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  1. Looking for a little help on a screw up we made. Anyone heading to Glamis this through the I.E this morning or afternoon . I need 2 whips taken out for @URCLEVER Will meet to give them to you 909 9383226
  2. We ran across these two squids behind olds. Zero situational awareness .. in and out of our line like they were the only guys in the dunes. EFFIN CLUELESS
  3. We don't , well we have but there are some nuainces to repair and evry time we try to sell a kit it ends up coming back to us. It is typically in the spool valve and we hve those rebuilt.
  4. I just bought an EGO 650 cmf leaf blower for my Havasu house to move land ape rock ooff the street. Crazy expensive but BLOWS the others away ..pun intended
  5. We are just little fish , not trying to swim with the big whales , just servicing a niche market. We are getting cars out but the daily supply chain on the simplest stuff makes it way harder then it should be 😤
  6. Thats the funniest $HIT ever Polaris and Can Am are not getting it done either or Ford or Chevy
  7. ACBF5818-8493-4ED5-A9AC-337F9055BA5A.MOV IMG_0089.MOV ACBF5818-8493-4ED5-A9AC-337F9055BA5A.MOV
  8. Yes Gil's car ... Coils were added after the fact
  9. They have to make it solid as solid can be. Warranty issues could bury them otherwise for a couple obvious reasons. I'm not a hater or a fan boy. It should be a great SXS when done. But still just a SXS 😜 They have created a monster but I've known Robby his whole life ad there is nobody I have ever known the works harder
  10. I Will be starting my weekly IG Livestream tonite at 7:30 pm 🤕
  11. Great thread and timely Gonna sit back and watch this with interest so we can get a feel for the perception out there It is not really as complicated as perceived but very nuanced !
  12. Not gonna lie ,I'm always a little sad when more GD.COM guys don't pop in to introduce their selves and say HI ! After all we are just like you all that share a sickness for the dunes. To those that did thanks.

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