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  1. I'm looking for a front set. New or used but in good shape. Here is a sample. Give me a call. 626 327 6816 jorge
  2. jhuerta

    Black DWT 17x12 w/ 5.5" Offset & 14.5 Dune Sports

    Dang I wish they where 15! I have a pair of 15x12 but I'm looking the offset yo have .
  3. Well after all that work I did on the car and a one Thanksgiving weekend full of fun on it! Its for sale. I had a meeting with my family and majority prefer the RZR mostly because they can drive it. I rather be at the desert with family knowing they can all have fun with the RZR and not just me on the rail. I cant justify having both so I need to attempt to sell the rail as I promised. If it doesn't sell well I can say I tried. The only thing that is an issue right now is the idle is high so I need to figure out which sensor is the issue. The car rides awesome in the dunes and its fast enough. Its small enough to make tight turns also. Its 14.6 length without wing and 14.9 with it on. I will take more pictures this weekend. Its registered and current. Call me with any questions: Price is $24,500.00 626 327 6816 - Jorge Anyhow it will come with the following: 1. Engine Honda Acura 3.2 2003 2.Douglas Sand paddles with New Baja Pros 33's one trip, 14's in the rear with 15's rims 3. New 300m axles - with Extra set of 300m axles 29" the car uses 29" 1/2 so these are spare in case they one breaks. 4. Desert Even Walkers 5 rims on BFG 33 5. Fresh 2D Deco trans one weekend. 6. 2 new Race Prep 930 CV's Kartek - (2 x 930 CVS for spares.) 7. Loading wheels also 4. 8. Has brakes on all corners 9. Power steering 10. New Starter due to transmission swap, All Gas lines new some braided, New fuel pump from Kartek, 11. Pro-AM shifter.
  4. Hello Cola,

    Do you know what the backspacing is for the rears? Are they 10's by any chance?


  5. jhuerta

    How smooth can you get?

    What you need is a Honda 2005 trx 450! This has been the most comfortable quad ever! I ridden YZ450Z, Suzuki 450, raptor 660, banshee 350. The honda is by far the best. IMO. I have one and it's a keeper! Banshee was nice though but not as nice.
  6. 2017 RZR XP4 Turbo with 4 point harness and OMF paddle wheels on 30's with 10 inch rears. Other than that is like new. 32 hours only has 4 trips on it. It sat in the garage for 6 months before it got used. It had 20 hours just before this Thanksgiving. Kids age of 14 and 13 and wife pretty much drive it. I did like twice. It just got the 25 hours service. It also has 4 year warranty left on it. With pink in Hand. It has rugged radio which I am gong to remove and use on my sandrail. Save yourself over $7500 dollars in taxes and fees. OMF wheels and paddles alone were $2600.00. Price $21,500.00 OB0 send text with OBO. I will respond to the highest one on 24 December if its not sold. I am willing to take in partial trades for a Dirtbike 2 stroke (Enduro) or newer jetski, seadoo 2 or 4 stroke but must meet 2006 EPA regulations 3 seat prefer. 626 327 6816
  7. As of right now the best offer has been $19,000.00
  8. I am willing to take in partial trades for a Dirtbike 2 stroke only or newer jetski, seadoo 2 or 4 stroke but must meet 2006 EPA regulations 3 seat prefer.
  9. jhuerta

    Complete motor package

    Are you stepping up to a V8?
  10. Hello my brother has another pair for tonight. Hit me up if you feel like going. I would go again if I didn't have my sons soccer tournament. I'm not sure on the cost i can get back to you. Give me call at 626 327 6816.
  11. Yeah It was! He got down. My brother has a pair of tickets for tonight if anyone is interested!
  12. Any deal for everything?
  13. Hello all, I have a question for the honda folks. How much gas does your honda sandcar consume. My car will waist about 9 gallons of fuel going from the vendor's at gecko road to oldsmobile and back. My tank takes 15 gallons I would be at less than half a tank. Is that normal? I have a regular ECU 3.2 none turbo.
  14. Thanks Throttlejunkie! Well I got my 3.2 Acura manual today from the auto parts store and I found my old tuner software and ODB2 USB connectors. I'm hoping to figure out this weekend what the issue is. Hopefully I can figure it out before new year's.
  15. Thank you. I actually listed my RZR today so that sells first I will keep the sandrail. The car was a blast to drive.
  16. jhuerta

    StageCoach 2019

    I've been to Coachella like 4 times within the last 6 years and this place is by far one of the best places we stay at. People are cool; pool parties before the event start time. For Coachella they event have a bus that will take you and pick you up from the even. Highly recommend this place for RV or toy Hauler. I stayed at the hotels before but the people and place gave us a way better experience. Besides they let you take your own beers to the pool. They even have a late night BBQ after the event incase you need to sober up. Cool spot! If you like music all day get your spot near the pool else ask for one a little farther. One more thing I would imaging camping at the festival would be better. They don't allow RV's or toy hauler camping at Coachella but if they did I would that in a heart beat.
  17. jhuerta

    Updated amplified car

    Yes they do! Also the removal of the graphics! Good purchase!
  18. Wow! I cant believe that. I thought maybe it was because I drive my hard that is why I wasted a lot of gas. Im defiantly going to get it looked at by the time New Years comes. Im going to remove the entire intake and clean it good.
  19. It was in my buggy but I need a different one. Used on 091 with honda 3.0 626 327 6816
  20. My daughter and wife want me to sell it but I have a feeling I am not. That thing is way better than driving RZR. I have a feeling I am not going to get what I want for it.

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