trailer tags.
  2. Brand new tundra all set up on fox's, methods and toyos.
  3. Just a tip, upgrade the stock tranny cooler to a 31 row 6.0 cooler. John's work is top notch, but even his work wont last if that tranny cooler stays there.
  4. 2nd the carrier bearing or a u-joint. When they go bad, they go bad. I had a u-joint and a carrier go bad at once. Went from a slight vibration to a heavy vibration real quick.
  5. I don't remember the year, but I do remember a lot of people starting their truck up cold, usually the morning time, and just flooring the throttle down the road clearing the injectors out. Sounds bad for the truck, but I've had two friends do this to their duramax's over the last year and working. I have a feeling they're 2000-2002 models. I don't remember
  6. The best filter you can run on our truck. http://www.riffraffdiesel.com/riffraff-die...637-filter-kit/
  7. The lake bed is not flooded anymore, but it is very soft. Be safe on the roads, chasing this year sucks.
  8. Yes they can be off. The two websites don't factor in maintenance, upgrades and demand. They have a fixed formula where the obvious questions are filled in and an answer is spit out. It's a very quick and generic number. Compare a 7.3 and 6.0 for example. The 6.0 will always be worth more according to their formula, regardless of it's failure to compete. On the other hand, 7.3 has earned it's reliability and is in higher demand. Those websites don't factor those in.
  9. Curt LeDuc and a guy on go fast broncos have a vss relocator. It's a bolt on yoke/tone ring to the back of the transfer case. They both get great reviews, but they're not the easiest and fastest to deal with. I honestly don't like the idea of a tone ring exposed to the elements anyways. I read this article the other day, which has me leaning towards the 9" route. http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/482506-v...r-ford-9-a.html
  10. There's minimal information online and it's giving me a headache. I still want to be able to street this truck, and I also want to be able to cruise at 70+ mph in the dirt. I plan to be out prerunning in her next year and I want to make sure she's good to go. If I can find someone, I might be selling a bolt on motor cage, front & rear bumper, front bolt on bump mounts and steel 15" beadlocks with BFG Mta's.
  11. I'm currently doing some research on whether or not I'm going to repair and truss the 8.8 rear end or put in a trussed 9" I've been looking at. Pros of a 9": Countless amounts of upgrades. Third Member. A tad bit stronger. Common and interchangable parts. Cons of a 9": Yoke & Tone Ring needed (maybe). Need to find one that's long enough and to truss/bracket it. Pros of an 8.8": Already own it. VSS. Comparable in strength to a 9" Cons of an 8.8": Forged pumpkin. Needs Straightened & Trussed. Limited amount of parts. Basically what it comes down to is money and where I want to put my money to get her to be enjoyable. I'm going through my budget, finishing some other projects and deciding how I want to approach this project. Obviously cage, belts and seats are my priority. However, I need to repair or replace my rear end. The 8.8" that's in the bronco now is bent. I'm looking at straightening it, followed by a rear and upper truss, with new gears installed front and rear. Another option is to throw out the 8.8 and pick up an already trussed 9". That would leave me with re-gearing it and doing some bracket/tab work to get it to bolt up to the bronco. That's not a big deal. This opens a whole new situation. Running a 9" rear end will eliminate my VSS or some call it the ABS on the top of the 8.8. This means I need to either run a yoke & tone ring from two suppliers, which are a pain to deal with (so i've been told.) I could possibly eliminate the whole VSS by running a winter's ratchet shifter, which I'm already going to install, but I need to run an aftermarket PCM on the E40D to control the line pressure. Now I haven't confirmed this, and I'm awaiting for monday to roll around the get some phone calls in. I need to know if I can run the E40D without the VSS and properly be able to use the OD option. Otherwise the E40D is completely usless to me. I've read that I can install a ratchet shifter, but in order to use OD I need to wire in an OD switch (not a big deal.) Without the VSS how will the tranny and ECU know when to tell the E40D and PCM that it's time to shift into OD. Can I run the 9" without the yoke & tone gear/vss combo if I install an aftermarket PCM and a Winter's ratcher shifter with a 1-2-3-D combo (D being OD?)
  12. http://www.riffraffdiesel.com/complete-fue...seal-kit-99-03/ Super easy to do, won't take more than a few hours for your first time. Oh, and I'll bet 100% it's your fuel bowl drain valve on the back of the fuel filter/heater assembly. I've replaced the o-rings on the valve with the fuel filter assembly in the truck and I've taken the assembly out of the truck. 20x easier to take it out of the truck. trust me A second tip on the caps. There's two kinds of fuel filters for our trucks, one piece filters/caps and two piece filters and caps. Make sure you use the two piece filter set-up. You only need to replace the filter and o-ring, which comes in the filter pack, every time.
  13. I will have the current motor cage and front bumper for sale shortly.
  14. I just picked up this bad girl last month. She's going to be bmyig project this summer season. First thing's first, a full tear down, followed by a chromoly 1.75" cage, 3 seats/belts and radiator. Stay Tuned!

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