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  1. Happy Birthday BFF...!
  2. Hey Peeps, Yarders wife here. I am looking to see if any of you men have ladies or lady friends that have had their boobs done and would be willing to pass on info or recommend a doctor to me. I am located in Phoenix so I would prefer a doctor local to me. If they are more comfortable they can PM or ask for my # to text me.
  3. Thank you very much πŸ’—
  4. Tell me more during happy hour please.. Stoney Glad you got a taker for it..
  5. Wish I was closer would take of your hands in a heartbeat.
  6. Husband working in the garage, Taking in a hockey game tonight with a few 🍺🍺. Tomorrow a little Netflix and chill.
  7. Hopefully kicking this cold ass so I can get out of bed soon.. 😷
  8. put in the trailer we can use around the campfire..
  9. Check with Pipelayer. He has done our plumbing work.
  10. wishing I was in Glamis with my . start/finish xmas shopping Getting thing ready for glamis so I can bounce after work wed
  11. Monkey, yarder & dirtbags got 11
  12. Monkey, Yarder and the Dirtbags reporting for duty..
  13. Not a damn thing,which is a very abnormal thing for us. Going to enjoy the weekend of Netflix an chill and maybe a little
  14. Happy Birthday .. Hope its an amazing day..

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