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  1. During New Years my engine started to fail Honda 3.2 I looked into it and to get me back I purchased another just to find out that it got a blown head gasket. I figured it was time to upgrade. I was going to put a 5.3 L83 and after I got that engine I figured it was to big for my car and I didn't feel like cutting the rear again since I had just done that after my trans swap so i decided to stay with a V6. I also like the way V6 handles and gas consumption. I got the engine two weeks ago; I order all the parts to make it run solo and delete all the stuff I don't need on it. I will be getting some of the engine delete stuff today. I've always like the 4.3 so I am excited to putting it in. Just under 300hp. I will post pictures later. Im also going to change my brake lines. I might add some FOX shocks on the front with internal bypass . I cant wait.
  2. Yup me too. I purchased a 4.3 LV3 2018 all aluminum block for my car. I purchased tuner to remove DOD and I will be getting my harness back in a week. I replaced my Honda 3.2 two weeks ago and that one fail too. So I decided to ditch the Honda. I was going to go with 5.3 but I like the way my car feels with V6 so I didnt want to go bigger and break stuff.
  3. lol! My family and I have a trip plan to Hawaii in a few weeks. I do hope we can go. We will have the beaches to ourselves! The fact that I'm going to leave my house unattended is what I worry about. Hopefully we don't get crazy people trying to jack stuff. Desperation will make folks do stupid things and even more so if they have half a brain! I have a alarm but who knows if that will work. Time will tell.
  4. Wow nice truck man! Dang sucks on the wreck. Good thing you have the talent to fix it.
  5. Yes that is really happening! I cant believe it. I spoke with my doctor friend at the GYM today and asked him to give me the news. He said this, "A lot of people are going to die this is a epidemic but the virus will most likely affect folks over 60 years of age. Keep all sick people away from grand parents is a must or anyone that has a low immune system. On that note I'm still planning on going to Japan if they allow it with my kids. Im young, so are they, and so are you. We are good. Lets get rocked up! hahaha!" So do let your parents know to keep away form the sick until the antivirus is available. But we cant do nothing about the crazy a$$ people how are getting everything. Folks are waiting in line at Costco in Irwindale all the way out to the street on a Foothill avenue.
  6. Here is one. Oh man that sucks. I found one on the web. There are a few of them. Maybe a lawnmower place might have some. https://www.pressurewashersdirect.com/Pressure-Pro-EB4040HC-Pressure-Washer/p2828.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6re7__GV6AIV1iCtBh0rsQ0hEAQYAiABEgJBbvD_BwE
  7. My soccer game was canceled today! LAFC!! I just wondering if the Coronavirus will bring RZR prices down!
  8. I would recommend to purchase one with a CAT pump. HomeDepot had some Ryobi years ago and I got one. I was told and did some research that CAT pumps are best.
  9. If you have an extra one or want to upgrade hit me up. Looking for stock or which ever you have with injectors . No longer needed. Thank you.
  10. Hello All, Im thinking about swapping my engine Honda 3.2 V6 with a 5.3 . My current radiator is CBR 30 X 19 will this work for the 5.3? The 5.3 is going to be stock and I hope reliable. No added HP. Thank You.
  11. Yeah. I figured Cookie. A lake trip would be a better option for my family and me. Thank you.

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