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  1. So that’s how the other side lives🤣... both cars look amazing! I’d say maybe someday, but I know better! GLWTS!!
  2. shiggins37


    Endless cooling!
  3. The most common culprit of that is the o ring for the water pump that seals the water pump shaft from the crank case. A lot of times they are designed to be able to switch out by simply removing the water pump cover and water pump impeller. Should see the o ring just behind that. I have had a bike or 2 that needed the bottom end separated to access the o ring. But that isn’t common place. Good luck in your searches!!
  4. Good looking out! I bought the exact same set years ago on Black Friday for $99... it has lived in the motor home since. Has just about everything you need and has taken a beating and never broken a single piece of it. That’s is all... carry on
  5. Thanks for all the info Fortyfour! We absolutely love our suburban... wouldn’t trade it for anything else. We have a large family and it’s the only thing short of a 15 passenger van that could haul us and all our junk around. It drives like a dream, gets pretty decent mileage for a 6k lb vehicle, and looks good doing it! I wouldn’t tell anybody to shy away from them. We had a Yukon prior and only got the suburban cause we needed the cargo space of the suburban.
  6. I love how the guy that smacked him took the time to put his cigarette in his mouth before springing into action! 🤣
  7. After 2007 GM changed the material on their brake pads and they last significantly less now. Had a 2004.5 GMC 2500 that went 180k with stock pads and still had life left in them. We have a 2016 suburban with 30k miles and have already done the front brakes and replaced the tires. I have never had good luck with stock tires on new vehicles... I think their treadwear ratings are extremely low compared to the same make/model tires purchased aftermarket. I’d be upset if the suburban was that expensive and I was already doing maintenance.... heck, I’m annoyed doing anything with my LS Suburban this early on, but they are extremely reliable from what I understand. Time will tell! In other news, just purchased a 2019 Toyota 4Runner so I’m anxious to see if she lives up to the hype of longevity that follows them!
  8. Congrats! Someone got a KILLER deal on a clean truck!!
  9. And you’re 3 months too late for me... couldn’t decide if i should go back to a truck or not... couldn’t justify cost for a newer diesel so I went for a new 4Runner instead. Would have easily grabbed this one !!
  10. My thought exactly... buy and “Turn and Burn” for a profit 🤣
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Just received the new router from spectrum for my 100mbs connection, and installed a Google WiFi mesh network with 2 extra modules... so far it’s been GREAT!! Consistent 114 mbs download speeds all day and 0 connectivity issues so far
  13. So I will add on to this topic... has anybody transitioned to a mesh network to fix poor connection in a larger house. We are receiving a new router from spectrum shortly and we have a wireless router that is on its last leg. Trying to decide if I go with a decent new router or I pony up for a mesh network like Eero or Orbi.

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