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  1. After getting a $65,000 quote to rebuild my damn deck it looks like my weekend is going to consist of fixing/band-aiding and painting the old one to buy me a couple more years.
  2. endobear

    Highway Star

    Buddies street legal, mid engine, northstar, Mendeola Super Beetle. Used to be his late brothers sitting on air bags and Daytons in the late 80s. Going to take a ride in it this afternoon and hit the local cruise. So fun.
  3. 1"Do you wipe from the front or the Rear?" 2."IF IT ISNT WORTH DOING RIGHT, IT ISNT WORTH DOING " 3,"Dime Holding up a dollar" 4. Can't take care of someone else if you can't take.csre of yourself. 5."never get involved with a women with more problems than you"
  4. Spent the day yesterday cleaning windows and recovering from 5 days on the Yucatan celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and going to one of our brides maids wedding. Went for a Golf Cart ride near home today. Got poured on. Still snow blocking some trails but was nice.
  5. Half mile in off 78 near the canal. The night before they went on the hunt and only found 2 little ones in an hr. Not sure what makes them out one night and not the next. October was the same. We had alot of snake tracks in camp in March also. Never saw the basturds but it was definitely during the early morning light that they were cruising around.
  6. Kids found these in about 30 minutes of hunting around camp in glamis last March. Just a cheapo Amazon light
  7. endobear

    Highway Star

    Yesterday's winner at Vato Zone.
  8. Thanks bro. It's been a real pia.. I'll get her done. I should have started a thread on this adventure 18 months ago when I started... Reclaimed prefinished oak...
  9. Bailed out on our usual memorial weekend camping adventures to work on the house. Ugh... Making slow progress.
  10. I did the Zepp treatment deal on my last 34' TH. Looked great for about 2 years. Then started failing where the sun hit or water ran down it where it was stored. Dusting/tiny flakes. For the effort I put in and the time it took, I should have cut and waxed it.. would have been easier to maintain and looked better after 2 years. chit. I could have cut it and sprayed it with real clear coat for the amount of time I put into Zepping it.. I do get hammered with snow, rain and intense sun at 9k'.. I wouldn't do it again.
  11. Yeah man. Good call. Totally screwed for scooter traveling this weekend. Next weekend looks better.
  12. Nephews graduation deal yesterday. Cold and wet. But pretty bitchen. Woke up to some (more) snow this morning. Moving some outlets around to make the wife happy today. More of that tomorrow. Ugh..
  13. More than 12". I'm 1hr west on i70 from DIA. Curren situation.
  14. I wouldn't be to keen on doing I-70 this time of year on a scooter in the dark west from Denver. Damn deer are coming right down on the shoulder to get the green (mag chloride) grass this time of year. Be careful..

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