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  1. Kids are having fun capturing scorpions and watching them battle. They have caught about a dozen within 50' of camp.
  2. endobear

    Highway Star

    Few more today in LA Quinta.
  3. Chilling for 2 more days in LA Quinta doing the wife's vacation time, then off to Glamis for dad time....
  4. endobear

    Highway Star

    Some nice cars running around today in LA Quinta
  5. Sorry for your loss. RIP.
  6. Chilling at LA Quinta Resort club. Day 3 of our 23 day trip. Can't wait for the 11th to get here for 7 days in Glamis to finish off the trip.
  7. Little bit of work. Finish prepping for 20 day trip with about 8-10 days in Glamis. Lots to do by Tuesday.
  8. endobear

    2 lt80s

    NEW. Spare sprockets, chains. Was going to play with the gearing. Never did. Extra carbs and jets. New cylinder and stock piston that I bought before deciding to go with the jack moore motors Both have had the oil injectors properly deleted. Must mix fuel.
  9. endobear

    2 lt80s

  10. endobear

    2 lt80s

    03.. Works shocks, extended A-arms, rear wheel spacers, paddles and dirt tires. Fresh (2 TRIPS)Jack Moore national motor, 20 over, ported cylinder, milled head,, new reeds, ported reed cage, detailed carb and clutch mods. $2950. 05 . Wheel spacers, paddles and dirt tires,. 4 trip Jack moore motor, ported cylinder, milled head, New reeds, ported reed cage. Clutch mods. $2400. Both bikes are dialed in and available after 10/18.
  11. Thanks for the responses. I've ridden a couple of blasters. They are a hoot. But you gotta make em sing. I've also watched a buddies wife smoke 2 motors and my sister smoke one the same weekend In Glamis. Suspension always left me wanting more. I'm a 2 stroke guy. So I like that. Kids have a pretty aggressive riding style. I'm sure the shifting in the power band will come quickly. I'm sure a raptor 250 will handle better. Plus be better with some trails we might do. They are pricey and hard to come by in Colorado.
  12. Going to have a pair of built lt80s for sale after October 18th
  13. I've got 2 lt80s with Jack's Motors and modded clutches. They are 2x better than stock. They are rippers.

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