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  1. I don't get to LA often but if your interested I can meet halfway.

    1. TIMMA


      I'm not in a huge hurry for these, but I would like to buy them at some point.  How much for just the pair?

    2. DDBRATT
  2. I believe the trailing arms were built by Desert Dynamics because they came off a DD sand car I have, but not for sure. They are of good quality at least. The spindles are from Kartek I am selling them because the caliper tabs that come with the cnc brakes are welded to the spindles.
  3. I have many items most are new for sale they are as follows. You can reach at 760-953-3572 phone or text. Message me on the board or private. I live in the desert 92311 area new Tatum 930 Midboard Brake kits with arms never been run $3200.00 $2900.00 $2800.00 $2700.00 $2600.00obo Dimensions now they are right Used Howe manual rack and pinion with tie rods $800.00 $600.00 $500.00 $450.00 obo Set of shortened front a-arms for a Desert Dynamics Sand Car set up for larger bottom heims $750.00 $650.00 obo hand or foot bars 3 of them $50.00 obo 2 ding and bent center lines wheel and 2 good center lines wheels with decent tires $100.00 obo
  4. I have 2 2017 Can am Maverick X3 X RS front seats and seatbelts for sale. asking $100.00 OBO I have all the stock Springs in can am red for sale they have 100 miles on them asking $75.00 OBO message on here or text or call me 760-953-3572 (92311)
  5. I have 2 new Aftermarket Headligts for sale with bulbs. For a 2006 chevy 2500hd Asking $100.00 OBO text, call or message me on here. 760-953-3572 (92311)
  6. Hay Ray how's thing going hopefully good give me a call some time.
  7. I heard that Ray at Desertrat buggies has opened his doors back up. I hope this is true, I have been out of touch with him for a few years. If so I guess I will finally start to build a new car with sequential gearbox and bigger motor.
  8. As I was reading that is what I was going to ask you to check because I have seen it happen a lot you only know by the color of the wire I am glad you found the problem
  9. All fuel cells that come with foam from the beginning have left over foam from when they cut it or stuff it in through the hole on my drag car I had to pull the filter apart at least three times to unplug it from foam metal or plastic shavings, I also would know when it was plug because of the erratic fuel pressure on my gauge and not wanting to pull all the way to 7200. hope this helps
  10. I put the hole in it to keep an air pocket from building up there since it dead ends.

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