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  1. Queen Racing "Terminator" June 12, 2009 - December 16, 2011 RIP - Terminator During late afternoon testing on December 16th 2011 the Queen Racing Turbo Charged 1000cc WEBER Powered Alcohol Burning Fuel Injected - 400+ Horse Power RZR Dubbed - The "Terminator" - experienced a major issue as the throttle stuck Wide Open and the ignition would not shut the vehicle down, the test pilot Mark Queen made a split second decision and bailout before the "Terminator" crashed into the rocks!! Mark has major road rash and there was fear of broken bones, but after a trip to the ER it was determined he is EXTREMELY LUCKY! No broken Bones, but so sore he can't walk without help at the moment! I've included some photo's of the aftermath and Sparky went over today and made a still video of the crash site Get Well Soon Mark!!!!!! Here's The Terminator in Action When She Was Only At 880cc
  2. Mark at Queen Racing dose most of his Dyno testing at LC Engineering in Havasu - I talked to Mark yesterday and as soon as his 900 Turbo package is ready to dyno test, he wants a stocker to dyno at the same time, I told him he could use mine, but maybe it could be a win - win for you??? Queen Racing 928 302 0986
  3. Fuel pressure is down at all temps. I adjusted the regulator to increase pressure and it ran worse. I threw around the idea of a weak fuel pump, but that's why I came on here to get other ideas. Thanks for your help. You stated that you have had the car for 3 years without issue, true? With the blown motor are you not running a raising rate fuel pressure regulator, correct? If so that means under boost you need more fuel pressure along with more fuel volume, I believe you truly have a pump issue - especially since you said you had to adjust the regulator to get it back up to the proper spects. - Fuel pumps can go bad in different ways low to no pressure & low to no volume....
  4. First thing I would check is Fuel Pressure (Cold & Warm) if you are down on fuel pressure it will cause a poor running condition as you described, it will also cause the engine to run lean which in-turn could be why you are seeing higher temps...

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