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  1. It looks really nice! What size of tires are you running? I like the way they look.
  2. LOL - I have a buddy that just rented a truck since he only went to GLAMIS like twice a year. I love me diesel 7.3 but I use if for everything! Bumping dirt, home depot, lake, camping trips, moving stuff!
  3. Wow you are getting out fast after you just purchase this nice machine! GLWS
  4. Wow! This is a "backyard redo!" Most folks say redo and plant some plants and put in a new patio.
  5. Hello if anyone has these pairs sitting around please hit me up. I want to get the red ones preferably. This is what I need. 1. Pair 12inch, for 2.5 Coilover, 300 lbs or 1200-300-300 2. Pair 16inch, for 2.5 Coliover, 400 lbs or 1600-300-400 Give me a call or send me a picture please. 626 327 6816 - Jorge
  6. Wow! zilla68 It sounds like to much work.! I guess I will just keep cruising the dunes with it. The funny part is that I think I wont be selling anyway. I do like it. Cant wait to take it out this season.
  7. Check these out. I will be getting one soon for the car im trying to sell! . https://rlbstore.com/ You can get different colors too.
  8. It has to be by word of mouth and have a count as the tickets sell.
  9. I was thinking of having tickets made out 250 to be exact with numbers. But the raffle must be held in front of an audience. At the least some 50 folks from here GD. Have the car there and sign over the pink.
  10. I looked and yes there are some legal issues in Californian. This state considers raffles as a form of gambling but there is none if its label "donation" with option to win a sandcar. It cannot have the word Raffle. The raffle can be register with the state though. My idea was to sell 250 tickets and try to sell by Thanksgiving or Halloween. Then hold the actual raffle at Glamis and turn over PINK for the car on that day or sooner. The goal is all 250 tickets need to sell.
  11. Hello All, Ive been trying to sell my sandcar to buy a motor home but now my wife and teenage kids(my daughter basically) are now tell me that they much rather have a RZR since they can drive the darn thing. As much as I love the sandrail I can fit my two boys two quads and RZR in my trailer and my quad in the back of my truck. I was wonder has anyone ever raffled their sandcar? I was thinking if possible selling 250 tickets for $100 and have a total of 5 winners. 5-2 will win $100 and 1st will win the car. I know I would by the ticket if someone was selling something that I liked. Maybe hold the final raffle at GLAMIS for Halloween or Thanksgiving. I think I can sell 250 tickets. What are your thoughts. By the way the car has been awesome. No issues with shocks anymore. Im going to purchase some bypass this weekend for it. Funny thing is Im trying to sell it but still working on odd things.
  12. Bump! Still available. I need it gone I got the rear end powder coated already and some other minor things. I need to post new pictures though due to new shocks and supports that I added. I have a bunch of parts that will go with it. I will keep on using it till its sells. Too much fun. lol My kids and wife dont think so though which is why Im selling it.

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