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  1. Happy Birthday BFF...!
  2. Hey Peeps, Yarders wife here. I am looking to see if any of you men have ladies or lady friends that have had their boobs done and would be willing to pass on info or recommend a doctor to me. I am located in Phoenix so I would prefer a doctor local to me. If they are more comfortable they can PM or ask for my # to text me.
  3. Thank you very much πŸ’—
  4. Tell me more during happy hour please.. Stoney Glad you got a taker for it..
  5. Wish I was closer would take of your hands in a heartbeat.
  6. Husband working in the garage, Taking in a hockey game tonight with a few 🍺🍺. Tomorrow a little Netflix and chill.
  7. Hopefully kicking this cold ass so I can get out of bed soon.. 😷
  8. put in the trailer we can use around the campfire..
  9. Check with Pipelayer. He has done our plumbing work.
  10. wishing I was in Glamis with my . start/finish xmas shopping Getting thing ready for glamis so I can bounce after work wed
  11. Monkey, yarder & dirtbags got 11
  12. Monkey, Yarder and the Dirtbags reporting for duty..
  13. Not a damn thing,which is a very abnormal thing for us. Going to enjoy the weekend of Netflix an chill and maybe a little
  14. Happy Birthday .. Hope its an amazing day..
  15. not a damn thing...! maybe I should try to find something to do.
  16. *Monkey*

    Sad News

    RIP Tank..? You will be missed.
  17. Absolutely nothing. Weekend wide open we will see what comes up.
  18. Relaxing at home for once. Going to get caught up on Netflix and maybe a nap later.
  19. Headed up Sept 7-17. It will be our first trip. Looking forward to it. Going to check out the suggestions some of you have posted for side trips
  20. Yarder is heading to Havasu on wed night from Phx
  21. Thanks for the Birthday wishes from my GD Family.
  22. *Monkey*

    F*CK CANCER 2.0

    Mac. Please let Aaron and Laura know they are in our thought and if they need anything to reach out. We will help anyway we can. Also give them a squeeze from us.
  23. Being a member of the TDBR is a true honor. We all have that duner spirit running through us and we try to use it where ever we are. I will accept this for the team but it was a group effort.

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