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  1. I believe you can dune 24/7 now

    1. CONCEPT Thomas

      CONCEPT Thomas

      Rest & dune bro

  2. Im a middle of the road guy. I dont buy Sears anymore. I buy Husky at Home Depot usually. HF buys are considered a one time use in my house, if it lasts longer than that, its a bonus. I have only broken 1 Husky tool, a 1/2” drive torque wrench. Home Depot replaced it no questions asked.
  3. Joe knows birthdays! Happy Birthday buddy!
  4. Erik, As painful as it sounds, s4 or pbs s4 is in yore future.
  5. Good to buy whatever until 2019. Just no mailorder or transporting state to here
  6. When are we going to leave well enough alone? Hate to bitch but lets leave things be for a bit maybe?
  7. That fcuking sucks. I bet that dog would have been great healing power.
  8. Get a hobby! And Happy Birthday.
  9. Anybody seen the comments made by the fat fcuk Fresno State English teacher? Shes a real piece of work.

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