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  1. Does anyone recall the thread with pictures of a car which was built using a new style Beetle body. The build had a complete tube chassis with an LS based engine and did not even resemble a Baja Bug when built? Just looking for the photos that were posted and could not seem to find the thread after searching the forum.
  2. There is a guy we dune with who has a 40' Raptor with a 12' garage. He is going to be listing it for sale or trade for a smaller T/H without a garage. PM me your contact info if you are interested and I will pass the info to him.
  3. I saw that guy last November at Dumont...
  4. What's with the deceptive titles to so many threads. Thought someone was going to be braggin about something, not related to a tire.....
  5. The fact that you turbo does not, by itself, require the higher octane of Race Fuel. It is the amount of boost. You can go to a turbo with a lower boost setting.
  6. I did some exploration at a couple of wrecking yards. Though I could not find any of the donut spares with the proper bolt pattern that would also have good brake clearnace, I did find that quite a few with the wrong pattern which would easily clear even the big six piston calipers. If I can't find the right bolt pattern, I am thinking about a hybrid of ideas: Take a donut with good clearance and offset, cut out the center, weld in a plasma cut center plate that has been cut for weight reduction.
  7. Sorry, The Spelling Police have to be held to a higher standard.
  8. Thanks for the info. I already have a couple of vw wheels, but need something with negative offset. Might be barkin up the wrong tree, but I could swear I saw people using what looked like the little spare donuts from some street cars.
  9. Bill, Thanks for the info. That is my concern. I was curious to see if anyone had already slew that dragon and might have found a wheel from a particular vehicle(s) which might work well. I thought there was a thread on the subject already, but could not find one. They are going on a big car that is going to be at the width limit for a WW rear door, but at least it will also be TALL......lol Thanks again, John
  10. Can anyone tell me what vehicles that use the donut type spare, work best for use on a big (wide 5) car (For use as loading wheels - ED)? Looking for years and make/model to do a junk yard search. Thanks, John
  11. The top photo looks like you are creating a video studio. Are you keeping something from us?

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