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  1. bapyoubip

    dakar race

    More good video from some big dunes!
  2. bapyoubip

    dakar race

    Some great footage from the race!
  3. bapyoubip

    New Truck

    Anyone considering the new F150 diesel?
  4. bapyoubip

    Rain in Glamis?

    Just spoke with the El Centro BLM office and was told that the free weekend starts today and I didn’t need a pass.
  5. bapyoubip

    Rain in Glamis?

    The weather station shows 0.06” of rain yesterday.
  6. bapyoubip

    Legal Description Of Land

    Get your Assessors parcel number from your tax bill and call a Land title company. Should be a free service.
  7. bapyoubip

    Catalytic Converter Stolen

    4 bolts and 2 cut rubber pads supporting the cat bracket and it was gone... filed a police report. frys does have cameras but the cops have to be the ones to check them out. i have a $500 deductible so i went ahead and paid for an aftermarket cat out of pocket at ed hanson's out in spring valley for $275 installed. threw on a flowmaster while i was at it... he said he's seeing more and more of this, especially from toyotas.
  8. bapyoubip

    Catalytic Converter Stolen

    got my catalytic converter stolen off my toyota tacoma down in san diego in the frys electronics parking lot tonight... sounded like i was driving a trophy truck limping it home. any ideas or suggestions for shops to get a new one? thanks ahead of time. i know this isnt going to be cheap...
  9. bapyoubip

    Dakar 2011

    im sorry but these stupid fluff pieces about the people around dakar are a complete waste of time. did they seriously spend a few minutes yesterday covering how the argentinians make cookies??? its like having a segment about changing your oil on the martha stewart show... ugh...
  10. bapyoubip

    Pikes Peak Video

    i think its hilarious that you trying to give driving lessons to a 2-time wrc champion, but thats just me...

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