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  1. A little 2 wheel time to decompress before SSSS crunch IMG_0216.MOV IMG_0216.MOV IMG_0216.MOV
  2. Setrab Fanpack: Series 9 Cooler, 20 Row, 2-Pass, Dual Fans | Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies TT we run 2 Blower and NA 1
  3. Non Emmisions (CARB CERT) vehicles on MSO are a non starter in Ca. Special Construction kits easy pleasey. Just pay your tax and have all your receipts in order. ASK ME HOW I KNOW
  4. you could use a 3.5 " ( 12inch OL ) or 5.5 " (14 inch OL ) on a gen 4 without changing overall outside width as long as the outer bell is not more then 8.5 inch I don't encourage it but You could use a 2 ' inch but if you go 12 " OL it will add to the outside width, that applys to Gen 3 or Gen 4 Gen 3 3.5 " or 2 " 5.5 " will not work
  5. Supply Chain issues ... I have no idea what you guys are talking about
  6. I will be picking some up over memorial weekend , Could get them here in Rialto for you
  7. Good idea ,however a business sponsor might need to rethink his support. Just thinking out loud. FWIW I am not speaking for myself as I am a lifer in support of this site
  8. Simple answer for me My wife and I can't share the same space. My stacker is loaded with parts as we like to keep customers running on weekends ..hence work area Motorhome I am only allowed to S&S even then I am only allowed in the my bathroom ,it's a bath and a half model. Is this where i call her a BITCH lol
  9. It would be pure speculation on my part. Many people have adapted and offered their own variations of the same thing. Couple that with the fact there are many different bearing manufacturers.All are not created equally. I’m only familiar with the Kartek and Pro Am
  10. You’ll be happy you did in 1 1/2 to 2 years when you don’t have to replace it. Since you mentioned PRO AM . When we built the First Gen 3 we knew the mono hub was what we wanted to use. A few guys were building them as “MICRO STUB”. We dug all our old fixtures out but I immediately had PTSD so we took it to our friend Roy Debahn. He was with Kartek then. We asked them build us hubs. He branded that side of the business PRO AM. What Roy has developed that brand into is a world class drivetrain systems company and currently owns Mckenzie’s as well. He was one of the first if not the first to step up to what is now called the MS1000Hd stuff.
  11. Bob story is about a decade late to the game. Search mid 80’s AMC EAGLE front unit bearing , a guy named Gil George (FUNCO )saw a set being used on a trailer. At the time we had gone from a swinglaxle to type 1 (bug) to a type 181 (thing ) to a type 2 (bus) stubaxle. The bus stuff once we built our own carrier and went to tapered roller bearing was stout enough for the race cars of the day but suffered on axle length. Gil sourced the hub then went to the Wilwood catalog and ordered up an Oldsmobile Drag kit. To get the 5 bolt 4 3/4 hub diameter up to 5 on 205 he called his Freind a guy named Hobert Kennedy (KEP) and bought some center drops from the engine adaptor plates he was making. Stubaxle to Cv flanges didn’t exist. We were just starting to use 930’s so we would take a type 2 flange weld a ring to the OD machine and tap to accept a 930 then weld it to a cut off eagle stub shaft. We would do the same thing to bus trans drive flanges . Send it out to anneal and heat treat. VOILA we had what we called a FUNCO MONO BEARING hub brake assembly. It didn’t take long making stub axles which was massively labor intensive until Gil called his Freind Bob Summers (Summers Bros) to build those parts from scratch. I drilled a ton of holes tapped threads bored holes when I was a youngster. But I sold a chit ton of those kits The FUNCO /Summers bros relationship developed some other game changing hub and brake components to unlike some of the stuff being used today. Some even with a TM but that’s a story for another day. Sidebar .. once the Eagle went belly up that exact unit bearing was found on the first year Chevy S10 .
  12. My family’s float. Lots of room and lots of shade
  13. Original FUNCO WAMPUSKITTY . McQueen also raced them in Baja early days

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