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  1. I would move the layout. I also have been planning out my bbq island. The main thing that I would change is have the grill position where you are facing your house and your yard. This way when you are cooking your back is not towards your guest. That is some of the issue I see in some layouts. Maybe a H layout with back towards the wall and counter space on both sides. Seating on your right and left side. 🤷‍♂️
  2. SANDSTORM 2006 4 Seater V6 3.2 AccUra 2D-DECO. $21,000.00 The trans has 1 season it runs great Im selling to purchase a motorhome from my friend. With extra parts. All will be included. This car will fit in a toy hauler with the loading wheels. Its smaller car but the cab is big. Its a fun and fast car. Only selling it to get the RV else I wouldn't. contact me jorge 626 327 6816. No Trades.
  3. I would recommend that you try to fix the issue without spending anymore cash and use the car to see if you like the way it rides . At least for one season. If you like it; Then do the engine swap since you already have the motor in your garage. My car has a v6 3.2 and I did a 091 swap to 2D and it wasn't that bad. When my current engine gives out I will for sure upgrade to a LS1 though. I had to redo all the engine mounts anyhow so doing new engine mounts for a LS engine would be the same thing. One thing for sure is it feels good to know that I have a 2D and not a 091.
  4. Congrats on the ride! They are so much fun!
  5. Hello John, I would really appreciate it. I will send you a PM.
  6. I hear you. Most of my buddies dont come as early as I do and I try to make the best of the trip for my kids. I hate to come out here an stay in camp. I can honestly just be out all day long. After that incident I did stay on sand highway and the road to olds until the rest of the group came out. But I there has been times when my group leaves the day after i arrive or times when they don't want to come out. If my kids want to roll with me then we are going. I just like to be prepared that is all.
  7. Thanks Guys. I going to look into all of these.
  8. Thanks socaldmax . Yeah I did the bump the starter in reverse and that did the job for a few inches but then I did a wussy back-out and got stuck again. The issue was it was just us three and I hate to rely on anyone although I know most folks will help as they all did. I would just like to be prepared if its us three again.
  9. Take into consideration the length of it also. I purchased a 8 inch unfortunately I didn't realized it was to small so I had to make a box so that it can sit on top of it. They also sell a 10 inch.
  10. Hello All, So I went out with my to kids this weekend to Glamis for Easter weekend and it happen that on Thursday I got stuck on the back side of Olds with my sandrail. I was worried because it was just us three a 11 and 15 year old and my group was not coming in until Thursday night. Two jeeps happened to come across and they helped me. What a relief that was. I didn't realize at the time that the sand was really soft and that since my trans gearing is too tall I had to be in first gear and pretty much on the gas. At that point I wish I had a jack on the sandcar. So I want to ask if you guys recommend one that works well. I was thinking of a Hi-Lift jack since it has some good options and some MaxTrax boards to help me next time. What do you guys think? Thank you in advance.
  11. Yup this is the one thing to take into consideration when buying used. I purchased my 2D from a guy and I was worried. He gave me the phone number to the builder and he confirmed it was all good and ready to go. I felt more comfortable after that my trans works great; Just as he promised. But my gears are too tall. The trans was geared for a V8 not V6. I guess I need to upgrade to a V8. If could do it again I spend try to get a HV2 for a full reverse.
  12. I had one of these I was not able to start it due to the a pull lanyard. I had to play around with it. I don't remember what I did to check it. Check current, gas.
  13. I asked the same question last summer and Pro-Am shifts really smooth compared to the one I had before and the one I had on my other beam car.
  14. Hello All, I have a buddy that is selling this toy hauler and rzr(15k will not include the rzr for you crazy folks, Ask about the RZR im sure he can maybe give you a deal). The toy hauler is clean inside well taken care of. No issues generator works good no delamination that I can remember. Here are some pictures of the outside. Hit him up you will not be disappointed. Jose -1 909 843 0303 https://share.icloud.com/photos/0_wxhY3sxTmcdty8vZCNmzFRA#Claremont,_CA
  15. Indie Electronic Radio on Pandora! "Never Too Far" - By Sorrow (Dance)
  16. I think I saw lights and plugs them at Kartek.
  17. jhuerta

    WW Remodel

    Good Work! I'm actually going to repair my wife cousins soon so this post will come in handy.
  18. This is an interesting topic. I might be upgrading soon.

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