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  1. That’s awesome... 100k miles worth of memories!! Glad you’re in park, safety first 😅
  2. I haven’t seen a V10 Class A that has a higher tow rating than 5,000 lbs, but I could be wrong. I just sold a 35’ Winnebago sightseer bunkhouse with the v10. I wouldn’t have felt terribly comfortable with much more than 5k lbs behind it. But it all depends on where you’re towing. Hills would be a problem both up and down. But if you’re flat ground, it could work. If a stacker is in your future, then so is a DP or at least a super C with diesel power plant. My parents have a 34’ super C with the GM 5500 chassis and Duramax/Allison combo with a 10,000 lb rating. They tow a 20’ enclosed with ease. The Renegade in your first post should get the job done, certainly way better than the Hurricane with V10.
  3. I did have a hard time with the XD platform when it was released... it was supposed to be the “tweener” but cost as much as a decently loaded 3/4 ton , didn’t have any better fuel economy, and really didn’t sell a lot of units.
  4. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the help so far... that being said, if anybody is parting ways with a crew cab that has a front bench seat... let me know! Especially if you are interested I. Trading for a 2019 4runner 4x4 with 2.5” Bilstein lift and only 12.5k miles on it!!
  5. Touché... I should’ve never sold my 2004 lly powered 2500... truck never had a single issue while I owned it. It was paid off, and only had 135k miles on it. Sold it since I didn’t have my trailer and toys anymore. Hindsight... wouldn’t have paid $40k for a 4runner wishing I could go back to my old truck!!
  6. Thanks for the quick replies! I’m struggling to justify getting a 3/4 ton ram which is what I really want but don’t have a need for it. I currently have a 2019 4runner that I planned on keeping forever, but my needs are more geared towards a truck. I would hate going from one of the most reliable cars in the road to one that will give me problems! Thanks again for making it easy to stop looking at the Titan!!
  7. Looking at purchasing a slightly used Titan XD 4x4 with Cummins 5.0. I’ve done some research but would like to know if any of you fellow GD’ers have any knowledge or experience with them. I do not have a trailer nor do I plan to have one at any point in the near future so I don’t need the towing capacity of a 3/4 or 1 ton. I really like the idea of the Ram eco diesel but can’t get over how many recalls and issues they have had. Any info good or bad on the Titan would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. Sure it does... takes a pot of gold to buy one🤣... epic photo
  9. But I want it!! How can I justify selling my 2019 4Runner and buy this🤔. I had a 2004.5 and was foolish enough to sell it and I’ve regretted it every day since. Someone please buy this truck so I can stop looking at it!
  10. So that’s how the other side lives🤣... both cars look amazing! I’d say maybe someday, but I know better! GLWTS!!
  11. shiggins37


    Endless cooling!
  12. The most common culprit of that is the o ring for the water pump that seals the water pump shaft from the crank case. A lot of times they are designed to be able to switch out by simply removing the water pump cover and water pump impeller. Should see the o ring just behind that. I have had a bike or 2 that needed the bottom end separated to access the o ring. But that isn’t common place. Good luck in your searches!!
  13. Good looking out! I bought the exact same set years ago on Black Friday for $99... it has lived in the motor home since. Has just about everything you need and has taken a beating and never broken a single piece of it. That’s is all... carry on
  14. Thanks for all the info Fortyfour! We absolutely love our suburban... wouldn’t trade it for anything else. We have a large family and it’s the only thing short of a 15 passenger van that could haul us and all our junk around. It drives like a dream, gets pretty decent mileage for a 6k lb vehicle, and looks good doing it! I wouldn’t tell anybody to shy away from them. We had a Yukon prior and only got the suburban cause we needed the cargo space of the suburban.
  15. I love how the guy that smacked him took the time to put his cigarette in his mouth before springing into action! 🤣

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