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  1. I am running the AFE intake on my 660 at 6500 feet elevation. Had to use a 155 jet. Runs great at this elevation and higher, up to 10,000 feet.
  2. [attachmentid=153981]Just replaced the stock jet with a 180 main and the thing really came alive. Good powerfrom bottom to top and no sputtering or backfiring. Headin high in the Nevada hills this weekend, will be at 8500 feet plus. Will see how it does there.
  3. [attachmentid=153279]I just purchased a new AFE Stage 2 air system for the Rhino. Anyone else using this system at high altitudes? What is a good jet size to get started in the right direction for tuning. I am also running a dynatec CDI. Thanks
  4. [attachmentid=150030]Gets me where I'm goin, mountains or in the desert 14" ITP T-7 26" Terra Cross Dynatec CDI Clutch Kit

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