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  3. $3000 ?!? Let's sell this baby. Trades for rhino?
  4. Wife's Raptor 686 is up for sale again. $3.200. Dune and Race ready. Text me 928.580.0917 - 12.5:1 102mm JE Piston Kit - Ported & Polished Head - Ferrea Stainless Valves - Megacycle x-4 cam - Dyna Programmable Ignition - Dual 39,mm Kehin FCR Carbs - Curtis Sparks X-6 Big Core Exhaust - +4 Metaltech Extended Swingarm - Motion Pro Twist Throttle - 700 shocks (17’ travel) - 6-Pack Rack + more (2001 with 2005 engine)
  5. Monster trucks get my vote for the best performance. The KOH buggy second. Seems like the best stuff only had one camera shot and then moved on. Feel like there was a lot of good footage that didn't make the cut. Still awesome to watch though. And not a single GO PRO, would have made it better.
  6. This engine was meant for dodge a few years ago. The person in charge of the program was "let go" and he took the whole thing to Nissan and put it in a Titan. I have checked it out a few times. Probably will have one soon.
  7. Marketed as a 5/8 ton... fitting in between the half tons and full size diesels. Rated to tow 12,200lb with its 555tq
  8. Pretty much have to come in from the East (Ogilby) Going thru the center of the dunes will still run into massive closures.
  9. Did that on quads...yes a great experience...but wasn't exciting enough for the GoPro lol
  10. Faded that part out to Save Time on the video
  11. Worth the trip if you have never been. Great food and cold drinks. Heres the ride back to Glamis for those that haven't traveled and might be on the fence.
  12. A good friend has a 4seat 1k he bought used... no impact no idea on the recall. He doesn't get online or travel with other offroaders. He had never heard about the recall or stop ride or fire hazard. Until I told him.
  13. If your using the drone for business though youll have to take an Airmans Written Test thru the FAA and get certified to be legit. I passed the test when I was 17 and a boot marine so Im sure you can handle it
  14. For sure... Plenty good. The price dropped on these because the new Phantom 4 is available, but the 3 is still an outstanding performer.
  15. The Phantom 3/4 are very user friendly, definitely my recommendation if buying one. The expensive model shoots in 4k...you wont need that so save some money and get the step down version.
  16. order by Sunday if interested
  17. Looking for the perfect gift?!? Shopping for Christmas early... or need the perfect accessory for your coffee table, motorhome or toy hauler? Premium Photo book is available again for limited time. 100 lay flat pages of premium paper hardcover photo book! This is the smaller and more affordable version then the previous coffee tabe book. 180$ Value for $100, shipping and tax included. Just use the PayPal link for secure payment and ensure your address is correct and your all set! PayPal.me/DuneFreqMedia/100 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faQX2nztqcY
  18. Glad to say I made it into the magazine again before its completely gone. Another one to frame on the wall.
  19. Plenty of material to be entered in the magazine. Guess no one is buying subscriptions anymore. Havent seen the newest copy myself yet but I know my photos on the Pink Tatum got published That's a win for me
  20. Seems like he did an outstanding job of keeping himself leaned towards the inside of the car. Conscious effort to keep arms inside at all times. Better then I would have done in the instance Im sure

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