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  1. jhuerta

    How smooth can you get?

    What you need is a Honda 2005 trx 450! This has been the most comfortable quad ever! I ridden YZ450Z, Suzuki 450, raptor 660, banshee 350. The honda is by far the best. IMO. I have one and it's a keeper! Banshee was nice though but not as nice.
  2. As of right now the best offer has been $19,000.00
  3. I am willing to take in partial trades for a Dirtbike 2 stroke only or newer jetski, seadoo 2 or 4 stroke but must meet 2006 EPA regulations 3 seat prefer.
  4. jhuerta

    Complete motor package

    Are you stepping up to a V8?
  5. Yeah It was! He got down. My brother has a pair of tickets for tonight if anyone is interested!
  6. Any deal for everything?
  7. Thanks Throttlejunkie! Well I got my 3.2 Acura manual today from the auto parts store and I found my old tuner software and ODB2 USB connectors. I'm hoping to figure out this weekend what the issue is. Hopefully I can figure it out before new year's.
  8. Thank you. I actually listed my RZR today so that sells first I will keep the sandrail. The car was a blast to drive.
  9. 2017 RZR XP4 Turbo with 4 point harness and OMF paddle wheels on 30's with 10 inch rears. Other than that is like new. 32 hours only has 4 trips on it. It sat in the garage for 6 months before it got used. It had 20 hours just before this Thanksgiving. Kids age of 14 and 13 and wife pretty much drive it. I did like twice. It just got the 25 hours service. It also has 4 year warranty left on it. With pink in Hand. It has rugged radio which I am gong to remove and use on my sandrail. Save yourself over $7500 dollars in taxes and fees. OMF wheels and paddles alone were $2600.00 with correct backspacing. Price $22,000.00 OB0 send text with OBO. I will respond to the highest one on 24 December if its not sold. I am willing to take in partial trades for a Dirtbike 2 stroke only or newer jetski, seadoo 2 or 4 stroke but must meet 2006 EPA regulations 3 seat prefer. 626 327 6816
  10. jhuerta

    StageCoach 2019

    I've been to Coachella like 4 times within the last 6 years and this place is by far one of the best places we stay at. People are cool; pool parties before the event start time. For Coachella they event have a bus that will take you and pick you up from the even. Highly recommend this place for RV or toy Hauler. I stayed at the hotels before but the people and place gave us a way better experience. Besides they let you take your own beers to the pool. They even have a late night BBQ after the event incase you need to sober up. Cool spot! If you like music all day get your spot near the pool else ask for one a little farther. One more thing I would imaging camping at the festival would be better. They don't allow RV's or toy hauler camping at Coachella but if they did I would that in a heart beat.
  11. jhuerta

    Updated amplified car

    Yes they do! Also the removal of the graphics! Good purchase!
  12. Wow! I cant believe that. I thought maybe it was because I drive my hard that is why I wasted a lot of gas. Im defiantly going to get it looked at by the time New Years comes. Im going to remove the entire intake and clean it good.

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